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ultra-orthodox Jews are being criticized in israel right now because of an attack
seeded on three different buses they went and blocked all buses and then
proceeded to smash the windows at the small hammer the reason why they did that is because
there was an incident that occurred on one bus where I a and ultra-orthodox couple asked the woman that was sitting at the
front of the bus to get up and move to the back of the bus now there are no laws indicated that
needs to happen if so what does decide to do that it’s entirely voluntary but of course %uh
within the also orthodox our religion they believe
that men and women I should be segregated they should not be around one
another unless their husband and wife so the interesting part of this story is
the woman agreed she said that she would move to the back to the bus however the bus driver was very unhappy
about this and he called authorities and authorities proceeded to arrest the
old ultra-orthodox a couple now that pissed off the Orthodox community and as a result the
attack those three buses and smashed the windows yet not just with a small hammers which I’m amused by like
large hammer seems a bit much good you know scopes mobile homes for
small state sales are you stoned and they also threw stones as well look it is what I say all the time
fundamentalist the all the religions Arnott’s and you know you don’t want to us an excellent are great I mean that’s
your problem %uh and you’re gonna live a fairly
miserable life but have at all school crazy but cool I said Jesus is not a your got
damn business literally okay so go ahead and kindly piss off and
so the secular Jews in this case were annoyed by the fundamentalist uses secular Christians often times here in America
her piss off the fundamentalist Christians and in the Muslim world secular Muslims are deathly afraid of
the fundamentalist Muslims and he goes on around a run now what’s
interesting is are they one other rabbis wanted to pass
around a note saying he lets not violence keeps
breaking out in one case they were attacked a mom which had a bye baby carriage shed to be
rescued by other Peretti woman so that’s good okay that
will turn up orthodox woman helped her and save right for what what what what
we gonna do to her they were to physically violently attacked her for what they are
there was a case that we reported on our months ago where these little schoolgirls weren’t
dressed modestly enough for the ultra-orthodox community and as a result %uh the the men were
spitting at them throwing rocks at them in calling them whores these are school kids little girls so
and their fellow Jews and there’s a spinning on fellow Jews in
calling them was little growth and then the baby carriage is it was
another incident so any military some violence is bring ya between
ultra-orthodox in the sectors so gonna get a handle on this right and and so what other advice is okay great
let Lisa know I’m a letter and you know law order orthodox rabbi say let’s not do violence they wouldn’t sign
Wow they were inside and no one explanation
is um a guy who wrote to my mind is like
demanding that everytime condemn bank robbery after the Mafia pools of a job that every russian condemn murder after
the Russian Mafia has someone kill or like demanding that all Muslims
apologize for all bombings ever done by any Muslim all he did say
that that’s weird huh here in America and certainly in
israel from time to time whenever there’s any bombings by Mosby
got Muslims they all are all those exact opposite in Europe see he didn’t condemn a strong enough
which is not true actually we read on the show over and
over large was an American group constantly condemns the bombings every
single time over and over again but here in this case they have an opportunity to condemn the
violence which the obviously should they wouldn’t let him take a pass and and one other series is that they’re
also afraid of the people doing the vials and they’re free to lose the
support within the community if they don’t if
they condone the violence but I don’t care what your reason it’s
it’s atrocious either way and it obviously use a green light to
people when you say no no no I’m a rabbi anti-war sign of on non-violence is
really interesting is you know it when it comes to religious
fundamentalists in other countries specifically I you know muslim
fundamentalists the US always gets involved in the US says like
this is wrong the treatment of women is wrong in the
the there’s always some sort of intervention but its really curious that the US has
really said anything about this because this is not only you can attack
a little girls and throw stones at them call them whores I mean is how it starts off but is it
can evolve into something even more violent obviously they’re totally fine with
smashing windows for a in a bus that is completely full of
women and children by the way so you know I’ll see the US you get
involved this journey hola you know that something no i i a
totally agree with you so I would not do she get involved in
internal israeli politics the flip side is we have stayed in
Afghanistan for over a decade and anytime you ask people they said you
know the violence against women that muslim fundamentalists to that’s why I
have to stay there to protect the women but we were in the middle with giant
were which we will not leave because you say oh I’m so concerned about women so yeah there meanwhile Lee hypocritical
about this and why have they not condemn right
every time there’s no call for condemnation et
cetera wonder reality is they’re all the key the same that Muslim follows the jewish fun Melissa they
don’t want women to get educated that’s what the real problem is does
anyone believe their stupid ass mood yeah fundamentalism is a problem with
your brain right like you born that way you I can sure if they
could put a dying to your brain in the sewer a pregnant woman walked by a certain
part of their brain would light up that’s fucked up right hmm is at that lol Pasadena
propaganda brainwashing I mean it yeah I don’t think that
they’re born that way no he can pitch in anything because some of
the people who were born in that community wind up obviously much much much more likely to
be fundamentalist right and is so some people come are converse
which watch out for those guys okay are I year after I don’t wanna grow
up becomes Catholic yeah holy shit you know who’s a music a
late so life later in life calmer is going
back covers two being a Mormon of all things like later
in life and like so is this the love the converted a settlement but no I mean the it’s an
israeli a brainwashing like all yeah I gotta believe this you have
the funny here in the funny had a funny washing clothes from there you know the 1806 that God in
ya I will for can love you and you hate women be
empowered are having their own lives are getting an education or ever showing any kind of skin yeah
then yeah I will love you and if the kids thought that this was
ola me I taught my kitty with a fork and knife he’s going well for him up because
that’s what I told him his own life as well the whole community around them told
them the whole community tells ’em this work and that’s why I think they’re
poisoning that kids I feel sick for what’s happening to their kids

100 thoughts on “Fundamentalists Smash Bus After Woman Didn’t Move to the Back

  1. If they did that shit in Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, or in Texas those Ultra-Orthodox bastards would get shot.

  2. I'm confused as to why the elderly couple were arrested. They asked someone to more they didn't force her to move. What law was broken by the couple?

  3. Wish they would come to my neighborhood. They'd get that stupid hat handed to them along with their asses.

  4. the Muslim faith require women to take a backseat to men but when's a different religion then it's a problem

  5. You need to be pretty ignorant and stupid to even want to walk around looking so ridiculous. These are early bronze age idiots that have never improved their education.

  6. I've been saying for a long time that if we focus on one group, we must focus on all…..I hear from other fellow Conservatives all the time about Muslim fundamentalists this and that but you mention the same behavior among the Orthodox Jewish community and you get smeared an anti-Semite…..bloody hell.

  7. So when Jews protest in Israel that's fine they get arrested, when Palestinians protest they get shot in the back. That's aparteid. I hope it implodes, this thing that you cannot criticize Israel without being called anti semetic is over.

  8. Religions and the way they indoctrinate children is nothing more than child abuse and should be illegal.
    As Thomas Jefferson said in a letter to John Adams, "It would be the best of all worlds if there were no religion in it!"

  9. If the ultra-Orthodox couple objected then they could wait to ride another bus, rather than demand other passengers move to suit them. Basic respect for others. And so focussed on doing one thing right, they forgot about doing the other thing according to God's Law as written, as written in the book they follow.

  10. Do jews just go to clothes shops and say give me something that doesn't fit i want that coat that makes me look I'll and I'll take that hat that's far too small.

  11. It's because they are insane so that's all you can say…dont let them on a bus and plane if they don't want to be civil and obey common manners

  12. PS the US government stays in Afghanistan to allow the CIA to do their opium business while US troops guard the poppy fields

  13. Fundamentally (sic), Judaism, Christianity and Islam are Abrahamic faiths and are therefore violent and manipulative.

  14. In a recent flight to South America one of those Idiots was in the same plane and he behaved like if he owned the plane and put his luggage in an overhead compartments and left the door open for somebody else to close it.

  15. Every Orthodox (Extremists) should be banned from this country. All Christians to the front of the Bus, and all orthodox should polish there shoes. Why do we have them in this country? They complain they want their homeland, …..then go live in your homeland.

  16. Nasty little people who never developed a sense of self esteem – encouraged by others just as broken to take it out on women. No difference between them and the fundamentalist Islamic hard liners who blame women for the ill will of men. No difference between them and any other bigoted bully who needs to hurt and/or malign women.

  17. Those ugly ultra whatever are women haters. I once crossed a few of those men they had a wild Bo I wondered if it not washing or showering es part of whatever they believe in 🤢 yuck

  18. Uhmmmm imagine what really goes through their minds if they do that publicly to unprotected children of their own religion sounds like a whole bunch of psychopaths. Messed up well, I won’t be going to their country anytime soon that’s for sure yuck

  19. They r so scum when they do this…. they r making up there own laws and the do criminal damage….. they deserve jail time for the criminal damages that they did….. they always on about how they r always victims….. they r NOT victims

  20. How many killings of non believers were done by fundamentalist Jews?
    Same question about Fundamentalist Muslims.

  21. the lunatic crazy penguins have no respect for anyone including themselves, they defile themselves with their despicable cowardly behaviour. they are as far from spiritual as it is possible to be.

  22. Ana got them shoulders out, nigga…!
    AND the hair down, glasses on and lipstick??!?
    SOMEBODY's gunna get FUH- ukked…!

  23. Hmmm they have the freedom to do what they want and you also have the freedom to do what they want OR ELSE!

  24. This is why we need to get rid of special treatment for any religion. It should be private. Take religion out of government.

  25. This year I've seen Christian fundamentalist, Muslim fundamentalist, Jewish fundamentalist and atheist fundamentalist. It seems each have their own agenda.

  26. These super Orthodox Jews are really a bunch of punks! Picking on women and little girls. Where are the Israeli men to kick their asses? I've always heard that Israeli men, and women, because of their stringent military training were tough as nails. And yet they allow these Orthodox fehgola to do this to their daughters? Don't understand.

  27. they should go to the back of the bus not the woman ….. to the Fundmentaists. IF YOU DONT LIKE A WOMAN TO SIT IN FRONT. EAITHER GO TO THE BACK OF THE BUS AND SIT OR CATCH AN. ANOTHER BUS YOU HEARGLESS MORONS

  28. As a Jewish man this is always been a law within the orthodox community.

    This is a very long religious belief and it is only for that community to push for change within.

    Jews have a long history of inner political issues based around our religion and how we practice or believe. Brainwashing is not a problem only when it is utilized in creating soldiers for mass destruction.

  29. …move to the back of the bus..where have I heard about this before? I'm gonna have to ask my friends Claudette and Rosa.

  30. The young turks love to criticize others never themselves sjow me a video of spitting or busting out windows if not fake news

  31. If this was a black woman she would've -do these people even fight back against these undertaker-vampire alien looking freaks? I wonder why they are so terrified of becoming the minority in their little caliphate? Could it d

  32. You ultra orthodox pranees, you were not magnanimous in your treatment of Otto , father of ANNE FRANK of what he earned through the sales of his dead daughters
    Your chanting if prayers and "TORE AH" failed to teach you this
    Today all that remains is her DIARY.

  33. I chatted one of their women up once in Stanford hill ! She was married and pushing a pram !! And I was nearly drunk !!! Anyway about four of them came running up to me mouthing off ! I tried to talk to them but they kept screaming at me ! So I charged at the biggest one and they all ran with me chasing behind lol like a Benny hill sketch !!! Then the police pulled over and bollocked me ?? 🙄 !! Oh happy days ! Lol

  34. Men require women to be virgin or they will not marry. Well the truth is as a woman, and I am sure many women will agree, I will only marry a man who is virgin, will be faithful to me throughout and will treat me well thill the end … otherwise I am just fine on my own. And since there are very few men who fit that description and I am not taking a chance, I prefer to live alone and celibate. Some religious people have to realise that it goest both ways ..

  35. I don't know about the other religions but the Muslim fundamentalists are not against the women's education. I know this for sure.

  36. How stupid…this is against Torah…women are to be referenced. So they won't fight in the military but they will do this crap.

  37. hey TYT. im not sure you realise the title of this video is completely wrong. if youre saying she did agree to move to the back, and these people vandalised it because the driver called the cops/got arrested, then they didnt vandalise the bus because "the woman didnt move to the back" why make such an obviously wrong/clickbaity title? you should know better.

  38. To lump all religions together is irrational. Atheism is a religious belief also. Those who actually know the Bible can tell you these self-righteous fanatics are modern day Pharisees, the most religious of the Old testament Jews who also were the greatest enemies of Jesus along with the Saducees, a more politically minded group more closely related to modern day Atheists who did not believe in the resurrection. Looking at the 20th century, more than 100 million were killed by Atheistic regimes so you should not be so quick to lump all religions under one roof unless you're willing to acknowledge that you are to be counted among them.

  39. These parasites won't work, but will take, and do take benefits. They take all the benefits of the state, and do nothing to help the state.

  40. I have no issue with ones religion BUT if they have to cause violence in PUBLIC areas because they dont abide by the way the PUBLIC is dressed, where they sit on a bus, if there is a woman on an elevator (this happened to me in NYC) Then they need to keep to their own areas where their people reside and stay there!! Dont command me to abide by their customs.. I will respect but I dont have to conform with their ridiculous traditions!! It's all about control in the end..

  41. I work in NYC and I entered a elevator in my office building and there was a hasidic man in there and he demanded I get off the elevator.. Now if he would have requested nicely I would have left the elevator no problem.. But he was nasty as heck so I said "no" he started yelling for security and having a fit, when security arrived they asked the hasidic what is the problem, when he stepped off the elevator I pressed my floor and went up.. The security didnt even stop me.. All that for what?? Cause I'm a woman?? Get over it this is the 21st Century!! Their customs need updating!

  42. God did not have buses to tell someone to sit in the back of the bus dumbass you should be able to sit wherever you want long as you respect one another

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