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– Hi, my name’s Rob
Collier, President and CEO of California Drivers Advocates. I’m here to talk with you today about why the California Department
of Motor Vehicles will suspend your driving privilege for a lack of financial responsibility. (light music) We’ve always had drilled into our heads that driving in California is a privilege. It is a conditional privilege. In other words, the DMV will give you the power to drive within this state but you have to follow the rules. You have to have a valid driver’s license, you have to obey the rules of the road. And one of them is that
if you are the owner or operator of a motor
vehicle within this state, you have to have financial responsibility. In other words, auto insurance. If you are involved in
a reportable accident and you don’t have
appropriate auto insurance for your vehicle, the DMV will suspend your driving privilege. There’s a couple of important points here. First of all, what is a reportable traffic accident? A reportable traffic
accident is any collision or incident where damages to either other vehicles or property exceed $1,000 or anybody is injured, and the injuries are however slight. So even a bruise will qualify as an injury accident. Secondly, you need to know that the cause of the accident is not relevant. You could be sitting at a stop sign and have a person plow into you, so you’re 100% not at fault in the traffic accident,
but if you don’t have financial responsibility,
the DMV will suspend your driver’s license for that. So if this is happening to you, remember that you don’t have to fight the DMV alone. Research us on the web or give us a telephone call. We’ll be there to help you. Thank you. (light music)

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  1. In CommieFornia they suspend your license and take all bank accounts for debts not related to traffic Family Law Cartel blocking a family fathers Response – Ability to travel and earn – COMMIE or what!! You support this BS?

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