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hey guys Harrison here and today we’re going to be checking out an auto clicker for your PC so as usual guys super simple what we going to do first open up Chrome or whatever and then Google Auto hotkey and hit that first result from there just hit that big download button and then download the auto hotkey zip file now that it’s finished downloading we want to extract it somewhere from there go into the autohotkey folder and you’ll see everything now what we’re going to do is rename the file template to be called Auto clicker and from there we’re going to open it and delete everything inside now we’re going to paste into the file the auto clicker script and you can just copy that from the video description and paste it in save that document and now we’re going to go into the compile folder run the compile program and you’ll need to select the auto clicker file we just edited in the output section browse to where you want the program and then in the save box type in a name for it such as auto clicker exe from there just press compile and wait a few seconds and there we go now we can run the program we made simply open the program and a little icon will appear in the taskbar to say that the program is running now if we hold down the f8 key, it will automatically click superfast wherever your mouse pointer is perfect for clicker heroes and adventure capitalists and that’s it all done so guys thanks for watching hope you enjoy if you want to check out my auto clicker for Android video check it out up there otherwise don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe down below and I’ll catch in the next video

100 thoughts on “FREE Auto Clicker for PC! | Autohotkey Auto clicker Script 2019! | Harrison Broadbent

  1. i personally prefer




    Sleep 100

    If (GetKeyState("u", "P"))





    ; this one clicks 10 times a second after you press alt+z until you press u. As an alternative to holding F8

  2. Hey… Um…. When I Tried To Download it, it said it detected a virus so i believe this video is a scam.

  3. Can I just copy the script from the video and paste it into a file? I'm a bit scared of the downloading part

  4. If you want to make the auto clicker faster or slower, in the script change the number after sleep (which is 50). the lower the number the faster the clicker, the higher the number the slower the clicker

  5. I finally got it to work… recent versions of Auto hotkey (I already had it for Path of exile) do not have a template so here is what you need to do
    -Go into your AHK file in your program files
    -copy ANY AHK file and paste it into the same folder
    -right click the "copied" file and go into properties
    -click security
    -click edit
    -highlight users, hit add and check "full control"
    -in a txt box, type "Everyone" (i would make sure to capitalize the E just incase)
    -hit ok/apply
    -go back into AHK folder
    -right click the copied file (can be renamed already)
    -Paste the code over the copied txt
    -(I double clicked it after saving and I am not sure if that activated it or not)
    -Gratz!!! now you can cheat on roblox, cookie clicker, or whatever idle clicker esk game you desire

    I hope this helps

  6. at 1:00 he tells you to open that file and when i wanted to open it a warning came about the run the program or no and it says that it might be a threat should i do it but i really want auto clicker

  7. I do not know if your still respond but I did all the steps and when I hold the FA key it does not work.

  8. If you want it to do it auto copy this and press "A" rather than "F8" and press "k" to pause and unpause




    Sleep 50 ; milliseconds






  9. So mine only clicks everytime i hit the F8 button, is there anyway I can just click F8 and it clicks continuously until i hit F8 again?

  10. either it doesn't work, or you didn't show step by step. You just earned yourself a dislike. Please show step by step next time, just a tip!

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