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FiLMiC Pro 6.4.4 for iOS just hit the App
Store and now features an all new centre-weighted auto focus and exposure mode which is ideal
if you want the ease of a point and shoot experience, whilst still maintaining super
high bitrates, LOG and FLAT picture profiles – and all that other good stuff that FiLMiC
Pro’s known for. To enter auto-focus mode, just double-tap
the focus reticle. As you can see it is really nice and responsive
to changes in the frame. And to enter auto exposure mode, just double-tap
the exposure reticle. Whilst in auto mode, you can tap inside the
focus or exposure area, to lock the current value. This is great if you want to stop automatic
adjustments from occurring, if only for a moment, and to unlock and return to auto – just
tap inside each area once. If you want to return to using FiLMiC Pro’s
dual reticles, just double-tap inside the focus area to restore the focus reticle, and
inside the exposure area to restore the exposure reticle; and then adjust as needed. What I love most about this new auto mode,
is that you can for example double tap to enter auto-focus – and still continue to set
your exposure manually with the exposure reticle, or vice versa. Having used this new auto mode for a while
now, I’ve found that FiLMiC Pro has virtually replaced the native camera app as it offers
the same ease of use for point and shoot situations – but with superior image quality and the
ability to quickly make manual adjustments as needed. If you have any questions please leave them
in the comments field and remember to share this video and subscribe to Epic Tutorials
and FiLMiC Pro if it helped. Happy filming.

76 thoughts on “FiLMiC Pro v6: All New Auto Focus & Exposure Mode Tutorial (iOS)

  1. Top stuff, Eliot. But does this new mode totally avoid the problem of “focus hunting” that the iOS video camera can suffer from, especially with older iPhones?

  2. I wish I had had this new feature last week while filming out of state in Chicago last week. I had to do a “run & gun” for the first time with FilmicPro and my OSMO and the light fluctuations killed me going from very bright to very dark in seconds. Great Job Filmic Pro on this new feature.

  3. Great to know! Thanks!!
    Quick question, what’s the difference between this new feature and leaving the reticles white in the previous version?

  4. Slightly off-topic but will there be another update needed to support the new DJI Osmo Mobile 2 which is due out soon?

  5. Just bought this on my iPhone X. Damn I said. Everything camera wise went professional from here on out now I’m just waiting on the new DJI gimbal.

  6. Great new feature,  I've had filmic pro for a long time but only used it from time to time but now I'm going to include it in my videos all the time.

  7. Hello, I've just started using filmic pro on my galaxy s7. I keep finding that my shots/videos always look a little grainy regardless of the lighting (inside, outside, cloudy, sunny). I've tried playing around with every possible setting and nothing seems to have an effect. It seems like other youtube videos made with an S7 are able to get a very beautiful cinematic look, but mine always come out looking like a stereotypical "cell-phone video" quality. What the heck am I doing wrong? Is there something incredibly basic that I'm missing?

  8. Why do I lose the reticles every time I go to presets…they don't return when I reset to default. The only way to "regenerate" them is to reboot the phone (IPhone 8 Plus)?

  9. Hey im a filmmaker. And this app is just perfect but its quite costly. Do we have a way to download this version of the app?

  10. I am using iPhone 10. Filmic pro settings are 1080p / 240 . After recording slow motions, how do I play back the slow motion videos, help please?

  11. Thank you SO much for making this video. Knowing about the auto focus mode will be a huge help whenever vlogging with my phone!

  12. When I move the circle for exposure it doesn't get brighter or darker as if it's not exposing or under exposing anything..also when I lock the white balance it does not stay where I locked it at…it automatically sets to 5000k making the picture look almost red..

  13. Thanks for the tutorial, for the auto exposure, is there any chance to change the ISO automatically with locked shutter?

  14. I am trying to use the autofocus mode, but no matter what I do, everything is in focus. Am I missing a setting or something?

  15. Your focus mode now is fast Than Amy sony mirrorless camera wow!!!!! As the quality in 240fps is so freaking amazing this the IPhone 8 Plus !!!!

  16. I can not get FP on my SgS8+ to lock focus. The little box is red but when I move my hand into the frame the app tries to refocus. Help!

  17. I use my iPhone7 Plus and Oslo Mobile with the native camera app on holidays with satisfactory results, apart from the odd exposure fluctuation. Last week I tries this Filmic auto focus and exposure setting with the added benefit of Filmic extreme setting , it was easy to use and the results were excellent.

  18. I have an iPhone X, Filmic Pro and the Oslo mobile 2. When using Filmic Pro, there is a lag between when I stop moving the controller and when the camera stops panning. The problem isn't as noticeable when using the DJI Go app that comes with the Oslo. Any idea how to resolve? Thanks

  19. I'm using ver 6.4.5 updated on 12 Nov 2018. I don't seems to be able to toggle between the averaging and spot exposure by double tapping (as shown on your idea at 1:07). Mine is stuck with only averaging exposure mode at all time. I'm using Huawei P20 Pro. Any idea why is this so?

  20. But you still didn't explain the manual exposure mode… just the spot auto-exposure. manual mode means actually being able to set the shutter speed at double the frame rate

  21. I am perplexed. The Auto Mode was working until I deleted what I had and downloaded a clean version. 6.8.1 doesn't seem to have the Auto Mode. Prior to deleting previous version, though I entered the Auto mode, I was unable to exit. Any idea what's going on?

  22. Jeez I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get filmic pro to auto focus, who knew it was a simple double tap lol

  23. Hello there! One question : I don't seem to be able to use the auto focus when filming at 120fps. It is constently looking for focus, in what ever light situation and even if not moving at all. is it a normal limitation or am I doing something wrong?

  24. I've been using this for a little while and it seems that right around the last update time my auto exposure seems to not work. I can manually adjust the exposure and see the picture lighten or darken but once I go back to auto it literally stays where I last left it and won't adjust unless I manually go in and change it again. Any ideas on how to correct this?

  25. Just downloaded FiLMiC Pro. Two things I can't figure out despite your excellent and very simple tutorial. I have the small focus square but cannot get the small circle for exposure – I have the rectangle defined by 4 corners but cannot get rid of it despite tapping and holding. The other thing is how do I get the large sound levels indicators onto the right of the screen?

  26. For anybody using Filmic Remote, just an FYI – double-tapping in the remote app does not seem to enable auto mode. It seems you need to turn that on from the app using FiLMiC Pro itself, and THEN enable remote control via the FiLMiC Remote app. Hope that helps someone!

  27. When I am in the auto mode, how do I force shutter speed priority and let the iso change based on light? My phone seems to keep the ISO fixed and changes the shutter speed. I managed to get it work “right” once, but can’t duplicate it.

  28. Does the video apply to iPad (6 Gen) or iPhones only? I seem to have problems getting depth of field.

  29. please! Put subtitles Spanish! All the information is very good! and a tutorial from Filmicpro and DJ Osmo 2 is very responsive movement! Thank you

  30. I am bit confused how to do manually the control ISO / focus / aparture. Pl clearily how I can control all these parameters

  31. FYI… The exposure lock does not always work when the iPhone orientation is changed. (iPhone 7 plus / iOS 12.4) When the phone orientation is changed, the app seems to temporarily switch back to auto, set a new value, and then switch back to locked.

  32. Do I understand correctly, that autofocus always focuses on

    – the object closest to the lens

    – and at the same time only to the object that is inside the rectangle?

  33. Great tutorial! Rich with well presented critical information. It's a revelation to see what I can now do on my new iPhone 11.

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