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Hi guys, here we are again! Today we have Frenkie de Jong in the car. Big talent of Ajax. I understand he wants to play more. Such a talented kid. So we’re gonna pick him up. I’m curious about his story and what he has to say. Thank you for watching! I’m nothing without you guys. You’re great. Thank you! I’ll see you later! We’ll be back in a half a hour. How are you doing?
– Good, how are you? You got a nice car! A present from my wife. I was already here.
– Yes, Ali told me. I was also confused, I thought we would meet at “De Toekomst”. So I was waiting over there, because I was done already. So I was waiting and Ali said, no he’s waiting for in front of your house. So I wanted to come here, but you was already heading to “De Toekomst”. Yes, I told Ali I was waiting in front your house. So he said no he’s at “De Toekomst”, go over there. So I went to the “De Toekomst”. But it doesn’t matter, it’s all part of the game. You just finished training?
– Yes, we just had a training. Tactical training before the match. He does it feel to be in the starting line-up of Ajax? I don’t know, it’s only been two matches. No, twice two matches. But you have to play more often right?
– Yeah, I think I should play more. I think everybody in Holland think you should play more. Yes, I do hear a lot of positive things from a lot of people. That’s always nice of course. But it’s up to me to convince the coaches I should play more. But this coach won’t be there for long. No I think he’s a good coach. I had him at the second team of Ajax. And I think he has good ideas about Football. But the pressure is higher at the first team. But I do think he has good ideas about Football. What kind of person is he? He’s very relaxed actually. You can have a good laugh with him.
– That’s also important. But he’s having a hard time at the moment, because of the bad results. We can be honest about that. The second division is not like the first right. No definitely not! Maybe he should let the players from last year’s second division play at the first team. Maybe it will go better then. But it’s very alternately at the moment. But that’s normal. Look at Feyenoord. Yeah, they are doing worst than us. Who will win the league?
– I still think we will. I think we have the best team and when the performances improve… I know eight points is a lot, and we can’t afford to loose a lot of points, but… Eight points is doable.
– Yes, we still have a lot of games left. We still have to play against PSV. We must win that game. Then everything is possible again.
– Nice man! So you live here now? Yeah, I live here since I started to play for Ajax. The first half year I was still searching for a house. So then it was hotels or traveling back and forward from home to here. That wasn’t nice. Hotels are terrible. In Italy I was in a hotel for three months. Yeah that’s way to long. At first you think, this is nice, everything is taken care of. But after a while it’s very boring. Yeah, you keep seeing the same faces.
– Yes exactly. I’ve living here for a year and a half now, and I like it very much. It’s a really nice neighbourhood. A lot of things to do here. Yes, Amsterdam is hot.
– Yes, it’s really nice! Ali has been your agent for a while now right? Yes, I know Ali since I’ve been 15 years. I was playing for the youth team of Willem II. I was in the same shuttle bus with his son. That bus used to take all the kids to their homes. And his son was in the same bus. So once in a while I used to see him when he was picking up his son at the meeting points. So I kinda knew him from that. His son was playing in the under 13 team and I was in the under 15 team. Once he was watching a game of his son and he was also watching our match. He saw me play and said that kid needs to join me. Who is his father? And once we had a tournament in the winter. And he came to speak with my father and grandfather. They always came along with me. Grandpa Jan right?
– Yes grandpa Jan. He has always been at my games. Since I was like seven years he always joined me and took me to the games. So that’s great! And it was really cold at the tournament. I think it was about -10 degrees. And was a small tournament. Not interesting at all for the parents. So he was looking for my father and grandpa. They were very cold and he approached them. Hi I am Ali, can we meet soon about Frenkie? So my father and grandpa look at him and thought… What do you want? Get out of here! But eventually we met. And hit it of right from the start. And it’s been great ever since and he takes care of everything. He’s great as an agent, but also as a friend. We can also meet and not talk about Football at all. But he once said… Sometimes people say to him he has an extra son. Yeah, they always say that to him. He also says that. He says I have two real sons. But I also kinda have a third son. Frenkie. That’s nice! If you have a good relationship with your agent. Yeah, he’s really great! It’s good when you can talk about everything, like when you’re stressed out. I used to have an agent in Holland while I was abroad. Less contact right? A lot less, not even on the phone. And you used to get in trouble, so you really needed an agent back then. Yeah, I really needed an Ali then. He could have straighten you out then. Yeah that didn’t work out. But it is what it is right. But you have played for beautiful clubs right?
– Yes, for sure. I have nothing to complain. But what makes you laugh? What do you like? I think I have to most fun when I’m playing Football. But especially on the streets playing with friends. I like to be with my family and friends. You’re from Tilburg right?
– No, I’m from Arkel. Do you know Gorinchem?
– Yes. Yes, it’s a small village nearby. I grew up there. I was playing for Willem ll since I was seven. And I went to high school there. So I spent a large time of my childhood in Tilburg. But family, friends and girlfriend is where I like to spend most of my time. In combination with Football, it’s perfect. I like to humiliate someone with a nice trick or something nice. That makes me laugh. With Nutmegs? Definitely with a Nutmeg!
– Are you a Nutmeg guy? Not really. I do like it, but… I’m not really looking for it on the pitch. It doesn’t excite you so much? It does. I do enjoy it when I give a Nutmeg. Yes but making nice plays. You do a lot of rushes right? Yes, I do like to dribble with the ball.
– But you’re real strong with the ball on your foot. Yeah, I like dribbling. I do hear I should tone it done sometimes. But Football should be fun also right.
– Off course! You have to enjoy it, or else it’s not fun.
– Entertain people. I saw your game with national youth team. Against Andora?
– You was on fire that match. Yes it was a nice game, but it was Andora. That doesn’t matter, you also need to perform in those games. That’s right, it was nice. I didn’t play for a while. Then a game like that comes along. And if you play well, it’s nice to receive positive reactions. That’s good! But people underestimate it a lot. For example, when you play against Feyenoord, you are already focussed. But when you play against a small club, it’s more difficult to perform. Yes exactly. People expect you’ll just win 5-0 or 6-0 like that. Yes. that’s difficult. What do you do… Hey that’s Denny Landzaat over there. Where? Oh yeah I see. He’s out shopping. How are you doing? Fine man! How are you doing? Hi Frenkie. Are you recording?
– Yes, finally a good one! Take care man! See you soon! Do you know him?
– Not personally, but I know him from when he used to play Football. Good man! Yeah also a good Football player. He liked to chip the ball right? He also used to play for Willem ll right?
– Yes, he used to play there. Good guy! I played with him at the national team. But an average week of mine? Usually I have to be at the club at nine. Train, have breakfast first. Most times I’m done around two o’clock. And I go back to Arkel around two, three times a week. Then I have diner at my parents or grandparents. Hang around with my friends, play Football on courts in the streets. Don’t tell Ajax! No, we cut it out! No you can leave it in for all I care. That’s what I enjoy. Then I get back at night. I also spend a lot of time with my girlfriend in Amsterdam. Is you girlfriend from Amsterdam?
– No, she’s from Hilvarenbeek. It’s a village next to Tilburg. We’ve met at school. High school. Yes I was looking on your page. She used to play Hockey right? Yes, she used to play at Den Bosch. Den Bosch is in the top league, especially the females. Together with Amsterdam, they are one of the best teams. At least the female division. But she only played for the youth teams. So if you have children, they would be very talented? No, not at all! Off course they will. You are athletic and so is she. It’s in your genes. That’s true. It’s a lot of pressure. We shall see. What did you study? Who me?
– Yes, did you study? I only finished high school. I quit school after that. High school is quite good, right? Off course! I was terrible at school. I never went. No, you didn’t get a degree?
– Yes, I did. But that was later on. I don’t even know anymore. But it wasn’t a very high degree. But I didn’t care much about school. I only went to school during the break, to play Football. And then when school started again, I went back home. Seriously?
– Yes, seriously! I always used to do that. Then I went to Ajax and Co Adriaanse told me… You can play for Ajax, but you’ll have to go to school. So I went to school. So you’re also smart? No, not really. Just average. I didn’t really like school. But my parents made me get a degree, before I quit school. Yes, it’s important.
– Yes, because you never know if you’ll make it in Football. Yes, you can get injured of something, then you need to do something else. I hope I don’t have to.
– No, you’ll end up just fine. I hope so. I’ll pull the ears of Marcel Keizer. Tell him to let you play.
– He does have big ears. It’s easy to pull those. He looks like the Champions League trofee. Aaron Winter is his assistent right?
– Yes, Aaron Winter is his assistent. He was also my coach in the youth team. Does he even talk? Can he talk? Or do you need to turn him on and off? No, Aaron is a very sweet man. He’s really great.
– I’ve played with him, when he returned to Ajax. Didn’t he talk much back then?
– Yes, he did, but… When you see him now, you’ll think it might as well could be me sitting there. He doesn’t say anything. Oh, you mean like that. He’s good with the younger players. 1 on 1 conversations. He doesn’t talk much in the group. But it’s nice to have him around. Very kind man. Only he doesn’t always let me play, so I don’t know if he understands Football very well. Apparently not. Was it hard when you joined the first team? No, not really. Especially at Ajax there are a lot of young guys. Like last year we also have a young group this year. And I already knew a lot of them. I came up together with Nouri. It’s very terrible what happened. Terrible indeed. Young guys like, vd Beek, Riedewald and Tete. So they immediately accepted me into the group. We also had El Ghazi and Bazoer. I talk to El Ghazi a lot.
– Do you talk a lot? He’s doing well over there right?
– Yeah, he’s on fire over there. People misjudge him a lot. Saying he’s a troublemaker and such, but he actually works very hard. Do you train extra?
– Yes I do. Do you run a lot?
– No, running isn’t really for me. It isn’t for me either.
– Not without a ball. I do a lot of shooting exercise after the training. Or freekicks with a few guys. Also in the gym, not the heavy lifting, but more for explosiveness and agility. I don’t need to be all muscular. You’re quit tall, aren’t you? I’m about 1,81 cm. That’s a good height. A bit taller than me. Do you want to go to McDonalds? I recently had McDonalds at the national youth team, so I’m good for now. Really?
– No, that’s what they said in the papers. But the thing is with the national youth team… We usually have two games in such a period. We always play at home first, I don’t know if they do that on purpose. At the home game we’re always allowed to go home after the game. We get the day off to be with our families. And everybody in the group, enjoys that. It breaks up the week, you know. So you won’t be away from home to long. Yes, ten days in a hotel, but I have to say I do enjoy it with these guys. We have a fun group, we laugh a lot. A bit childish, but I like that. That’s part of it. I think it makes you perform better. Just like our group used to be at Ajax. All of us were little rascals. Yeah, that’s fun. It’s the same at the national youth team. I enjoy it. It makes you more of a team. But about McDonalds… It could be true. It’s when you have the day off and it’s late. I can imagine some guys would go to McDonalds. I’ve also done it a few times. It’s not a big deal. I don’t see what the problem is. You train everyday, can’t you go to McDonalds once in a while. They act like if you go to McDonalds once, you’re not capable of playing Football anymore. I think there overreacting a little. What is your favorite team abroad? I like Real Madrid a lot.
– Yeah you like Real Madrid. Yes, I’m a big fan of Ronaldo. Really? No, no.
I think Messi is much better. Really, you think Messi is better?
– You think Ronaldo is better? Yes, I like Ronaldo’s style. That’s possible, but he’s not better. Messi is much better. I think Messi has it all. Really all?
– Yes! Is he good with headers? Yes he is. Only he is small. But he’s good with headers. But not with corners and crosses. Ronaldo is.
– Ronaldo can jump better. I think Ronaldo is really great. He’s amazing, but for me Messi is the best by far. Do you also support Barcelona? Yes, I like Barcelona more than Real Madrid. Do Ajax players always have to support Barcelona? Yes, it seems to be that way.
– It’s like they’re not allowed to support Real Madrid. No, I think Real is also great, but I like Barcelona more. Maybe it’s because of Messi. I don’t know, especially when Guardiola was the coach,
That was when I was old enough to enjoy their games. With Ronaldinho! That was beautiful Football. Ronaldinho was unbelievable! I really enjoyed watching him play. He was amazing! What are you gonna do later on? What time is it? Three o’clock. I got a birthday party of my cousin. It should be fun. Normally birthday parties are kinda formal. But I think it’s nice to see my family again. You’re really a family guy right?
– Yes, I’m very detached to my family and friends. It’s important to me. That’s why I don’t want to leave Holland at the moment. Just take it easy. You’re doing well here. You play for a beautiful club, you live in Amsterdam. I think you have a good contract over here. Well… I should a new one then. No, I have a good contract off course. Your parents are divorced right. So are mine. How old was you when they got divorced? I think I was about 14 or 15 years old. It was hard on me in the beginning. It’s strange because, they’re always used to be together and suddenly they’re not. Then you have to move from one place to the other. It was hard in the beginning, but I think it was for the best. Because their both happy now. And I have a good time at both places. It’s better this way.
– You also have a kid brother right? Yes a kid brother, Youri. He’s 15 years old. Youri is really great.
– Does he play Football. Yes he does, he plays nearby Arkel. He recently made his debut in the first team. At the age of 15?
– Yes, but Arkel doesn’t play at a high level. Can I go here?
– No, just go around here. It’s not allowed here. A friend of my also plays in the first team over there. Really?
– Yes, it’s funny because he has a lot of stories. Like, I really played well Today. And I’m like “yeah right”. It’s really funny. Nice man! We’re already back again. I think he’s over there. He’s probably eating again. Great! Thanks a lot!
– I had a great time! Time flies when you having fun. Seriously I really had enjoy it. It didn’t felt like I was being interviewed. Just talking like friends, that’s all.

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  1. Frenkie is een top gozer en Andy is ook een top vent👍alles wat die gasten doen is met een glimlach,erg vermakelijk😁

  2. Frenkie zoń rustige jongen toen , kijk hem nu .Basis speler bij Barca . Respect van Messie . Over een paar jaar is hij 1 van de beste middenvelders van Europa/Wereld.

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