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How Automobiles Work

>>I graduated high school with my automotive endorsements and I worked as a mechanic for a couple of years, and then when oil slowed down, I decided that I needed to probably find a career that was a little more stable especially if I wanted to raise a family and live comfortably, and I hadn’t decided fully on being a nurse by I thought something in the medical field would be cool. The first couple of weeks I was kind of unsure what I’ve done to myself jumping right into an education like that but it worked out really well and I enjoyed the courses and the learning and I really thought the helping people and taking care of people would be a neat thing to do. I started the LPN program in 2017, and I’ve worked in the emergency room at Uintah Basin Medical Center since and that’s been a crazy experience, too. Lots of hands on, lots of learning. I loved the fast pace, I loved the trauma, and then I joined the USU’s Program and I’m just graduating now and I’m just super excited to be an RN. I get to use what I know and use the skills that I’ve learned to help people especially when they really need and so. USU nursing program is an excellent opportunity and it provides a stable job and a stable career and you can help people. I’m Jason Walker and I’m an Aggie nurse.

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