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ITWC’s at the Toronto International
Auto Show – bringing the latest innovations from Ford in addition to
cool vehicles Ford is also demonstrating the exo vest and exoskeleton designed to
help workers hold heavy objects overhead created in partnership with Ekso bionics
the XO vest is designed to help reduce physical strain during the vehicle
assembly process it doesn’t restrict the wearer’s range
of motion and can provide up to 15 pounds of overhead assistance springs
in the suit applies force upwards distributing the weight from the arms
across the hips the best part is that it needs no preparation anyone can just
strap in and get to work instantly the springs are activated once the arms
move past shoulder height the tension of the spring can be adjusted for easier
movements or more assisted force the suit straps on just like a backpack
complete with a shoulder strap and a waist strap the rigid skeleton comprises
of a carbon-fiber backplate a lumbar support beam and the spring-loaded
system the arm strap’s buckles unsnap quickly for fast in and out transitions
in Canada the XO vest is already being used at Ford’s Oakville assembly complex
Ford is looking to equip one for every vehicle assembly worker doing overhead
work that’s it for the Ford XO vest stay tuned for more tech innovations on our
YouTube channel I’m Tom Lee I’ll see you next time

86 thoughts on “Ford’s exoskeleton demo at the Canadian International Auto Show – All Hands on Tech

  1. Yeah,
    but can he go to the bathroom in that thing.
    Can he ? can he ?
    Huh ?
    You say that , someone can get in and out of it ,
    In a hurry.
    But, what if you're in a push!
    What then,
    Huh ? What then !

  2. Shit,that is so similar to an idea I have.i recently constructed what I call an exo lift for use by patients during physical therapy and is designed to take the weight off anything they carry.but this doesn't use batteries like mine.mine is a fitted arm unit that fits over users arm and is 12 volts and uses an extension/contraction motor to assist limb motion.

  3. If it's as reliable as a f100 I used to have, it will slam your face into your own arse and tie you in a knot whilst ripping up 100 dollar bill's.

  4. Ford will design anything to help prevent lawsuits from its injured workers but won’t put the money into its vehicles! Take it from ones who knows first hand from owning at least 20 fords

  5. I hope they can make one that can make folks run faster since I don't see how anyone could afford to buy and maintain one of their craptacular vehicles. Ever since the late 90s they've been complete junk.

  6. Would love to have something like this just as an aid in everyday life because I have muscle skeletal issues and back and shoulder problems. This would change my abilities greatly. What I like best about it is that it doesn't require electricity and doesn't have any Electronics in it. It's all mechanical

  7. Now big companies can definitely slave people for longer hours and pay them less because they are going to claim the robot gets half the pay😁😁😁

  8. I need something like this to transfer weight to the ground and by-pass putting weight on my L5 compression fracture and spinal fusion, then I can be a useful being again, as soon as get the multiple myeloma under control as well. stupid cancer. 🙁

  9. I myself have used this very design of Ekso vest to lift transmission cases into CNC machine, and I can tell for a fact they don't work! During that whole presentation did you see one if those guys lift something heavy?

  10. Actually, it sounds like you could use this for therapy or helping you work out. If you can really adjust the spring tension it may have a place in the gym as well.

  11. Ford: made in Canada. Let's all stop bullcrapping and just let the mechanical arms build shit. I'm 100% sure we can all find better uses for the exoskeleton.

  12. how much does the suit cost to CNC build and maintain. How versatile is it for different body sizes. What about lawsuits on mechanical failure injury……Nah theyll just keep hiring people with muscle

  13. Had a ford escort originally painted purple so most likely was meant for a girl. Was MADE to leak antifreeze. Meant to keep a girl running to the ford dealer who are basically a bunch of crooks !

  14. It takes you 40 seconds of a 1:54 video to show the thing that matters because you're too busy showing boring cars in your intro?!

  15. When your human employees come to human natural limits, the boss finds a way to extend the productivity of a single one and fire the others.

    All praise the machine, all praise capitalism ><

  16. I could really use one of these. I do professional painting and drywall and I always have my hands and arms above my head. It gets seriously tiring. Send me one please 😁

  17. Yes…
    Now your workers can do much more work for the same amount of time…
    And the same old paycheck… 😂

  18. I can't help but wonder who they stole this idea from. All the way from the very beginning Ford has never come buy anything honest. Everything that they have ever had that they claim to be their own, it was stolen from someone else's hard work and research and development without the poor people they stole from getting any compensation.

  19. Instead of focusing on an exoskeleton ford should focus on building a car that don’t take a shit in 4 years!

  20. Anyone notice anything odd about the Ford logo? If so than look up the mandela effect and find out why it's changed 😄

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