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hey guys today we’re gonna fix a really
common BMW dynamic Stability control problem as you can see I’m going
straight and the car thinks that I’m in some kind of trouble it tries to block
the wheels and cut off engine power just to straighten the car but there is no
need for that it is extremely easy to fix this but if you don’t know what the
problem is and how to solve it you’re gonna play a lot of money in the garage
extremely dangerous to drive it like this because when I was merging into the
traffic the dynamic Stability control kicked in and I had no power just not at
all the main reason why this abs and traction control issue occurs is because
of rust and corrosion on the drive shaft the most common abs and traction control
fault is cracked corroded or swollen abs ring on the drive shaft here you can see
the ABS sensor held by one bolt so I went under the car and inspected my ABS
ring and I saw that there is no cracks or missing teeth so the solution for
this problem was to move ABS sensor away from that ABS ring and then I will
manage to solve my problem really the corrosion on the dredge half just pushes
ABS ring near the ABS sensor and when it touches that sensor the system is
activated so usually this ABS sensor is really stuck so it’s good to use like
some kind of wd-40 or some other penetrating oil and I use these pliers
and screwdriver to move ABS sensor away from the ABS ring and there is no need
to move it all the way back we only need to move it a bit so we could put a spacer underneath and just make a little
gap from ring and the sensor it’s really easy to fix this because you don’t need
to remove anything really just need to take out the wheel and you can fix this
I read in forums that one guy spend 1500 euros to get it fixed because garage
workers they don’t like to mess around with ABS rings they just change all
driveshaft components and that’s it and those things are expensive what we did
here is really a temporary fix because the rest will
move the ring more and more and eventually it will break but for my
purpose it’s good for now and I have no problems and I can continue with my
driving experience and in the future I will change that drink

100 thoughts on “Free BMW stability control DSC fix that works perfectly and it’s easy to do(HACK) e87 e90 e60

  1. This may be most helpful video I have ever seen on YouTube. I just bought an 260 and the failsafe was on causing the car to limp. A perfect low mileage example with the only problem being some rust on rear the axle. I used wd40 on the ring and simply cleaned it and it stopped throwing codes. Back to full power. Thank you very much

  2. You are a life saver thank you so much I got quoted nearly 900 pounds, and I did this today and it worked thank you!!

  3. i have this on my dash, would this cause my car to stall underload as that is whats happening at the moment!, i will definately try this!

  4. Really??? Every regular mechanic know this issue with the ABS ring sensor…why would bmw not tells you that…pathatic

  5. I followed your video to clean my sensors and it worked. No more ABS kicking in all the time. Thank you very much!

  6. I had this issue on my 120d. Warning light, reduced rpm then limp mode. The fix from various garages was between 瞿180 to over 瞿400 ( from BMW ). My local specialist garage did the fix you outline in the video for 瞿70. That was about 20,000 miles ago. Had no issues with it since.

  7. Lucky me that my e39 540 does not have dsc problems but I mostly drive it off cuz she spins them tires easily and dsc kills the fun

  8. Hi,
    I've got a 2006 X5 e53 3.0i and it has the 4×4 light constantly on. Kindly advise what could be a cheaper fix.


  9. Hi, I have this problem. Ill be driving my bmw 320D e92 regardless if I drive it slow or fast this sign keeps on coming up forcing me to turn traction off. Ive had the shockers replaced, brakes replaced. Bolts replaced. Tracking done. This light just wont go! What do I do? Help

  10. No amount of washers is going to fix an uneven shaped joint. Decent garages will know this and suggest a complete driveshaft replacement instead of wasting time and money on replacing rings.

  11. Hello , i did the same thing to my 2006 330xi , it felt the difference , the only problem is the now i have the abs, air bag and dtc activated. What can i do , because the abs is making my car brake and i cant drive fast when i need to

  12. my car has the same problem , but when i accelerate car goes to the right and i have to steer to the left to go in straight line , it's scary and fun at the same time , what do you think, the right one doesn't work properly ?

  13. god dam. i have a e81 and it had the same problems , car was basically undrivable, went to my mechanic he ran the codes and there was no fails, he got really upset since he test drove the car and immediately problem was obvious , i drive alot on Autobahn and imagine car doing this on 160-180 kmh. shit is scary, so finally he agreed to try this since he was very skeptical, 2 days later so far so good nothing obvious , car drives normally so far
    . if in the future anyone is interested will update. thanks for the video m 8

  14. Got DSC problem on a 2006 M6.Keep going to garagesand BMW Main and still no joy.Start up, drive four of five miles and then DSC Failure comes (after getting shop or petrol) up on dash and Drive Moderately.Main dealer looked, said battery needs charging, needs to do more miles, charge for 3 hours per week, charge for a day a week, get new battery, did and STILL get the prob.I tend to shut down and then re-start and problem goes BUT how do you explain that to a prospective buyer? BMW UK say take it to main dealer, that will be another 瞿100 "health check" thanks. I will try your trick, thank you.

  15. I had this exact problem with my BMW-320. This problem is temperature dependent too. Since the magnetic HAL-effect (which is the principle for a reluctor-ring to operate correctly) is varies greatly with temperature. My problem started 2 weeks ago when the temperature here in Bergen / Norway dropped under 0 C.

    (I'm just mentioning this if hasn't been stated in the comment already; too lazy to read them all).

  16. well done with this video! Can you please tell me how can I manage to find out which sensor should I "repair"? Because I don't have a permanent error…is just the DSC that comes on/off repeatedly. Thank you!!

  17. Brilliant, fixed my 2011 E91 in 10mins. Pickup had clearly touched the ring. Recommend to follow this fix.

  18. Wish me luck! I will try this fix tomorrow! I've had this problem for over a year now on my E90. I manually turn off the DTC, and it drives fine. I will be replacing all 4 ABS sensors, and give the reluctor rings, and sensor holes on driver axle a good scrubbing/scraping.

  19. I hate to be a pain, but not sure why people make videos without including the year and model of the car because parts and components differ from year to model. all e90s aren't the same. Did you use a diag tool to find out which sensor? 1mm spacer?

  20. Crap bmw design, would cost pence to plate these rings during manufacture to prevent corrosion , obviously they build obsolescence into cars to give garages work !!

  21. Common issue with the e90s….. ABS sensor. You either have his issues or the ABS/FTL warning lights come up then the ABS kicks in when you lightly break and turn. As long as the ABS sensor is not scored just repace it. If it is, the reluctor ring is warped from rust. Add a 1mm washer to the sensor this may help, if not you will need a new ring as well (no pun intedended

  22. The DCS light on my 2007 740l BMW light stays on, the cars perfect I cant turn it off from the cars setting, do you think doing this would solve my problem?

  23. Can thank salt for this. And this is why you should wash the underside of your car after driving in salt. But nice free easy fix…

  24. I just turn my traction (dsc) off in my mini. It turns everything off. The traction control on bmws is lethal . One bit of spin and all the power is cut to stop wheel spin. Not good pulling onto main roads. I just click it off , would rather have a bit of wheel spin

  25. You can actually do it with the car on the ground. Youll need a 5 allen key. Turn the wheel opposite from where it is. Key thing is ull need to know which sensor is acting up

  26. Thanks for the gr8 vid. I just had 3 errors namely; ABS & FTM (Brake & Drive control sys failure) and DBC failure. Is it the same issue that you have just addressed?
    Appreciate a reply!

  27. I got exactly the same Problem, but my obd tool shows 3 steering angle sensor errors. Could it still be the abs sensor or should I try to clean the steering angle sensor?

  28. in the most cases the problem are the tires!! i have it over and over again… most of the people don't look and don't check the tires and so you have minimal differences in diameter between the tires and then you'll have this issue .. or the front tires angle is not right and you'll get the same issue

  29. Thanks for sharing this information, this problem has happened to me and didn't know what to do without pulling out the drive shaft and replacing the Reluctor Ring. Bravo !!

  30. 2009 e90 328i, did this and my brake, abs and traction control light came on, removed the washers and the back to the original problem. Traction control kicking on randomly. Why did doing this make all those lights come on?

  31. I had this light come up when driving on the motorway but after about 3 hours at about 70mph everytime I accelerate in a straight line, i done a diagnostic after journey but nothing come up maybe need to diagnose when light is flashing? Any idea what issue could be?

  32. Thank you for your video. I have BMW E90 320i 2009 model. I found your video on the Youtube. And then, I can fix same trouble.

  33. Had the same problem on my 120D Coupe…My old eyes thought that the fault light was the A start system / EGR valve kicking in and cutting power !! My local garage looked at the diagnostics and no fault on the EGR and diagnosed the Reluctor ring. Fixed as per your video 瞿70… Good call .. BMW would have changed a shaft…..robbers

  34. I had the same problem with my 10 years old BMW 1 series and I tried this fix and just came back from a test drive. I works perfectly. Thank you!

  35. Lincoln mkz
    Some times thanks enough
    I don't know how I would thanks for this video
    Dealer said it cost you 2'300$
    When I tried it all works for me, thanks for your very helpful video

  36. Great video, fixed my annoying Tc light coming on intermittently and losing power!!! Just make sure u don't use a thick washer like I did first time round…made the speedo wobble and brakes lock up when stopping at a slow speed!!! just make sure washer is super thin

  37. Its an axle not drive shaft. And thats a horrible design having the reluctor ring exposed like that. E46 still killing the game

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