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73 thoughts on “Fight erupts after bikes clash in Costa Rica motorcycle race

  1. This reminds me of a time a couple of years ago when my mate punched another cyclist for doing pretty much the same thing on a bike lane in London…. He's a bit of cycle-path!

  2. It looks like it was the fault of the guy who threw the first punch. The other guy was ahead of him. Martinez caused the crash and threw the first punch when the other guy should've been more pissed off.

  3. Look closely, guys.
    He did not fall onto the bike on the right, getting saved. He fell onto the wheel and got pulled between wheel and chassis, getting mushed nicely.

  4. The asian 120cc scooter racers have better brawls than these!
    Wondering how these nobodies got on the media map in the first place.. 🤔🤔🤔

  5. The motor cycle Man caught a ride with the other Motorcyc leman and than he got mad .I don't think its bad that he hits them

  6. If that motorcyclist didn't care for that idiot's life he wouldn't even stop. He could have just sped up and let him fall to danger. He deserves a praise from this idiot. Yet he gets a punch. Here's a punch for you stopping your race loosing all ranks to rescue me. Some people are really sick

  7. 2 year ban for this? Not sure why Marion got banned as well. He got punched off his bike after getting run into…so a man can’t defend himself now?

  8. So idiot swaps his bike, climb on another and at the end punches guy. Only Mr. idiot should be given ban, other guy did nothing just protecting himself after nut attacks him.

  9. why nobody understand the punch? is because the punched guy intentionally drove into the other dude, you can see if you look closely

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