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13 thoughts on “Getting Started | Android Auto™ | Hyundai

  1. Waited 5 HOURS for #Hyundai Roadside Service in a major suburb of Dallas, Texas Friday night!!!

    First tow truck driver never even showed up!!! Hyundai then dispatched a new driver with a different towing company and gave me a 2 HOUR wait time after my initial 3 hour wait!!!!
    Charged for the tow and NO APOLOGY from anyone!

    #unacceptable #poorservice #unhappy

  2. Not sure if this only applies to Canada, or to specific models, but I have a 2016 Sonata Sport Turbo2 Limited and I had real difficulty setting up Android Auto. Finally resolved it when I realized you need to download the update on to the car's SD memory card, and not as the video suggests, on to a USB flash drive. I tried the flash drive route several times to no avail (the download and update to the car's system appeared to work initially but didn't and in the process it disappeared the connectivity icon you need to connect the phone to the car). When I finally downloaded the update on to the car's SD card, it worked. A bit scary when the installation states that the process will delete the existing files (and you are not sure if it will replace them with what you need, but it does. Also, there are long pauses in the updating process in the car itself when it does not appear to be doing much so be patient . All's well that ends well!

  3. I really need to get software updates (sonata 2014), because The firmware in my car is very old (need for android auto). At the moment I am temporarily living in Ukraine. I registered on this site (MyHyundai) but I can not add my car, because I do not live in the USA (((Can someone help me add my car, or send a firmware (or link) ???? please

  4. Car has awesome Qi wireless charging but if only you added WiFi function to head unit would have been really nice to have ran Android Auto without connecting the USB cable 🙁

  5. This feature does not work all the time the Android auto icon on the vehicle screen does not always illuminate in order to enter the future this is terrible technology any vehicle above a Baseline should automatically come with GPS for the price you pay for the vehicle.

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