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hello welcome back to one
youtube channel around the new ford focus MK4
today it’s about android auto in connect to the sims 3 system
Mobile phone where android car is installed as soon as this is connected
is automatically starting up android auto the mobile and android car starts up
the infotainment system shortly to Information android car is in principle
a surface that presents google on the infotainment system and gives
according to certain functionalities of the smartphone on the display again
so in principle the home page so if you push in the middle you come
always on this screen where the current events are presented
So a homescreen in principle below then it’s five more
the navigation on the left is via google maps accordingly knows multi touch
works zoom with two fingers or stop with plus / minus card can after
north or normal about the settings can be the
show traffic like we do according to google maps
it can also be a satellite Display as usual
People speak of google maps in the storm menu you can accordingly
on stubborn turn only the show traffic messages or
so doing the navigation will be everything spent dead options highway
Avoid toll roads or manage So do not avoid TV like
said how to get it from googlemaps knows Yes
you can correspond here after categories search personal
attitudes or recent goals you had with the pages so
looks smart and nice in the rider’s phone yes the last call for the one
You can bank five show lists the contacts are in the phone book
are deposited according to a number with the
Touchscreen choose or missed show calls yes so much for the phone it is very
kept slim so it is not from the This is supposed to distract traffic
the background therefore exists only certain functions shown here
and not everything is possible as I said the middle button comes
back on the homescreen where you are the current temperature is displayed
with the place the last key brings us back to the regular sync system
if it is because the connected but I would like to leave connected
sync system yes any want to make settings and the
second last button is in principle for music I have now on the
Mobile phone so far the most popular apps installed there and we look
something is supported everything podcasts Amazon music audible this google play
books how should I show up here I’m not a hero
deposited though books at google + is deposited here is nothing
displayed google play music the standard music from cellphone spotify and tune inn
video so these services will be supported accordingly
I open Amazon music and Yes
So you can run but were served Of course it will be possible to get it up and running
the homescreen showed how to it is used to and the weather
and then up to date the other app it works that way too
wipe away how to get it from android is accustomed and the app is closed You can also google it accordingly
play music just listen to something so works fine
that was actually google maps very simple
I find it very intuitive to use and clearly there is this
not to say regular standard android car again shortly when
one is to go accordingly on the normal surface it is located
here are new riders if you are back return to the android surface
So here at audio is of course want I picked a world car
my normal standard transmitter select which runs in the background and
nevertheless a world car run so that works wonderfully yes that
it was actually too short in world car short introduction short excursion
I hope you liked it so much Until next time

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  1. If this would Be english this might Be most informative Focus mk4 video in tube. 👍 TY VM. This solves a lot for me same videos on english plz.

  2. Danke für das Video. Wird das Handy denn bei ausgeschalteter Zündung weitergeladen oder anders, wird der USB Anschluss stromlos?

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