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MIKE SPINELLI: Hey, it’s Road
Testament, I’m Mike Spinelli. This is Leo Parente here
with me today. And we are not stopping. We are doing this live, so I
don’t care what anybody says. LEO PARENTE: Let me buckle
in before we go. MIKE SPINELLI: Buckle in. You never know what’s going
to happen here. On Road Testament today, we’re
talking Geneva Auto Show, where Chris Harris is. Yes, you love Chris Harris. Chris is at the auto
show with a camera. And he’s doing some stuff. We’re going to see that
in a little bit. LEO PARENTE: I’ve ran
all the comments. So– MIKE SPINELLI: Yes. What comments? That everybody loves
Chris Harris? LEO PARENTE: No, everyone loves
commenting about Chris Harris stuff. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah. Because Chris is awesome. Yes. And you can comment there @drive
on Twitter, just so you’ll know. We say it every show,
but whatever. I mean, just in case you didn’t
know that, there it is. LEO PARENTE: Blood’s pretty much
coming out of my ears, I don’t know about you guys. MIKE SPINELLI: Exactly. LEO PARENTE: Repeat
after me, @drive. MIKE SPINELLI: After the Geneva
Auto Show stuff, we’re going to be talking about sports
cars, mid-engine sports cars, and a possible sports
car renaissance happening very shortly. LEO PARENTE: I like that. MIKE SPINELLI: Cool. So The Geneva Auto Show,
what’s happening there. And this is happening there. LEO PARENTE: It begs the
question “why?” But go ahead, what is that? MIKE SPINELLI: Right. Those Mulsanne-like headlights
probably tip you off that it’s a Bentley. It’s the new Bentley
EXP9F SUV. LEO PARENTE: And the F stands
for– not what you think I’m going to say– what
does it stand for? MIKE SPINELLI: Falcon. LEO PARENTE: Falcon. MIKE SPINELLI: Falcon. You said Falcon? LEO PARENTE: I said Falcon. MIKE SPINELLI: I don’t
have a Boston accent, so I say Falcon. LEO PARENTE: Why is it that? Why is it Falcon? MIKE SPINELLI: Well, I’m
guessing because in the Middle East falconry is something
that people do there. And a giant market for this
will be the Middle East. LEO PARENTE: There you go. So this is not a car
for America. MIKE SPINELLI: I’m sure
Americans will buy it. By the way, this is just
a prototype for now. We will see something
in production. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, [INAUDIBLE]
concept. But– MIKE SPINELLI: You know
it’s gonna, yeah. LEO PARENTE: OK. What has it got for an
engine, do you know? MIKE SPINELLI: Well, they’re
talking about either the W12 or the new V8 that they’re
doing, or “wee-8,” as they say in Germany. LEO PARENTE: OK. MIKE SPINELLI: But you notice
the little interesting turbine-like intakes or are
those running lights? I actually don’t know. LEO PARENTE: We have no idea. MIKE SPINELLI: Because this just
came out this morning. Hit the Internet last
night I think. But honestly I– LEO PARENTE: What’s
your point here? MIKE SPINELLI: I don’t
really have a point. I really want to hear what you
guys have to say about a Bentley SUV. I know that hating on SUVs
is kind of a cool thing. LEO PARENTE: It seems Volkswagen
group is just bent on doing SUVs. MIKE SPINELLI: Yes. LEO PARENTE: With the Volkswagen
stuff, the Porsche stuff, Audi, now this thing. MIKE SPINELLI: Right. LEO PARENTE: I kind of get it. But– MIKE SPINELLI: China, Russia,
and the Middle East, big, big, big luxury SUV markets. So emerging markets, a lot
of stuff happening. LEO PARENTE: I actually read
something about some high net worth guy talking about how when
he needs to carry stuff around the neighborhood,
park the sports car and drive this stuff. So it may not be for us. But I guess it’s for someone. MIKE SPINELLI: Right. And I think it’s going
to be way up there. LEO PARENTE: Does it look
like a Bentley to you? MIKE SPINELLI: It looks like
a Bentley, sort of, to me. LEO PARENTE: So it
fits the family. MIKE SPINELLI: It
fits the family. I mean, this is gonna be a real
high-end SUV, I think. I think this is really going to
be maybe the most high-end SUV out there when
this is done. LEO PARENTE: OK. I’m gonna get the Chinese
comments. Because I understand the Chinese
love chrome and bling in the cars. And this thing is
full of bling. Did you see the tailpipes
and the turbo inlets? Oh, my God. MIKE SPINELLI: It’s
pretty flashy. LEO PARENTE: This is
home for dinner. MIKE SPINELLI: All right. Next thing from Geneva,
the Aventador J. LEO PARENTE: So apparently
this is the “let’s not be practical” show. MIKE SPINELLI: Well,
it’s an Aventador. You know, the Geneva show is
really all about design and making a statement, being very
continental and racy. And here is what Lamborghini
did with that. It’s basically an Ariel Atom
with a 700-horsepower engine. And this sort of carbon fiber
meets fiberglass– LEO PARENTE: So catch me up. Is this a one-off or are
they gonna sell this? MIKE SPINELLI: It’s a one-off. And as a matter of fact,
it was just sold. $2.8 million this one-off
went for. And Lamborghini’s not saying
who bought it. But somebody did. This guy. LEO PARENTE: Look at that. MIKE SPINELLI: Boba Fett. LEO PARENTE: So the point
of this was– wow, OK. It’s a festival of carbon. MIKE SPINELLI: The point
is two things. Right, carbon. So they have this thing called
carbon skin on it. It’s like carbon fiber. It’s an epoxy resin over
a weaved carbon skin. LEO PARENTE: Because Lamborghini
did some big technical investment in new
carbon technology for automotives. MIKE SPINELLI: Exactly. So this saves a little bit
of weight, obviously. I mean, of course, taking
the rest of the body off saves weight. But it’s about saving weight. LEO PARENTE: By the way, I think
this is the first road car with the swan-neck race
car wing attachment. MIKE SPINELLI: Ah. So aside from all that,
it’s also an homage to the 1970 Jota. LEO PARENTE: See, that’s why
I like Mike Spinelli. Because there’s a Google
assignment to go connect the dots of that old-school
Lamborghini and this new-school– MIKE SPINELLI: Well, yeah. It was a version of the
Miura, I believe. LEO PARENTE: Ooh. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Cool. MIKE SPINELLI: Anyway. So now, Chris Harris
from Geneva. Let’s see what Chris
has to say. Chris, what’s up? CHRIS HARRIS: So this is the
new Jaguar XF Sportbrake. I think it’s a great-looking
car, isn’t it? How long have we waited for a
Jaguar XF that has got an estate boot? Five mil longer than
the saloon. 1,675 liters of space
with the seats down. Doesn’t mean anything
to me either. But the fact is,
it looks good. But to start with, only comes
with diesel engines, two liters and three liters. Pricing? Well, they say in line
with current market. So about two to three grand
more than a saloon. I don’t think Jaguar’s going to
be able to make enough of these for Europe. Right. Now I know there are hundreds,
thousands, tens of thousands of people that want this car. It’s concept at the moment. It’s an Evoque convertible. To me, it’s the chocolate
[INAUDIBLE] of the automotive world. I don’t want a convertible
SUV. What’s the bloody point? Utterly pointless. In fact, I’d go so far as to
say it’s an absolute [BEEP] box. So let’s go over and look
at a proper Land Rover concept, the DC100. This is much more like it. We’ve seen it around
a bit before. It’s been doing the rounds of
the motor shows for the last year or so. I think it’s a cracking
concept. It’s a new Defender,
in essence. But hopefully will spawn
multiple platforms, really. So you’ll end up with a very
utilitarian agricultural car, but also something that’s
funky and looks cool for being on road. This beats that convertible
thing hands down. The thing I love about Geneva is
there are cars that before you get here that you’re quite
apathetic about, the M6 is one of them. For me, two-door M5, don’t
see the point, really. Because the M5 is more practical
and just as fast. The M6 actually looks
superb in the flesh. It’s a better proportioned
car than the saloon. 552 horsepower, the old carbon
roof from the previous car. So the center of
mass is lower. I think this looks fantastic. And the gold brake calipers,
proper bling. OK, Leo. One for you here. This is the new BMW DTM car. I know absolutely nothing
about it. I haven’t driven it. I can tell you it looks
vaguely like a three-series coupe. And I suspect it’s gonna
be quite good. [INAUDIBLE] great things about
Geneva as a motor show. The first of which is that it’s
actually quite small. So you can get around it without
feeling your legs are gonna break off. But I love the fact that not all
the people represented are big car manufacturers. Alpina, for example, have been
in this space since I first came to this show 14, 15 years
ago, occupying the same square meterage with the same
wonderful cars. Behind me here, a B5
Biturbo saloon. You probably can’t see it, but
the green paint on this car is just like liquid. Alpina are on a resurgence
in Europe. They’ve got this car
called the D5. It’s not quite as potent
as an M550D. But I think it’s going to
be a big sales hit. And the cars just look– they look spot-on. They have ride comfort. I quite want to drive
one of these. Oh, dear God. I’m gonna be a bit
of a pussy now. Because on the one hand, I want
to go onto the Mansory stand and rip the piss out of
its ridiculous McLaren MP4-12C and its Lamborghini Aventador. But anyone that blings up cars
like this, I think has connections. And I suspect I might go
out in a body bag. So I’m gonna stand here now with
their PR man about a yard away from me and say I think
these cars look fantastic with a big smile on my face
and say they’re actually complete [BEEP]. Oh, look. There’s another special
edition Fiat 500. Have you worked this out? If you want to have a really
unique Fiat 500, just buy a normal one. Because they’re the ones
that seem to be rarest. 190 Euros for some
Maserati shoes. I think on this occasion, no. Of course, when it comes down
to it, new cars are a bit boring, aren’t they? This is in an original RUF
Turbo from the late ’70s. About 300 and something
horsepower, a load of torque, and an RSR wing on the back
of it, in a kind of dark metallic green. I honestly think if you offered
me five cars to drive out of this hall today, this
would be one of them. It just looks gorgeous. Because I’m a rigorous
journalist, I can’t even tell you what this Honda design
concept’s called. But it’s absolutely weeny. And it doesn’t have
a steering wheel. It has a couple of sort-of
joystick things. Very, very cool, reminds
me of a Beat. I mean, obviously designed
to look like a Beat. But stuff that and let’s
go and look at the NSX concept, come on. And here it is, the new
Audi R– uh, no, no. It’s an NSX. Honestly, that was
my little joke. But there are elements
of Audi R8 in this thing, aren’t there? Sleek, low, just build it,
would you please, Honda? Because we get quite a lot of
this concept nonsense and they never reach the street. This one, it sounds like it’s
going to reach the street. So we’ll lay off
for the moment. I’m still a bit too raw
to talk about that. Because I drove one for 12 hours
yesterday in the snow. So we’ll come back to it. MIKE SPINELLI: Cool. Thanks, Chris. Next year I am going there. And I’m taking a Morgan
roadster. LEO PARENTE: No, next year
you’re going there and you’re taking me. MIKE SPINELLI: Me and you
in a Morgan roadster? LEO PARENTE: That sounds
way too road trip. It’s like Ishtar for cars. MIKE SPINELLI: Wow. Google Ishtar, right. LEO PARENTE: OK. What do you got? What’s next? MIKE SPINELLI: So next, I’m
gonna show you something. Check this out. LEO PARENTE: This is
not a supercar. MIKE SPINELLI: No. It’s a Nissan Micra. But what does this car have
to do with this car? Take a guess? LEO PARENTE: That’s it. That’s the end of it? MIKE SPINELLI: Oh. Ian gave it away [INAUDIBLE]. No, no, no. Leave it. Ian gave it right
away, all right. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, but if you
hang around with ADD people, you really don’t have to wait. OK. So the bottom line is, this is
a Chevy Volt with a better look using a Nissan engine from
the Micra to energize all the batteries and electricity? MIKE SPINELLI: And the
frame of an Evora. LEO PARENTE: And the
frame of an Evora. MIKE SPINELLI: Stretched
two inches. What do you think of that? LEO PARENTE: Wow. Where was Kevin Bacon
in that one? Six degrees, you know? MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah, yeah. I got it. I bring this up because you had
a lot to say about this car recently. LEO PARENTE: Oh, yeah. Well, I was hoping you weren’t
going to go there. Because no one’s mentioned that
Red Bull Engineering and Adrian Newey have been
involved in this. Or Red Bull Technology, whatever
the right term is. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah. But it’s all UK, by the way. LEO PARENTE: It is UK. And so what you’re saying is
it’s really the collaboration of the engineering side of
Nissan Infinity and the Lotus energy recapture technology. MIKE SPINELLI: Right. Also using a little bit of
the frame the Evora. Right. LEO PARENTE: And a Micra
in the trunk. MIKE SPINELLI: And a Micra in
the trunk to drive the thing. So this is something that came
out of Geneva today. But we’ve seen it before. And there were the patent
sketches that came out. LEO PARENTE: And it’s
supposed to be fast. It’s supposed to be track quick,
not a track car, but just a fast sports car. So isn’t that cool that
a Micra goes fast? MIKE SPINELLI: Well, 0 to 60
in four seconds, right? 402 horsepower. LEO PARENTE: Lightweight
Evora aluminum tub? MIKE SPINELLI: Exactly. However, I want to show you
what came out last year in Geneva, was the Essence
concept. So the Essence was the GT car. LEO PARENTE: OK. MIKE SPINELLI: Just as the new
Emerge is the sports car, the mid-engine sports car. LEO PARENTE: Obviously, there’s
no question that Infinity is trying to make
a design statement. MIKE SPINELLI: Right. LEO PARENTE: The Emerge is an
extension of this fluidic look, the whole brush
pen thing. MIKE SPINELLI: Right. LEO PARENTE: But they’re moving
the technology, not just making pretty cars. MIKE SPINELLI: Right. And we’re going to use this as
a jumping off point into what we think is going to be a
renaissance of mid-engine sports cars. A lot of it is a little
bit of greenwashing. Because you’re going to see
a lot of hybrid stuff mixed in with this. But at the end of the day– LEO PARENTE: Take me on
the journey, Michael. MIKE SPINELLI: A lot of new
mid-engine stuff coming. Now this one is about Columbus,
Ohio, right? So we saw this in Detroit. LEO PARENTE: It’s the NSX. MIKE SPINELLI: The NSX. It’s a concept. But they’ve announced
that they’re going to build it in Ohio. So an American-built supercar
for the world market. LEO PARENTE: But it’s also the
point you’re making, this is a collaboration of supercar
and green tech. MIKE SPINELLI: Right. LEO PARENTE: Because it’s
running just like Emerge. MIKE SPINELLI: It’s right
just like Emerge. LEO PARENTE: Electric
in the front? MIKE SPINELLI: Well, it’s
a little bit more complicated, right? So they’re using the
six-cylinder– 3.5-, 3.7-liter six, right. LEO PARENTE: And the engine
is powering the wheels? MIKE SPINELLI: The engine is
actually powering the wheels, thank you very much. LEO PARENTE: Unlike
Emerge, OK. MIKE SPINELLI: Unlike Emerge,
which is like the Chevy Volt, a range-extended hybrid, that
the only thing powering the wheels are the electric
motors. LEO PARENTE: OK. MIKE SPINELLI: This will have
electric motors spinning the front wheels. LEO PARENTE: It’s the Audi
R18 Le Mans car. So you bring that up, but again,
we’re going to start probably seeing more of these
cars on the racetrack. Or cars that have drive trains
a lot like these on the racetrack, because of new rules
and that stuff that you’ve been talking about
on ShakeDown. LEO PARENTE: Well– and watch me try to play
up to the host– because I think that in Europe,
as Le Mans goes with this green technology on the
race track, and the sporting mindset of Europeans, having
supercars that have that green language will be more accepted
versus maybe Americans that sometimes seem to be very myopic
in our perception of what should and should not
be green and racing, or sporting and that. MIKE SPINELLI: If you want to
do a sports car, it’s got to have some kind of greenwashing
on it right now. LEO PARENTE: Well, that
seems to be the trend. I mean, Ferrari and the F12
seem to be an exception. But even they talk about less
carbon, more efficient, lighter weight. MIKE SPINELLI: Right. LEO PARENTE: They just didn’t
throw in the electrics yet. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah. And I’m not saying that
everybody in America is into the green stuff– well, maybe they’re into the
green stuff, but not exactly this stuff– not everybody is into it, it’s
just that when the media– LEO PARENTE: My mom’s
watching. Don’t go there. MIKE SPINELLI: When the
media’s on to it. LEO PARENTE: Oh, I know. MIKE SPINELLI: You
know what I mean? It’s a very trend thing. LEO PARENTE: What does that
have to do with these? MIKE SPINELLI: Well, let’s
see what’s next. I’ll tell you exactly. Jag. LEO PARENTE: And honestly,
I’m making the statement. This is my favorite car. And I got a couple of reasons. But tell us about it. MIKE SPINELLI: All right. So it’s the Jag CX75. Came out where? Paris, like last year
or two years ago. It’s been a long time. Another range-extended hybrid. But instead of an internal
combustion engine it has a turbine, or these
microturbines. LEO PARENTE: There’s two. There’s two microturbines. MIKE SPINELLI: Sorry. Two microturbines. Originally, when they announced
that they were going to produce this thing, it
was going to have a more traditional drive train range
extended by way of– LEO PARENTE: Some ICE engine,
internal combustion. MIKE SPINELLI: Internal
combustion. LEO PARENTE: But– MIKE SPINELLI: But
you go ahead. LEO PARENTE: OK. So they’re little microturbines,
there are two of them in the back. And they were talking about how
the technology is getting close to being production
ready. Then they announced ICE. But they made improvements. The tolerances, they
got right. You said it was like how? MIKE SPINELLI: Like a 20th
of a human hair. LEO PARENTE: Think about that. MIKE SPINELLI: I mean,
seriously. The tolerances inside the
turbine, it’s amazing. LEO PARENTE: So they’re going
back to a limited run of turbine-powered electric energy
recapture built by Williams engineering. MIKE SPINELLI: Yes. LEO PARENTE: How do you not
buy this car, go to a restaurant, try to pick
up a girl and say, want to see my jet? And all you’re doing is going
out to the parking lot. That’s cool. I love this car. MIKE SPINELLI: This is where
tech and racing and sports cars have to meet. I don’t know. I’m a little bit less
enthusiastic. Just because– LEO PARENTE: Oh, by the way. It’s freaking sexy. MIKE SPINELLI: It is. LEO PARENTE: Look how
cool that is? MIKE SPINELLI: It
is pretty cool. LEO PARENTE: And it looks
like a Jaguar. MIKE SPINELLI: It does. Is it central? No, it’s not central. LEO PARENTE: I’m not sure,
I don’t think so. MIKE SPINELLI: No. Because there are two seats. And– LEO PARENTE: But it’s
got jet engines. MIKE SPINELLI: It’s
got jet engines. It’s a sports car with
jet engines. LEO PARENTE: It’s
got jet engines. MIKE SPINELLI: But it’s
going to be made. They’re going to build it. I mean, 0 to 60 in less than
three seconds, with an electric motor. LEO PARENTE: It’s
got jet engines. MIKE SPINELLI: All right. Go ahead. LEO PARENTE: I don’t care
how fast it goes. MIKE SPINELLI: So stay
on the jet engines. No, honestly. This is tech being sexy
in the car world. That’s got to happen more
than it’s happening now. LEO PARENTE: Is that
the only one? MIKE SPINELLI: Yes, it was. But here’s what we’re going to
talk about for a second. So we mentioned the Evora, the
Lotus Evora, in talking about what Infinity was doing. But Lotus as you know, a few
years ago in Paris showed off a bunch of new cars that they
would like to produce. LEO PARENTE: I met Danny Bahar,
we had an interview. MIKE SPINELLI: You did. LEO PARENTE: Without sounding
arrogant about saying that. But we talked about
all these cars. MIKE SPINELLI: Right. LEO PARENTE: And now it’s
maybe two years later. MIKE SPINELLI: Two or
so years later. Two-ish, maybe, almost
three this year. The Lotus Esprit– LEO PARENTE: V8, right? MIKE SPINELLI: V8 with
a KERS hybrid system. LEO PARENTE: So Mike, let
me ask you a question. You’re talking about all these
cars, these supercars being green, having more technology,
being more sophisticated. And Lotus has always been
about being simple and lightweight. And they’re getting hammered for
drifting away from that. But if the world is moving
toward a more sophisticated car, does that help Lotus? MIKE SPINELLI: Well, I mean,
Lotus has to do it. They have to build
awesome cars. And yes, they’re going to get
hammered by die-hard fans who see the company as an extension
of Colin Chapman’s simplify it and add
lightness thing. Right, but modern cars can’t
be simple and they can’t be light, unless they’re especially
cars like a Caterham or something. LEO PARENTE: They
can’t be simple. So they’re just going
where everyone else is going with them. MIKE SPINELLI: They’re going
where they have have to go. And that’s where the 911 is. And that’s where the Lamborghini
is, and Ferrari is, and McLaren now is. That’s what they have to do. But in this category of sort-of
greenish supercars, I think they had to add the green
part of this just to make sure that they’re there
where everybody else is too. And KERS, by the way, is in the
F1 world, they’re in the F1 world, that’s
a tie-in, too. LEO PARENTE: OK. MIKE SPINELLI: Ian,
go ahead one more. Oh, we got a couple more. So just to sort of
wrap this up. Again, Audi e-tron. Who isn’t building a mid-engine
supercar, sports car with some kind of hybrid
electronic stuff going on? LEO PARENTE: This
is close from a production standpoint, right? MIKE SPINELLI: Yes. Yes. LEO PARENTE: A year away? Two? MIKE SPINELLI: So I’ve heard. Yeah, I mean they’ll be made
in Neckarsulm in 20– LEO PARENTE: I did
not know that. MIKE SPINELLI: That’s sort
of how you pronounce it. LEO PARENTE: Don’t ask me. MIKE SPINELLI: 2013,
’14 kind of thing. Ian, what’s next? Yes. Ford GT. LEO PARENTE: And why are
we showing this? MIKE SPINELLI: Because rumors
have been going around for while that Ford is working
on the next GT and it’ll be a hybrid. An all-wheel drive hybrid, kind
of like every car we’ve just been talking about. So my point is that we are
entering some kind of supercar, mid-engine sports
car renaissance. But only this time it’s green
and electronic and stuff. LEO PARENTE: Well, that was
a wonderful journey. MIKE SPINELLI: I think
it was, wasn’t it? @drive on Twitter. What do you think? Did we leave anything out? Or did we screw it
up or something? Other than me not finishing
sentences. Did I finish all of
my sentences when you wanted me to? Thanks. LEO PARENTE: Cool. Thanks. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah. Hit us up next week. LEO PARENTE: And we
had Chris Harris. MIKE SPINELLI: And we
had Chris Harris. LEO PARENTE: From Geneva. MIKE SPINELLI: What more
could you want from us? Come on. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  10. maybe a jet powered hybrid isn't so weird, considering that Nikola Tesla also had patents on micro-turbine technology.

  11. @savetheenzos Oh, ok. I knew Jaguar was indeed still busy with the development of those turbines, but the – sort of – more conventional drivetrain would power it at first. Good to know, thanks! 🙂 And I see you said Coventry, is that place slowly but steadily becoming the automotive center of the world, considering the presence of CPP there? 😛

  12. The Ford GT should never be an all wheel drive hybrid…mid engine V8, rear wheel drive, manual, beautiful, and a blast to drive…nothing more nothing less…

  13. @EliteGuard01 I agree but all these companies are having to work to tighter emissions and safety regs among other things which makes heavy, complicated hybrids and new tech laden cars the only way to go. If you want something loud and shouty buy something old school. I for one actually love all this new technology. It fascinates me seeing how these tight regulations drive ingenuity and new technology from engineers and designers at the top of the game

  14. @igmas2010 the car actually only cost lambo just over 2 mill to build. so at a price of 2.8, I would say they made a hefty profit.

  15. i actually quite like the bently suv, im really not sure why, i hate all the other big SUVs, but it looks fairly good, and its only really comparable to the range rover

  16. Good show guys! just thought of something. If Ford is making a hybrid GT, and the NSX is being produced in the US….. I'm sensing some possible cooperation here. Might not be a bad thing, just hope thet the new GT isn't going to look like the new NSX, that would be horrible. (not that the NSX is ugly, just doesnt think of Ford GT when i see it)

  17. Regarding the Bentley SUV:

    I once read an article somewhere that Porsche, despite purists protests, made the SUV because they knew IT WOULD SELL no matter what. It was their best selling car. Now blasphemy blasphemy, 911 .. waah wahh … WELL as it turns out the money they made off of the Cayenne, allowed them to help create better Porsche 911s.

    Bentley is no doubt going to attempt the same thing.

  18. What about the Alfa 4C it's about the only car out of all you mentioned that will be affordable albeit without the "electric stuff"

  19. 1st- sorry to be offensive, but both those guys in that video suck hairy ass. Who the fuck are they? 2nd. The cars featured suck hairy ass as well. I'm saying "fuck off hybrid "sports" cars etc." Give them to the eco hippies and leave the proper cars to the real gear heads. 3rd- the only part worth watching was Chris Harris. So I basically just wasted 19 min. of my life. Thank you.

  20. @bakermcbride Yes, why don't we all just become Chris Harris! Pity his mom didn't spit out more of him – Where's Octo-mom when we need her. Next topic – The show is a discussion show led by Mike. A script makes it NOT a discussion. Right?

  21. @LeoParente None taken. It seems though that I'm not alone with my opinion on you guys. Maybe you should stop bitching and adjust your programm and most of all, stop flaming about- no matter which one of the two you are.

  22. @PaganiZondaDrifter Wow, an example of ironic brit put-down humor. From the country that gave us not one but TWO Johnny English movies. Haven't you hurt us enough?

  23. @StuntmanMike88 You realize I was just trying out some NY tough-love humor with my 1st reply? Those were all in jest. Truly. Thanks for watching, reading, and caring about the shows!

  24. Your viewers would not need to watch 21 + minutes of verbal diarrhoea if you both knew what you were taking about, Chris is cool though! Maybe if you guys cared about this segments success you would both fall on your swords and get some interesting, knowledgeable guys on board to replace you both FFS!

  25. Green cars suck no body buys them and now they are trying kill the good cars Honda has definitely lost its mind first they make the civic look like shit now they are making the NSX hybrid
    And I don't get what everyone likes about Chris Harris he is almost annoying as his accent

  26. @younus23 — they're completely different !!! No doubt Top Gear is better … but this is not aired on TV and has 5 different episodes every week =D

  27. i dont mind normal hybrids but your not saving any polar bears with a hybrid sports car that you leave in your garage all year
    leave all preformance cars with polluting gas engines

  28. The Bentley? Yuck . But the Jaguar CX-75 Absolutely Gorgeous I'm with you Leo those Twin Micro turbines are Sweet. I cant wait for that tech to become more common place in the future.

  29. Nice job, but neeeds to be more professional. Who says what and when, without all the time trying to remember what to say. And in the future please edit it.

  30. the Jaguar deserves to be produced. my god, the engine picture just blow my mind away. 2 small turbines. i've been waiting for this my whole life. and it looks like a proper supercar

  31. Good episode. But you forgot maybe the best, but definitely one of the soonest hybrid supercars: the mighty and wonderful Porsche 918!

  32. No the original reason for going green is the fact that fossil fuels are close to running out, some americans still don't acknowledge the fact that global warming is real, whereas no one denies that there is a finite amount of fossil fuels and if we keep using them at the rate we are using them they will run out. Making electric cars allows us to get around this issue because the energy doesn't HAVE to come from fossil fuels. (Car companies often plant trees to offset their CO2 emmisions)

  33. Neither of those fuels are sustainable for the amount of cars today, there's obviously more hope for hydrogen based engines as they can provide the same renewability of every other without any real pollution.
    I'm not arguing that there are other options to fossil fuels, I'm saying thats why car companies make electric cars.
    About population sustaining, we're in no way making the most of the energy we have on earth, 12km^2 of solar panels in the sahara desert could power all personal electricity.

  34. the bentley suv looks like the aston remake of the tiny japanese car, just from the audi q5, at least from the back..

  35. Still don't get it. It's like 000000,7 % of people who own an SUV That'll ever take it off road or pull a boat.

  36. haha thass so true and chris harris is jeremy juss cuz their both the most known and liked on their shows

  37. OK – So they're building the NSX in the US? Is it going to have American build quality? Suffice to say I don't have high hopes for it being a decently built motor…

  38. Bentley SUV? I really don't like that rich people from the middle east (or wherever else in fact) are dictating the future of automotive brands with great heritage, like Bentley. Who cares about falconing, seriously? What happened to the W.O.'s heritage? And the same story goes for the rest of them. They should really stop looking at spreadsheets and start caring a bit about where they came from. Or else maybe start producing Bentley lawnmowers because there might be market for them as well.

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