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The people at GEICO are friends and family. So, they’re not just coworkers, they’re people that you build relationships with, people that you may hang out with outside of work. I recently experienced a situation where my mother had health issues. And I really needed the support and needed time away to be able to care for her, and my manager was very supportive in making sure that I could step away and give my mother the attention and the support that she needed. So GEICO’s the type of company to support you when you’re up, As well as support you when you’re down. What I’m most proud of about my work at GEICO is every time I can help somebody in serious distress. When I can take their problem, turn it from this giant scary scenario to something that we can manage, to deal with and I can find a solution and get them out of that danger zone and I hear the relief in their voice. That’s always the reward right there. My first year on the phone, I actually hit Chairman’s Gold which is one of the highest recognitions you can get here. I was the first person to hit it, this year, of 2016. So I’m very excited! I actually won a trip to Tennessee, all expense paid. And it was a great feeling to know that I made that difference here in the company. I’ve been with the company here in Dallas since June of 2015. During my time here, I’ve been through claims rotations, upper level liability, service rotations, service supervision, and right now, I’m actually in the sales department. Started off as a claims service representative, stayed in that position for about a year and two months. And then I got promoted to claims coach, helping our associates develop their skills before they get out on the floor. Hard work and determination has gotten me to where I am right now. So GEICO has provided me with the tools that I needed and the resources that I needed to progress. The training and the development part of that is really a major piece in me being able to progress to where I am now. We’re a part of a winning organization. And knowing that I’m part of a winning team and can contribute with my drive & initiative, there’s no other place I’d rather be. The support, in general, the support is something that you can’t quantify. It has nothing to do with the money; it’s the people that are there for you.

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