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good morning everyone we are going on a
trip it’s gonna be an adventure it already has
been one and it’s only 9:35 all right you guys now that I found a bit of a calmer place to talk let me explain today I’m taking a solo trip down to Gangneung,
which is actually not down but east of Seoul. So I’m going to the east coast of
South Korea and I’m going to the beach. I kind of planned this really last minute
and I asked a few friends if they wanted to go but a lot of them already had
plan,s or were busy or just couldn’t go for other reasons. I was like, you know, it’s
about time that I took a solo trip. So I am going alone. The nice thing about
going alone is you get to do what you want when you want and have no like real
timeframe, but the bad thing about that is you have to figure everything out by
yourself which is what is happening today. I took a subway here to the
intercity bus.. basically this is a bus station that takes you from inner city
Seoul area into outer larger cities of Korea. So I’m taking a bus it cost me
14,00o won to go. I tried to buy it on the ticketing
machine because – very minimal Korean and I could change the language to English
and so I bought a ticket. The only one available was for 12:45pm. But it was the only one available so I just bought it because, well. It’s either that or just
literally go home and do nothing. I was looking at it again just to make
sure that I didn’t make a mistake and then I saw an available seat. I guess
someone had cancelled it. I was like how do I do this? A nice man was trying to
help me in his very minimal English and my very minimal Korean. So I went to the
desk thing and I was trying to convey to her that I wanted to change it and then
all of a sudden she just rips my ticket and it says “cancel” and like “upstairs” Uhhh do I get my money back? change ?yes? no? And she was just like “upstairs” So I went upstairs, and the lady just kept
saying “refund yes” “refund yes” oh oh ok.. change? thinking they would exchange it. She just
goes “refun yes” and then they hand me another ticket for 10:50pm. So it all worked out. I just checked my bank statement and, yes, they did give me a refund on my
card. But anyway that’s what happened already this morning so it’s been a bit
of a ride and it’s only 9 a.m. I have an hour to wait until my bus boards, so I got
some coffee I’m gonna drink and I’m just gonna chill. I’m finally working on some blog stuff again hopefully I will actually get some of
those uploaded. I will see you guys soon. Hello everyone it is now 1:10 p.m. we’ve
been on the bus for two hours and 20 minutes ish. We hit a lot of traffic. I
think we were supposed to be here sooner but.. We finally stop to use the restroom and freshen up a little bit. I think we still have like another 30 ish minutes left to go on the bus. I really want to stop here and like actually get
something to eat or get some coffee but I kind of just want to get back on the
bus just in case right now. I’m just getting like really restless. I already
uploaded a blog post which you can check out and doing some research on things
to do in Gangneung.I’m just getting like really antsy and like ready to do
something. The sky and the clouds and the sort of bad weather has been following
us here. The weather says that it’s supposed to get sunny whenever I arrive
around like 3:00 so fingers crossed that actually happens. I’m going to head back
to the bus before it leaves me and hopefully the next time I talk to you I’ll be in Gangneung. Alright everyone, I finally made it to
Gangneung around 3 o’clock. I made it to my hostel and checked in and everything.
I got changed into my swimsuit but I think it’s just hilarious how literally
like 30 minutes after I arrived here it looks like it could pour like at any
second but one thing that I did want to show
you guys is the view from where I’m staying We’re gonna head out. We’re gonna get
some food other than snacks that I’ve had all day.
Then we’re hopefully gonna go to the beach. If not, I’m gonna go to a cafe in
my swimsuit. Let’s go It’s literally starting to rain. I ran
to catch my bus I missed it. It kept going I know it’s super loud right now. It
sounds like thunder, honestly. But I made it to the beach. I’m at Anmok beach. Almost the instant I saw the ocean all of my annoyance left. The water here is
stunning. It’s so clear, it smells fresh. Unfortunately you aren’t allowed to swim.
As you can see by just how big the waves are, it’s just not smart unless you’re a
really strong swimmer. The sand here is a lot more coarse than I expected so if
you have really sensitive feet this might not be the place for you. But they
have tons of shells. I found some sea glass and they have little conches and
driftwood and it’s so pretty so nice worth it. Worth
the struggle of getting here. Sorry I update you guys sooner. I just stood there and just admired the ocean. so after the beach I just walked home along the way then I wait made it back
to my hostel here’s where things get interesting
so I was doing in a hostel and I was a shared room of bunk beds and my roommate
was a guy which he was fine super respectful but he turned off the AC
which I had turned on just before I got a beer so that the room would be cool
and he turned it off and he didn’t turn it back on and he was on the top bunk so
the AC was going right at him if I turned it back on so I didn’t it was so
hot you guys I could not sleep I was sweating profusely I was sweating more
in the room that I was outside I felt like I was back in the gym too long so I
was just that on Thursday so I literally took my pillow and took a thin blanket
and went outside because they got this like bench that’s really flat and long
enough for me and I slept outside for the rest of the night so that was
interesting I got more sleep outside than I did inside but it was still
outside but after that I had breakfast and then
it’s a really interesting time trying to get to the bus station so I could buy my
bus ticket to get back. I finally made it there after like an hour. the buses here are just
not great. They’re just not great and I’ll write about that more in a blog post so
if you guys want to go check that out I’ll be sure to link it for you guys
then I had to wait like another 40 minutes to get here because of how the
bus systems work they’re just not very frequent and it was either that or walk.
although the weather feels great it’s just really hot
now I am here at this beach the waves are really big it’s a lot more quiet and everyone is later actually really
awesome it’s so high the building is about 360 degrees and americana just sitting here watching the
ocean I’m going to go ahead and the box here I acted this I’m gonna head
straight back to the bus terminal and head back that’s not very exciting so
thank you guys so much for watching this about itself I’m going to be writing
about if you want more details I hope this inspires you to visit this place to
yourself because it is stunning be sure to hit that subscribe button and join me
ever after

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