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How Automobiles Work

Thanks for dropping by the Standex-Meder Application Alley where we’ll take a
brief moment to share with you how Standex-Meder products are making
things easier, faster, and smarter where we live work and play. It’s why WE MATTER™ every day in small little ways the touch
lives and make things work better. In the automotive business every small
little detail can turn into an engineering challenge a significant
proportion. One such request came from a
manufacturing partner in need of two separate engineered solutions that were centered
around the use of a coolant fluid sensor. The design process had to include
precise tooling modifications to fit the exacting needs for space and performance. While the second was a
specific solution to eliminate any potential for fluid float errantcies that might lead to leaking of battery
coolant. So we have different kinds of fluid level sensors. I think
one of the more common one would be the liquid level sensor. They can be found in automotive
applications from washer bottle fluid to engine coolant sensor applications. The reed switch
sensor technology works well in a battery and engine coolant
situation where the customers trying to eliminate leak
points and in some applications It’s very critical to keep pressurized coolant tanks sealed. So if we can integrate a float inside the tank
and put a reed sensor on the outside that can sense through the plastic it creates you know it eliminates some of those worry points for the customer. Should such conditions occur they could lead to malfunction or worse
a potential for sparking a fire after years of normal operation. The
customer realized that in order to provide for safety in the future that
they should have a fluid level sensor in this particular bottle. They came to us in the eleventh
hour needing a sensor and looking for
something that hopefully we had off-the-shelf that we can provide to them right
away. We didn’t have it. It’s a very unique application. We didn’t have anything available but in a short period time were able to
put together a design, fast-track some tooling, fast-track
testing and get a product to them to resolve the issue and get into
production right away and meet their needs. In many cases customers will ask us
to do things very quickly and we are very responsive to those those requests and we’re able to pool our
resources together and get those things done such as testing, design validation, APQP processes such as PFMEA’s and control plans. We
can create all this very quickly and send this over the customer and usually very accurately where
these things don’t come back or delay our our ability to launch products quickly.
We were pushed to an extremely compressed schedule and we were able to do quick turn molds and do a fast
design. I think we turned the mold and the products in three weeks from hard tooling. I think in numerous cases the the end result was a happy customer who was able to focus on other issues. specifically and in that instance
for that example. They were able to checkoff a safety issue on a vehicle and say
that you know we’re OK we’ve identified this problem, we have a
solution in place, we’re good to go. At Standex-Meder our customers matter in every partnership. That’s why WE MATTER™ every day. To learn more about how we
partner, solve, and deliver across a wide range of
industry, visit our application alley or give your Standex-Meder
representative a call today!

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