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Motorcycle fairings are often discarded because
of broken tabs and bolt holes or missing pieces. In this video, we will use the PlastiFix kit
to copy an existing tab with the molding bar. We will then recreate the missing tab here. Prepare for the repair by transferring the
PlastiFix liquid into the applicator bottle. Unscrew the top from the applicator bottle. Push the tip sideways until it breaks free. Use the pipette that was included with your PlastiFix
kit to transfer the liquid to the applicator bottle. Continue until the applicator bottle is full. When the bottle is full, replace the
tip by snapping it into place. Install the needle onto the applicator bottle by pressing
it onto the tip, then remove the needle cover. Remove the tip from the powder bottle and
fill the dispensing cup with powder. We will be using the white powder for this repair. We will use the molding bar to make a copy of this tab. Drop the molding bar into boiling water. We heated the water in a microwave. It takes just a few minutes. Allow enough time for the heat to soften
the molding bar all the way through. Remove the molding bar from the boiling water
and it will be pliable for a short time. While the molding bar is still pliable, form the molding bar around the tab that you will be copying. This must be done quickly before the molding
bar hardens. Allow time for the molding bar pattern to solidify,
then remove the pattern of the tab and set it aside. Use a rotary tool with a teardrop shaped cutting
bit to remove the paint where the tab will be created. Remove as much paint as possible, as PlastiFix
does not bond well to a shiny surface. Blow the dust away with compressed air. Get the pattern that was created earlier and
decide on the best location for the tab, and then tape the pattern into place. The technique to apply PlastiFix is shown
here in slow motion. Squeeze two or three drops of liquid onto the powder, then use the tip of the needle to stab
the ball of liquid and powder. The hole of the needle is on the side
of the needle, not at the tip. When you transfer the ball of liquid and powder
to the pattern, give the bottle another squeeze. The liquid will run down the side of the
needle and wash off the ball. Continue using this method until the
mold is filled with PlastiFix. Allow time for the PlastiFix to cure. Once it is cured, peel the pattern from the PlastiFix. This may be a little bit difficult, and you may need to
get a screwdriver or something to aid in the removal. You may need to fill in some voids that were
not filled while the pattern was in place. Again, allow time for the PlastiFix to cure fully. Use a rotary tool with a teardrop shaped cutting
bit to shape the tab and re-drill the bolt hole. Grind away excess PlastiFix so that the thickness
of the tab closely matches the thickness of the tab that was copied. PlastiFix can also be sanded if necessary. You should now have a strong tab that
closely resembles the tab that was copied. Sand any area where primer will be
applied with 320 grit sandpaper. Tight spots may need to be sanded by hand. Apply a high build flexible primer
surfacer and allow time for it to dry. With 320 grit sandpaper, sand the primer until the entire part has a smooth finish that is ready for a topcoat. Apply the topcoat according to the
paint manufacturer’s recommendations. Here, we are applying a base coat and clear coat. Here is how the tab looked before and after
it was replaced with PlastiFix from Polyvance.

24 thoughts on “Fix Broken Tabs on Motorcycle Fairings – Fairing Repair

  1. Wow. So what exactly is plastifix made from? The reason I ask is because the procedures here look exactly like how women get acrylic nails. If that's the case, I totally know how to do this! 😝

  2. So freakin cool. Are motorcycle fairing parts the same plastic as automotive headlight tabs? Can plastifix be used on automotive headlight tabs? How strong is plastifix?

  3. why don't they use something easily replaceable as a fixing, 2 loops and a nylon tie, strong loops weak tie, would result in, if you drop it you need to replace some cable ties, not go through all this

  4. I hit a deer with my Pacific coast. I bought a replacement faring panel on eBay from a salvage yard.The salvage yard removed the fairing panel by cutting all of the tabs off…I had already had the panel repainted, when I discovered all of the tabs had been cut off.After I finally calmed down days later, i was desperate so I resorted to cutting the tabs off of my old crushed faring side panel and I used glue that my RC car enthusiast son turned me onto. Called CA glue… in radio controlled car world, They glue the tires on to the wheels with that glue..
    I did not expect it to work at all. I was stunned when I discovered that not only does it work, but every single tab that I glued on did not match perfectly yet they all still held, it’s been about 11 years, and they are still on there. Not one of them has failed. It sets up almost instantly. So if you have broken tabs on your faring or plastic on your motorcycle ..You better align them up perfectly the first time..
    it’s called CA glue. I just checked and it is available on eBay

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