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How Automobiles Work

Is a billion plus dollars of fraud, it’s fraud. The most widely recognized scenarios are number one called the drive down in which two cars come to a complete stop and one car would ride away would wave them on. As that vehicle enters the intersection the other vehicle enters the intersection striking it intentionally. And when that car goes forward a T-bone occurs and of course when authority gets there. The driver who waved them on claims he never waved them on and he have an accident. Usually having an innocent driver at fault in that scenario. One of the other most widely recognized stage accidents is called the panic stop and it is exactly what it sounds like. There is somebody who comes in front; stops; slams on the brakes forces a rear end collision. On this scenario a lot of times they have jump ins or runners what they like to call and these criminal enterprise have people who were never even involved in the accident come into the car afterwards and then come out claiming injury whenever law enforcement is on the scene. So you usually can’t do that with an innocent driver. So both of these cars are usually criminals. And they start billing the insurance company the property type insurance company for up to $10,000 per person. And four people in one vehicle. That is 40,000 per vehicle when they stage these types of auto accidents. We got to crack down on the providers who are taking advantage of the system; we have got to crack down lawyers who are taking advantage of the system. There are a lot of unscrupulous medical clinics and lawyers out there who are trying to prey up on those [inaudible] drivers right now. Driving up insurance premiums for everyone across the state. Through these demos we are trying to help educate [inaudible`] who know the signs to identify some of these accidents and also to help law enforcement in a time so we can curb that in the State. The consumer at the end of the day is the one that is paying for this criminal activity. This is fraud we want this stopped and it should be stopped.

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