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(gun clicks) (gun shots) – Whoa. All right, guys, this is of course a fully automatic FN FAL. FAL, standing for Fusil Automatique Leger, or light automatic rifle. And that’s exactly what this is, a fairly light automatic rifle. I can tell you on full auto,
it’s a whole different beast than most other battle rifles I’ve shot. But today, we’re gonna have
a better look at this gun. See what it can do
accuracy wise and so on. What’s cool about this
one, is this is one of the earliest ones in the country. Browning imported these from ’59 to ’63, and they’re actually all Belgian FN guns. This one, of course, being
a registered full auto. So without me yammering
on too much about it, I say we get to shooting. – All right, guys, so I’ve
owned (mumbling) in the past. And, you know, they’re great
guns, I love them a lot. I’ve not had a chance to get
behind a full auto one, though. So, this is kind of a treat for me. I’ve shot other guns,
like the AR-10 and G3. The G3’s pretty controllable,
whereas the AR-10 is kind of a wild ride. And I’m interested to see how this one stacks up to those. So, let’s get after it. All right. (gun shots) That’s pretty awesome. It’s a lot more controllable
than I was expecting. It does do kind of a
strange, want to rise up to the right thing, whereas
like the AR-10 pushes straight back, and the G3 just kind of rocks your whole world. This one’s a little bit
gentler than the G3, actually. It just wants to go in
a different direction. I don’t know, pretty great. (gun shots) – Not as controllable as a G3 to me. But, definitely not the
worst battle rifle in terms of control-ability. – All right, so I want to
talk a little bit about the controls of the FAL. It’s got a side charging range right here. The injection, of course, on this side. And you’ve got a rotating selector lever. It goes from safe to single shot, and then automatic. The magazines rock in, a lot like an AK, or I guess like a FAL. You’ve got a bolt release
right here that you pull down, and that releases the bolt to go forward. And then, your magazine release is this tiny little paddle on the side. So, I’m gonna go ahead
and take a couple of single shots, and then go to full auto. And shoot our TFB TV down there. (gun shots) Pretty controllable in single shot. I like how fast it is
to transition targets. The handling characteristics
are very nice. It’s light, easy to go ahead and kind of swing to the target. And now, they get beaten up a little bit. (gun shots) The more I shoot this, the
easier it is for me to control. I do like it a lot. I wish the hand guards weren’t metal, because as you can see,
I’m wearing my patented matte V operator gloves
to keep myself from getting burnt pretty badly. But like I said, the more I shoot it, the more I really like it. (gun shots) – All right, so now that we’ve
shot the FAL on full auto a little bit, we’re gonna use the bipod. Maybe the bipod would help if you were, you know, helping suppress enemy movement, or allowing your troops to move forward by pinning the enemy down. I’m gonna see if it’s a little more practical with the bipod. I imagine it will be, so let’s try it. (gun clicks) (gun shots) You know, the target I have
set up is probably at about 50 yards, and the sight
picture still jumps around the target pretty well. It’s about a 12-inch in diameter plate. Realistically, it’s probably
not that much better. A little better, but realistically, a squad automatic weapon, this
is not a replacement for one. (gun shots) – Whoo! All right, so you’ve seen me
(mumbling) for other things, like the AR-10 and some of the other machine guns that we’ve done. Yeah, that’s hot. So there’s metal hand guards,
and they heat up pretty quick. Anyhow, I’m gonna overlay
the video of me doing the (mumbling) with the AR-10. And that one was pretty bad. This is softer shooting, but
it’s harder to keep on target. Like I said earlier, it
wants to wander up into the right for some reason. And it’s kind of strange. It may be a muzzle device induced issue. But man, was that fun. – All right, guys, I’m at about 50 yards with the FN FAL. I’m gonna shoot a couple five-shot groups, and see what I can get out of it. Wish I could do 100 yards,
but the 100 yard board is unfortunately out of service. (gun clicks) (gun shots) Oh, that was big time. All right, let’s go down
range and check that out. All right guys, so I’m
reasonable impressed with the 50 yard accuracy test
with Bargain Bate ammo. This would have been
about a two-inch group, except for I pulled it really hard, and I had a pretty decent flyer. This group right here is about
a two and a half inch group. I’m not really happy with that. I know I can improve
if actually had a rest, and wasn’t using the bipod, and if the gun wasn’t really hot, a billion degrees. But, this is decent. What I’d like to do is
actually, when we get our grizzly targets out here,
do a better accuracy test, and ring some steel. But, this is pretty good practical accuracy on the fly test here. All right, guys, so we’ve had a lot of fun today with the FN FAL. Neither of us had shot one
full auto before today. We both had some experience
on them, mostly kit builds and stuff like that.
– [Alex] Yeah, they were. – [Patrick] Kit builds can
be hit or miss with any gun. I’ve owned some spotty ones. But after getting my hands on this one, which is a very quality,
actual all-factory Belgian gun, my opinion is raised greatly. – Yeah, I think it built properly. These are awesome guns,
and I don’t think that enough people think about them these days. – You know, in the 90s you
could build one easily. I remember going to gun shows as a kid and seeing bins and bins of parts, and guys picking the best
mismatched part kits and whatnot. But, those days are passed. DSA still makes copies,
there’s other companies that make them as well. You know, if you’re
looking for a 308 rifle, it’s easy to overlook these. But, there’s no good reason to. – No, there’s not. Honestly, I think it might
actually be softer shooting than your common AR-10s, and about on par with a G3. – Oh yeah, I would
probably say the G3 for me, maybe because I’m more experienced, it’s maybe a little bit more controllable. But, the FAL and semi-auto I think is a better shooting experience. However, that’s just one man’s opinion. – No, I’ll agree with that. – So guys, this was a ton of fun. A full auto, it was something else. It rises high on the right like a beast, which is pretty interesting. – It’s different. We’ve got a lot of experience
shooting machine guns, and I haven’t run into the one that quite does that yet. – No, not except for this one, guys. But, I’d like to take
this time to thank one of our sponsors, Ventura Munitions. Without them, we wouldn’t be
able to blast away like we do. – Absolutely. And I’d like to thank Grizzly Targets. Without their support, these
videos wouldn’t be possible. – Absolutely, guys. Anyways, this is Alex
and Patrick with TFB TV. We’d like to thank you for watching. And if you liked what you
saw, maybe hit the Subscribe, and or the Like button. Thanks again, guys.

100 thoughts on “FN FAL Full Auto

  1. John Nolan…look for the flower truck…I just sent you a dozen pissonyas….. Zimbabwe is a shit hole now. Rhodesia was an awesome modern place. Lots more to the story and it's being repeated around the world unfortunately. I say: Kill em till they stop coming at ya

  2. One has to keep in mind , with any firearm " accuracy " complaint . 99% of the time , its not the gun that sucks , its that YOU SUCK shooting it . If you shot it every day , all the time , you would get better……………and better …………and better . If I hit my finger with a hammer working , its not the hammers fault , its mine . Just sayin

  3. So far not on upload of a belt fed rounds at 600 round a minute upload for the same rifle and also back in the 1970's model ?

  4. I just bought an FN FAL. It's an old one from the 1950's with wood furniture. Do you know if the grips are interchangeable? I really like the ones you have on this gun. It's the variant used by the Dutch army, if I'm not mistaken? Mine was used in West Germany before it was shipped off to the US. (I'm guessing around the time they replaced them with G3's). I was thinking of getting a G3 instead, but after shooting one in full auto I changed my mind. cheers 🙂

  5. Thank you for using the correct terminology and calling this an FAL, not a "fal." As you say, the letters are an abbreviation for the original Fabrique Nationale designation, not an actual word or name as so many people seem to think.

  6. Its not a 5.56 its a 7.62mm which works best with a Winchester 308 round. Of course you will never figure out why on full auto. Put another way before they had telescopic sights they had snipers and that riffle not gun falls just short of a medium range sniper riffle in the right hands. The automatic version of that riffle comes with a tripod, a larger barrel and a different safety switch making it full auto. If you switch the safety switch's between both models I believe you can change the firing mode from semi auto to auto riffle. The weapon fired the way it was in this video upon a battle field would be a complete waste of ammo. Think one shot one kill. The average soldier would carry sixty rounds (7.62) or three mags. Once again sixty rounds would last 30 seconds fired the way you would see in the video above and you would need a rucksack fill of ammunition just to last five minutes in battle. The automatic version comes with a thirty rd mag instead of twenty and the soldier would be carrying approximately six mags and would use short bursts of accurate fire. ( Having been a soldier who has used that kind of weapon. I freaked out when I seen the way it was being misused..lol…)

  7. We'll keep them north of the Zambezi till that river's running dry, and this mighty land will prosper for Rhodesians never die

  8. It wants to go up and to the right because you're right handed. If you shot it left handed it would go up and to the left.

  9. It shoots high and to the right, because, you're right-handed.  If you were left-handed, it would shoot high and to the left.  The weapon is cycling faster than you can compensate for the recoil it generates.

  10. … we sometimes removed the safetyswitch from the semi automatic FN FAL, it would then fire full-automatic… (dunno if its safe to do so tho, but it worked)

  11. Malaysian armed force used this kind of rifle but it was british made the L1A1 in early 60s. Later those were replaced with G3 in the late of 60s and middle of 70s before M-16A1 and its variants come to replace them all. However the general operation police force still use the G3 along with M-16A4.

  12. Forgotten Weapens posted: there's a Rhodesian muzzle device for better recoil, called HALBEK. https://youtu.be/oznjv7KbmsQ

  13. Even the semiautomatic can be made fullauto. No mods, no grinding down the trip sear, just a match stick and whamma bamma fullauto. F.N C1A1, that's where we figured that out.

  14. Im a ex Australian soldier whom used a version of the FN FAL extensively..
    This rifle only just holds up to the 7.62 Nato round and is not effective at fully Auto. Rifle goes everywhere when firing on fully Auto. This weapon with its multiple versions has been one of the most successful rifles ever firing in the Semi Auto mode. Great rifle used in the Bush and jungles of British and Australian soldiers..

  15. Back in the 1980's I was issued the L1A1, and also got some time with the L2A1, the heavy barrelled full-auto version, along with 30 round mags. Oh and yes, wooden furniture made it much nicer to handle than what you two seemed to be suffering. It had some definite recoil, but was manageable with 2-4 round bursts. Never did a mag dump (I'd have worn a warrant officer's boot internally if I did). They were great for the Australian bush, given the open nature of the terrain, but we transitioned to the Steyr (F-88) just as I was leaving. Makes sense given Australians seem to fight anywhere except Australia! (please USA, can we fight somewhere less hot next time?! 🙂 )

  16. The South African government destroyed over 200 000 South African versions of the FAL. Makes one want to weep.

  17. The ANZAC and Canadian made L2A1/C2A1 lmg is my fav variant, it’s kinda like the BAR for the commonwealth! Some Vietnam vets loved it and it was used along side the M60 gpmg and the SASR used it as well.

  18. I am not a fan of the M-14 whatsoever… the things are horrible to shoot in full auto due to their broad forestock and lack of a proper pistol grip. Feels like the rifle is trying to jump out of your hands lol. I think that is mostly because the M-14 is very much just a re-engineered M1, whereas the FN-FAL was always intended to be a full-auto rifle. I don't think any battle-rifle is optimal for practical full-auto combat roles, but if I had to choose it would be between variants of the FAL or G3. All three of these rifles work well as semi-auto marksman's rifles, but none of them really compare to the M-16 platform when it comes to full-auto accuracy.

  19. We really should've adopted this as our main battle rifle over the M-14. Should replace our M-16s with them now.

  20. Lol I was carrying this gun for more than a year in the army.. And never fired a shit with it.. Being trained with an uzi.. The army was so poor we didn't get blanks bullet during army exercises.. Instead had to immitate shooting sound with your mouth.. Lol

  21. I love the FAL but I'm not a fan of the gas regulator. You always have to tune it just right everytime change ammo.

    They really should have made it simpler.

  22. My father was issued with one of this while in the war in angola in the 60's (67 to 69) and allways had high words of praise for it. At same time the portuguese army was switching for the g3 and in my time in the service i was issued with one and still to this day the portuguese army uses the g3. ( Soon to be replaced finally with the SCAR L after 50 and something years of service)

  23. Should have tried a wooden furniture Australian L1A1, no burning handguard. Also very accurate out to 600m by trained soldiers.

  24. I used the FN FAL in 1977 & then when i joined the military in 1985. I still remember its number 83851300. In 1987 I switched to the Steyr AUG which was great but the FAL had way more stopping power.

  25. The FAL and the FALO's keep working in humid and muddy conditions,and have few moving parts,easy to maintain and clean.had the FAL with bayonet mount,when i was in the belgian army 90' 91' (loved the gp9 and the vigneron too!!)

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