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Plenty of (edited) walking around here
tonight. Did you say those words !? …let me answer. I’m
enjoying this! …things that I think that you have.
[inaudible] don’t get upset. Calm down. You’re yelling, you’re
yelling, you’re the other are fine. Mr mr Sharpton, have you ever heard African-Americans
who disagree with you as cocktail sip ( edited)? Oh, they would have had this
pain any way you instruct and they allowed them or less than 500 thousands
when did CSPAN start looking like the Australian parliament? Put on
a proper suit. Do up your tie. AND SING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM! You’re
a miserable pipsqueak of a man! I hope you’re ready because Matt Gates
and Al Sharpton absolutely go at it. In this video, a friend of the channel,
Lana sent me this. I looked, I was like, C-SPAN started watching 30 seconds. Next thing I knew I’d
watch 22 minutes of C-SPAN. It’s nonstop action. It’s like
a Saturday night live skit. So in this video I’m going to chunk
it down and show you the very tight highlights. You don’t have
to watch the whole thing. I’ll put a link below if you
want to watch it uninterrupted. And I’m also going to explain
what’s going on socially. These guys are both
masterful communicators. I’m going to teach you why they’re doing
the techniques that they’re doing to try to come across as higher status
and pull one over on the other person. As the Reverend Al Sharpton has referred
to members of the Jewish faith as ( edited) (edited) and (edited).
So my question to you is, does mr Scarborough’s assertion
that you said these things, is that true or did you not say those
things? They are patently untrue. I never said that. Okay.
Can I finish my answer? No, it’s actually my time, but you will. Okay. So that’s the dynamic that I want
to point out right off the bat. So both of these guys have
conflicting intentions. Matt Gates wants to make Sharpton look
bad by asking him as many of these questions as possible. And Sharpton wants to just kill as much
time as possible to limit the number of questions that he can ask. So
notice that right off the bat. And the reason I’m editing some of these
words is not because I don’t think you can handle hearing them, it’s just because YouTube’s algorithm
picks up on any profanity and sometimes won’t show it then. So that’s why
I’m beeping some of this stuff out. And you mr chairman, Joe
Scarborough then wrote, whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has
referred to members of the Jewish faith as white interlopers and diamond merchants. Have you ever referred to members of
the Jewish faith as white interlopers or diamond merchants? No sir.
I referred to one in Harlem, an individual who I didn’t even know
Jewish as an interloper and said I should never refer to his race. So straight into another store said that
I was against those that were using a pod tie done. And when I did
a funeral in crown Heights, he’s really good at this.
Like he goes into a story, but don’t you get the kind of feeling
that if he was uninterrupted he could talk for the full five or 10 minutes or however
much time Gates has with one answer. And that’s what Gates
doesn’t walk up and hammer. And those that were selling diamonds
from [inaudible] South Africa. Thank you. Same sermon. I’m trying to
may I finish? my answer, sir. I’m not allowed to finish my answer. You asked a question and I’m answering. I got a few more and I
have a few more hands. I can’t wait and apparently you do
because you don’t want me to answer. I would go since you raised it, let
me finish. I also talks about people, Christians who, boy, these guys are good to learn from as
far as holding their frame because right now the level of emotions gone up a
little bit but they’re not rattled. Right? They’re not out of control. Many things where there were signs that
I did or did not agree with Scarborough and I would say that if I was away notice
they’re both something that you can learn from. This is they’re both talking as if
the other person is not talking. When someone tries to talk over you, typically one person and usually
it’s a person being talked over, just stops talking because
they’re rattled. The other
person’s talking louder. The, the person sounds more competent
and usually it is the person who is more competent that continues
talking, but in this instance, both these guys are pros so
they both just keep talking. If I was to shut off the audio of either
of them and let the other ones talk, they would sound like they’re just talking
completely uninterrupted and that’s the right way to do it. When you’re trying to talk over somebody
or someone’s trying to talk over you of that, I would have said I would not want that
witness and not just have him continue to it. Then you shouldn’t ask me a
question if you don’t want an answer. No. If you set them, you can say
yes or no, so I will. Well, I cannot answer mr chairman on yes or no. When he’s asking me whether or not
the witnesses obviously disrupting the commitment. The witness, first of all,
this had nothing to do with policing. He wants to race, he wants to make
the subject. Joe Scarborough and I, let me answer it at last. I know Joe Scarborough know Ohio
members of the police department or has anything that you would it, I’m loving
to engage this if he lets me finish. I was not even called by the
family until the day after. We had nothing to do with it when I
came to crown Heights first nonviolent March. There are, you really
are fine. Mr mr Sharpton, have you ever heard African-Americans
who disagree with you as cocktail sip ( edited)? I have. Thank you. Mr chairman, have you ever referred to
African Americans who disagree
with you as yellow and then the N word? I don’t know that I’ve, I’ve referred to people as, as names. I don’t know if it was
because they disagree with me, but I have said things
about blacks and whites. I’m glad you made it clear that I don’t
only attack whites. Thank you for that. Have you ever said that? Have you ever referred to African
Americans or disagree with you as Negro militants? I didn’t know that
was a derogatory statement. I didn’t say it was just asked if you
used it. I don’t know. I don’t recall. Have you ever said if the
Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yamikas back
and come to my house. No. There was a man named motorcar levy.
[inaudible] I believe in. I believe that you can deal with
the decorum of the Congress, but you cannot disrespect a witness.
You can not answer a question. Ask a question until the witness. He can’t answer the question that’s
permitted to answer your question. You’re welcome to answer him. How
about you then? Let me answer, sir. Let me ask words. I’m enjoying the things that I think that you have [inaudible] don’t get upset. Calm
down. You’re yelling, you’re yelling, you’re the, so there’s
this move. So, so sharp. Then now is the first one who calls out
gate’s getting worked up. So he says, calm down. That is a move of high status that tries
to position yourself as the authority. Hey, calm down. Why are you getting
worked up? Why are you yelling? Why are you calm down? But this is calculated by Gates because
Gates wants him to feel the heat of him getting worked up. Typically,
you know, in Australia, if you ever see their
political institutions get
together, it’s unbelievable. It’s like people telling your mama jokes
and whoever’s on the side of the person telling the thing, Oh man, it’s crazy.
But usually people don’t get worked up. So gate’s part of his strategy is to
look at it pointing the finger really worked up is to get under sharped and
skin by showing heightened emotion and by raising his voice and
using a strong tonality. Now I think that, I’m trying
to answer your last question. You are cited in a
Washington examiner piece, July 30th, 2019 is having said
if the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yamikas
back and come over to my house. And in your response to my question, you said you were just
referring to one person. So here is my very limited
question for you, Reverend. Were you misquoted in this story? When you say the Jews and them referring
to a plural group of people rather than one person you seem to
have a grievance with? Am I allowed to answer? My name is
Sharpton, not allowing [inaudible]. I will answer the question if I’m
allowed. Please we know your name, sir. Go ahead and answer and you’d been
know that. I’m going to ask. Okay, so that was an important interaction
right there that Sharpton actually lost. So Sharpton came out with a battle
of wits and he says, listen, are you going to let me answer this
question because he’s been getting cut off before. And then he goes into a little rambling
but he’s not so and so and so Gates comes back and he says, yes,
we know your name. Okay. So that’s kind of a smart
Alec remark right off the bat. But then he also says what
they’re going to answer, go ahead and answer the question.
He’s telling him what to do. So he actually got two cracks in there
and then then Sharpton was thrown off tilt there, you could tell he took his glasses off
and came out with something that didn’t even make sense. He was trying to come back with something
witty so he didn’t come out on the shorter end of the stick. But
instead he says, then you know, Dan, that I’m going to answer this question
right and you then know that I’m going to answer. Didn’t even make
sense. So he lost that battle. The person that either can’t come up
with something to say or says something stupid is the one that loses a battle
of wits and the other person comes out looking better looking. They have higher
social status. So is it your belief if I said them or not, would that help
or hurt excessive force of policing? Well, I think it’s pretty significant when
someone wants to come and preach to us, it’s the chairman point of
parliament. We agree. Mr chairman, parliamentary inquiry. I ain’t having
no March. I believe in fighting. Well fight then. Ain’t nobody
holding you. I’ll often, man, we’ll off him. Plenty of (edited)
walking around here tonight. Did you say those words? No recall. Oh saying I will not March. I think
for the last 40 years out in March, asking people to March
in the context of I was, I was quoting, as I said,
I was quoting, as I said, the reference made about, I don’t want Mark astrology in
mathematics before Socrates in them, Greek (edited), straight into straight to
another quote that he gave just, and you notice you wouldn’t be able to
tell from Gates’s vocal tonality that any of this other stuff has
been going on before. It’s almost like the first question
that he’s asked him the whole time. And that’s important because
it shows emotional composure. It shows that all this crazy risk riffraff
going on hasn’t gotten under his skin and he’s not worked up about it.
Now, does he show emotion? Yes, but it’s a calculated times when he wants
to do it intentionally to put pressure on sharpen. So for you,
I would encourage you, always be aware of the emotion that
you’re giving off and try to keep it under under wraps and not show when you’re
feeling emotion at the wrong time. That can show weakness, but use it strategically when
you want to show that emotion. Now it’s easier said than done. We need to learn to be able to deal with
social pressure and to deal with other people and people of higher
status and people get mad at us. It’s not something you could just do
immediately, but as you practice that, being able to control your emotion is
one of the most powerful skills you can have, especially if you
want to rise in leadership. Oh, be taught. I don’t want a modern astrology and
mathematics before Socrates and them, Greek homos ever got around to
it. Did you say that mr Sharpton, I talked about African history and
I talked about how we had dealt with astrology as well as
mathematics and philosophy. All the questions, but I’m
going to answer it in January. When you call Greek (edited), when
you talk about white crackers, those are big and itself. I think I made it clear that I
was quoting with somebody said, yelling and getting upset is beneath
your office. You should calm down now. That’s a nice line. He comes across as an authority. You should call him down
just like Gates said before. Go ahead and answer the question.
When you tell someone else to do, you are the authority. We tell somebody else to do something
and then he says kind of an a, the way he presented is very backhanded
way like it’s, it’s below your office. Listen, step it up buddy. So that was
something that kind of put him down. So I would say sharp definitely came
out on top of that one. Then you, mr chairman and I would note these are
highly relevant to the issues that we’re facing. Reverend Sharpton has come before the
house judiciary committee has a production be running as a purported expert on
policing and yet his bigoted statements undermine the bipartisan work we should
be doing to ensure that all citizens are able to come together and
have safe communities. How much money did your charity
pay you? You personally, for the right to tell your life story? My charity owed a certain
amount of money to me. Was that some of the
answers, can I finish? Was it over half a million dollars when
I finished whatever the certain was, half a million, whatever the some view to tell your life
story cause I think most people would see that charity again,
fraud, charity again, old me, a certain amount of money, they
would have had this pain anyway, we instruct and they agreed to allow
them or less than 500,000 that is [inaudible] him for his last
gentleman’s time. I allowed them to you. Those funds have more than
a half a million bucks. Now, clearly these guys are both pros.
They basically do this for a living. But if you want to learn how to just
easily go up and start a conversation with a stranger and keep it going
so it’s natural and not weird. I’ve got another YouTube video. You can click right here to watch and
I’ll walk you through exactly how you can competently always go up to people and
start that conversation and have them be interested in you because you come
across as high status and someone worth talking to. I’ll talk to you there.

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