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Welcome to the best motor show of the year,
Autocar is bringing you everything from McLaren, Porsche, Volkswagen, Jaguar, everybody because this is the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. We’re going to start with the car that’s behind me which is the new Toyota Supra, hmm of a fashion. Toyota, still, are not telling us very much about this car
which will arrive next year after a 16 year absence for the Supra. So this is still a
concept, it looks like a racing car but here’s what we think we know, okay? It’s got a
carbon fibre architecture which it shares with a BMW Z4 replacement, it has a 3-litre
turbocharged straight-six engine at the front making around 330 horsepower which should
be good for a sub 4 second 0-60 mph time. It’ll weigh around 1500 kg’s, it’s rear-wheel-drive,
Toyota wants to make exciting cars, that’s what they tell us, they will do so as of next
year from around £50,000. This is the Ferrari 488 Pista, loads to tell you about this and
it’s all in the details. This is the follow up to the 430 Scuderia and the 458 Speciale
in that it’s a special series V8 powered, mid-engined Ferrari sports car, it’s got
a challenge engine basically, that’s the race car engine dropped into the standard
488, that makes 49 horsepower more than a regular 488 engine so it’s now the most
powerful V8 engine that Ferrari has put in a road car. It has 711 of our bhp, 720 metric.
It drives through a slightly tweaked version of the standard gearbox but the big news is
all in the aerodynamics, at the front there is an s-duct, that takes in air and it puts
it up over the car to increase down force, there’s a larger spoiler at the back to
do the same there so overall down force is up by 20%, weight is down by 90kg, now some
of that is coming out of the interior, there’s loads of carbon inside, there’s carbon seats
as standard. Some of that also comes from the engine, 18 entire kg’s comes from a
lower engine and not on this car but we will show you the details of another car, there
are some carbon fibre wheels which are 40% lighter than standard wheels, they cost £18,000
as an option, on top of £252,000 that the rest of the car costs. When I say it’s a
special, not limited series Ferrari, there isn’t a limit to the production numbers,
it’ll just stay in production until the 488 goes out of production. Volkswagen is
up to four ID concepts now, we’ve been seeing ID concepts for years now but this one, it
says, is the ID VIZION will go on sale in 2022. Now Volkswagen says it is the first
Volkswagen that will not have a steering wheel, will not have pedals but that won’t happen
in 2022, that fully autonomous stuff will come later. In 2022 what it will come with
is electric power, as will all of these ID models, by about the middle of next decade
it recons it will be selling a million electrically powered cars a year, why? Well it can’t
really talk about diesels very much anymore, can it? There are people, evidently, with
nearly a quarter of a million pounds to spend on a car but who do not want to be recognised
everytime they drive it, for them perhaps is the Range Rover SV Coupe you see before
me. What’s the difference? Well there are no rear doors. It looks quite subtle doesn’t
it? Well actually the only body panels carried over from the regular Range Rover are this
bonnet and the lower part of the tailgate, other than that it has all been re-done by
Range Rovers SVO department. There is a V8 under the bonnet, supercharged with 557bhp
and they are going to make 999 of these at £240,000 a piece, before you start the bespokeness!
So it’s finally here, there’s been a massive crowd around it all day, it is an AMG specific
four-seat, four-door model. It’s called the GT4, as you would expect, but what it
isn’t is an extension of AMG’s GT all aluminium platform, instead it’s built on
Mercedes-Benz’s large platform and their reason for that is because the gearbox is
attached to the engine at the front whereas in the GT it’s got a transaxle gearbox at
the back. Why does that matter? Because all of these AMG GT’s are four-wheel-drive and
it’s much easier to take the four-wheel-drive components for front-drive off of the gearbox
than it is when it’s at the back. Now there will be a 6-cylinder version, there will also
be two V8’s of which this is the more powerful. BMW’s 8-series has not even been launched
yet and here we are getting more body styles. This is a four-seat coupe thing, there will
also be a regular two-door coupe and a convertible. Engines on production cars will be 3 litre
straight 6-cylinder which BMW is pretty famous for as well as its 4.4-litre V8, even, I believe,
the 6.6 litre twin turbocharged V12. That’s going to put the 8-series into somewhere where
there’s real interesting competition actually, anything from a Bentley Continental GT through
a 911 Turbo or Aston DB11. Prices – I would guess – could be anything from about £80,000
through to maybe £150,000. The I-pace is the first pure electric vehicle from JLR,
it will be followed by an XJ electric saloon next year and then there will be a bunch of
hybrids before 2020 as well. So the I-pace has an electric range of about 300 miles,
Jaguar reckons that by the time this car goes on sale in the summer, 100 k/W chargers will
be far more prevalent, reducing the charge time it needs. The batteries in these are
all mounted pretty low and it has a 50/50 weight distribution thanks to electric motors
on the front and rear axles it totals 395 horsepower. In all, it’s about the same
length as a Jaguar XE saloon and costs £58,000. This was a bit of a surprise today, it’s
called the Porsche Mission e cross turismo. There is a Mission e car in development for
production already, this concept car contains lots of the production parts of that. So it
has two electric motors, one at the front, one at the back with 600 horsepower in total
and the floor is kind of all batteries. What this does is it introduced another potential
body style to the Mission e range which is going to be a kind of separate part of Porsche’s
line up. So there are some design queues that are going to come from all Mission e’s such
as the black and white badge in front of me rather than the coloured one. The interesting
thing, it’s got a 330 mile range, they reckon you can charge that to 80% in 15 minutes and
if you just want a 5 minute charge, that might give you 60 miles of range! Right, you know
the Lamborghini Huracan Performante that set production car circuit records everywhere?
Well, this is that car with no roof. It has the same V10, naturally aspirated with 631
horsepower, it has a roof though which adds 125 kg’s to the weight and of course that’s
a little bit higher up so we’d not expect handling to be anything like as sharp but
it does still retain all of the fancy aerodynamics that made the standard car so quick, so as
well as adding 125 kg’s, it also adds about £23,000. This handsome thing with people
crawling all over it is the Volvo V60, now Volvo’s range is very straight forward,
they’ve got 40 models, 60 models and 90 models, SUV’s and estates and saloons all
the way through. So the 60 and 90 are on a big platform, this is a V60, they’ll be
an S60 later this year. Engines are no bigger than 4-cylinders or 2-litres and Volvo is
talking about phasing out Diesels entirely over the next few years as hybrids become
cheaper to make than diesels. This will go on sale middle to late 2018 with a saloon
following right about the end of the year. This then is the fastest car ever to come
out of Woking this side of an F1 car, they say, I mean who knows? Depending on the engine
maybe it’s even faster than a McLaren F1 car. It is the Senna GTR, so the Senna is already
special enough in itself, it’s a road going track-focused car, this one gets rid of all
the road stuff and it’s a track only variant. Now, sorry I’ve got my cheat sheet because
this is all about numbers! This has got at least 814 horsepower, that’s 825 metric
horsepower, that’s up from 789 on the standard car, ‘standard car!’ But the big thing
is down force, this makes at least 1,000kg of downforce thanks to the massive diffuser
and the massive front splitter, that’s 200kg’s up on a regular Senna, that’s 400kg’s
more than a McLaren P1 GTR which I already thought was fairly phenomenal in that respect.
So they’re only going to make 75 of these and it’s the only Senna left unsold but
if you’re watching this video about a week after we’ve uploaded it, expect all of these
to go as well. How fast is it going to be? Well we don’t have performance figures for
it yet but bare in mind the regular Senna is a car that can do 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds
and can do 124mph in 6.8. This has got slick tyres, it’s got lowered suspension, it’s
got a wider track and it also had an uprated gearbox, now McLaren is not saying that that
is a full on track sequential gearbox, race style, I think it’s going to be an uprated
version of their DCT – dual clutch transmission but, who knows? With a race transmission,
perhaps it could go racing. So, here’s another one that they build as the ultimate track car and then make a faster version again. It’s called the Aston Martin Valkyrie and
this is the AMR pro specification. So what have they done? Well they’ve taken out most
of the things that made it a road car, so they’ve taken out the heating and ventilation
for example, put in plexiglass windows, they’ve taken out the silencers, all of that means
that they’ve managed to liberate an extra 110 horsepower from the 6.5-litre V12 engine.
Now details on that are still a bit scarce so there is not overall power figure but I
can give you a weight figure which is now down to 1000 kg’s so with more down force,
less weight, more power. Adrian Newey who was the F1 genius behind this car says ‘The
standard car, ‘standard car’ is as fast as an F1 car around silverstone, I’m not
going to say how fast this one is but you can have a guess.’ So as part of Aston Martin’s
second century plan, it is introducing one new model every year, by 2021 two of those
will be Lagondas. It’s the re birth of the luxury Lagonda brand. This is the saloon version,
you can consider it as a rival to a Rolls Royce phantom but it’s going to be electric
only. Now that gives it certain advantages from a packaging point of view. You can see
the interior is vast and it’s designed, Aston says, from the inside out. Because you
can put the mechanicals wherever you want to, you can do the interior first and then
design everything around them. So there will be a saloon first, there will also be an SUV
which is previewed by a model on this very stand. This huffing great rear wing plus the
green paint can only mean one thing, it is a GT3 RS 911. Now this is probably going to
be the last variant of the current generation Porsche 911, an all turbocharged 992 they’re
going to call it, generation 911 arrives later this year. So in the meantime, this is it.
The way to go out with a bang, it’s got rose jointed suspension front and rear just
like the GT2 RS, the naturally aspirated 4-litre engine from the GT3 has been upped all electronically
and with ancillaries, the internals are still the same so that makes 513bhp. It’s going
to cost £141,000 when it arrives in June and it will just stay in production until
production rolls out. Thank you for watching, we really do appreciate it, please don’t
forget to like, comment and subscribe. We’ve got videos here every week and we’re also
at Autocar.co.uk all the time!

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