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rev up your engines, some people
might not have thought out with that UAW GM strike it’s
not really affecting the ability to buy one of their new vehicles cuz they had
so many of them lying around cuz they had horrible sales so they’re not
running out of cars to sell you but they are running all the parts if you want
to fix your car they don’t have that big of a back stock of spare parts and now
that they’re on strike and they’re not making any for a bunch of different
vehicles you might want to go and get the original part for your car when it’s
time to get it fixed well you might find out they can’t get their hands on it
because they don’t have any now of course there’s always aftermarket so
it’s not like you have no other alternative to do but if it’s a deal
where it’s a dealer only part and they don’t have it yeah then you’re pretty
much screwed would you’d be trying to find one in a junkyard wait until their
strike goes off and they start making this thing so you know they don’t really
think about that in a long run but that’s one thing that’s really gonna
bite them in the rear end they don’t have spare parts and the people can’t fix
their cars correctly that makes them look bad I mean they were looking bad
enough in the first place over the last decade with the problems that GM has had
with hiding that ignition key switch problem that they’ve had so this is a
negative look any better yeah we’ll see what happens it goes on cuz this is
today and the strike is still going on there as I said earlier I’m assuming
that GM isn’t even gonna care all that much because they’ll probably end up
moving a bunch of their production to China they already have a bunch of
factories there and they’ll probably just say we’ll just move it over there
and then not even worry about having it over here that’s my theory on it cuz I
see how they’re all seem to be doing that which is kind of funny when you
think about it because Toyota and Mazda are just building a new factory I
believe in Alabama together to build car so don’t move over here and then our
companies will move to China, acorn 25 says is it okay to keep pressurized cans
of glass cleaner and other cleaners like battery cleaner a trunk of your car now
you don’t want to keep them inside the car where you sit where the Sun beats
down it makes them hot but the trunks don’t get that hot I’ve had pressurized
stuff glass cleaner right cleaners stuff inside the truck
never had any problems at all it doesn’t get all that hot inside the trunk itself
but as I said in one of my videos you don’t want to have any kind of cleaner
hairspray sitting in the window on a glass inside the sunken here nothing
that can blow up in the trunk no you’re not gonna have any problems, Murano WTF
says hey kind of a doozy I’ve got an 04 Nissan Murano wiper blades won’t turn
off all the lights flashed with every swing of the wiper blades keeps blowing
a fuel pump relay up yes you’re not the original owner I would say perhaps the
vehicle got in the flood and now water is corroding the wiring and the
computers and they’ll do all kinds of crazy stuff because the fuel pump and
the wiper blades really aren’t related and if it’s blowing a fuel pump fuse and
the wipers are doing that crazy stuff my guess would be the car was flooded now
it’s just gonna start falling apart but then again it is a 16 year old Nissan
Murano one of the junkier vehicles ever built in the history of mankind so it
could be that you got a computer flaw or a wiring flaw that’s starting to cross
circuit stuff and do it I would say find a guy like me first took up his
computers and if he sees a bunch of weird stuff then he starts testing and
says I think your computers going out then you decide you want to put that
kind of money in that car you just want to get rid of the stupid thing because
you put a ton of money and electronics on one of those but let’s say you’re not
the original owner and you think maybe it’s better than a flood and a mechanic
looks and says yeah this thing’s been flooded just get rid of it don’t even
bother once the car is flooded all the electronics start breaking down the line
with all those computers and it’s not worth even attempting to fix them, DJ
says I got an 06 buick LaCrosse with 93 thousand miles sometimes I take off
it shifts from first to second it feels like it skips or bounces but it doesn’t slam
it doesn’t happen any other gear well odds are your transmission is wearing out
typical on a Buick that’s about as long as they’re gonna last pray that it’s
something like one of the solenoids the shift song I was going bad and have it
replaced you might get lucky and it could be a shift solenoid but it takes a
professional mechanic with a bi-directional stand tool they can turn
things on and off and test and see what happens when he turns a mind start there
and if it’s a song great I’d put a new solenoid in it but if not transmissions
wear it out and on that thing the money it costs to rebuild those things you
might just live with it as long as it goes down the road
I’ve had customers driving years that way and they still weren’t good enough
that they didn’t care they didn’t want to spend a ton rebuilding the
transmission on an older try like that mmm chicken says
Scotty I got an 03 Chrysler intrepid v6 2.7 liter hundred six thousand
kilometers how much time do you reckon little a still runs perfectly all right
I’m assuming you’re in Canada and kilometers doesn’t chop it’s uh v6 2.7
liter is one of the worst engines they ever make but you only got what like
54,000 miles or something on it cuz you said kilometers because the last a while
I mean if the engine ever starts their problems is the transmission said get
rid of the stupid thing but you got it it’s worth nothing nobody’s gonna give
you much for a 17-year old intrepid so keep driving it if you baby it keep
doing whatever you’ve been doing it keep your fingers crossed
cuz you never know I never advised anybody to buy one house but you already
own it with that low mileage it’s going last quite some time here in the United
States people drive a lot more if that was a 17 year old one here and probably
had 190,000 miles or it would already be in a junkyard because somebody would
have got rid of it when the engine went huh so just take care of it who know how long
it’s gonna last, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

100 thoughts on “GM Has Stopped Making Car Parts, You Can’t Fix Your Car Anymore

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  2. Hey Scotty I bought a 2016 Ford Escape at the dealership the other day and I have an opportunity to get my tires changed to winter tires from all season and I live in Edmonton Alberta where there's lots of snow. Should I keep the all-season or put on the winter tires for all wheel drive? Thank you

  3. Scotty I recently bought a car and after some highway driving and coming to a stop the revs fall (when in neutral) and the oil pressure light turns on. I changed the oil pressure switch but no change. Oil level is fine. What could it be

  4. The Mopar 2.7 was not reliable initially due to too small oil passages. Chrysler fixed that on later models and with regular oil changes, it should be fine.

  5. me an my whole family have always been huge chevy fans and we only buy ones made before 2008 before gm went bankrupt and all their cars turned to junk. super sad realy…

  6. I bought a used pontiac few years ago and found out they sold it without fixing the recall ignition…. they ended up having to cover it few months later. There were like oh yeah there's a waitlist for parts.

    Which somehow it miraculously got tons of issues after being fine with zero issues. I'm like wtf it goes in fine for ignition recall and I go to pick it up door wont open oh the lock is bad. I had to go back like 5 times every freaking time something new was wrong.

    Their like it's ready go in door wont unlock, they charge to fix go in oh now it wont start like wtf. I feel they ripped me off literally 5 times I went in they said it was ready fixed each time something new was wrong and charged me.

    Finally I was like screw you went somewhere else that fixed the issue in 10mins for free that the other place was going charge me like another $200 to fix something went wrong when they had it. I dunno it was a gm dealership I was like how does my car go in with zero issues and while they have it a bunch of stuff all the sudden goes wrong?

    Shouldnt of been surprised they literally were selling the car with a broken taillight that had clear tape on it which I made them fix free.

    I have a really bad habit every time i go look at a car i buy it lol. I ignore all the flaws and feel obligated to buy it since I looked at it. Or I'm like it looks nice or sounds great.

    Best vehicle I had my parents got me in high school as far as reliability actually 2 because the 89 bronco my mom borrowed and some lady hit it parked at a store totalled it and somehow wasn't responsible.

  7. My next new car or suv will be GM …I think every truck or suv gm sells in us is assembled in North America so do not be a no mind Scotty and with Trump tariffs I do not see gm moving production to China for us market.

  8. Hey Scotty I have a 2001 Acura TL 3.2 with 300,000 miles on it it shifts hard going into 2nd and 3rd gear. My motor mounts are bad but I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it shifting hard is my transmission just wearing out?

  9. When Scotty says "get rid of the thing". How does that work?

    Neighbor has a truck that is just parked because he doesn't want to fix it (too old and cost too high).

    He asked me and I have no idea.

  10. With the attitude of the employees of GM in the USA, minimum work for maximum income, little wonder GM is struggling. Of course there are other reasons as well.

  11. My sons mom always told me gm was better than any Japanese car I'll ever own and she loves gm sucks to be her now🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'll own a prius before I ever buy a gm product

  12. My insurance went up for this reason. "The cost to fix your car has raised so we raised your premiums." 2015 Camaro

  13. My parents bought a 2002 Chrystler Intrepid and it rusted out before the engine or tranny went. My seat fell through the floor while driving, and one day it pooped the gas tank. The passenger door wouldnt stay closed, the rear windows stopped working, the alternator died, the A/C didn't work, the trunk would slam shut because the struts broke. Oh and the R in Intrepid fell off so everyone called it the 'Intepid'.

  14. Scotty! I was wondering what your opinion is on New Flyer buses, the ones from the 90s and early 2000s with Allison Transmissions. Are they good for a RV Conversion?

  15. With how bad GM cars have been in recent years they will probably run out of parts for them by the end of the week. 🤣

  16. I can't believe it.. I work at Jems Coating in Canada for car parts.. and it's been over 2 weeks and we slowed down with job.

  17. This guy should be doing live shows once a week. Call ins. I imagine Scotty would have the least amount of trolls of any live stream. But wouldnt a Scotty vs Troll be entertaining? I think so.

  18. Well Scotty , it may not get hot in your trunk in Texas, but in Las Vegas my spare tire exploded due to nothing but heat. That being said , it does get warmer in the interior of a vehicle.

  19. Ford and GM should just be done with the striking. They should just close all the plants and all these union mf's can quit crying that they aren't getting paid enough to play on their phones or f*** their way to getting promoted. It would make the truckers life a lot easier

  20. Most vehicle manufacturers only make parts for 10 years, then sell off what they have and that's it. It's aftermarket or nothing. And there are a lot parts the aftermarket doesn't make. I've had much better luck finding repro parts for 50-60 year old cars than for 20 year old cars. Vehicle manufacturers DO NOT support what they sell.

  21. I’m upset about the GM strike. Exactly like you mentioned about the faulty ignition switches, I bought a 2004 Saturn ion and it hasn’t had the ignition recall done yet. 🤦🏻‍♂️ How after 15 years has it not been replaced Is beyond me. Anyway, I tried getting it done at a dealership and told me they couldn’t fix it because they couldn’t get the part from GM! And didn’t have one laying around. So if I’m the 31st death they are getting SUED sued 😂😂

  22. Cars nowadays aren't meant to be worked on, they're like an iPhone. Once a new model comes out, you gotta have one. Fortunately that's not the case for me, I've had the same taco for almost 8 years now.

  23. What's the tariff situation with all these cars built all over the world. GM, a US company, goes to China to save labor costs. Could they get slapped with tariffs if they sell those cars in the US? What the heck is going on with the world? Now I hear, probably from you, that the Japanese cars built in the US suck. Do I need to move to China so I can live in Japan? Or can I stay here and buy a sucky car?

  24. Scotty I have a question. If my 1999 Toyota Camry doesn't go into drive only reverse and I changed the transmission filter, should I check the oil feed tubes or just get a new transmission?

  25. I hope this is their downfall.

    The day they take away the right of us to do our own repair work is the day thet betray this country.

    Yes being a mechanic says everything about being an American.

  26. Scotty, what’s your thoughts on the Class Action Lawsuit filed against GM for the Automatic Transmissions shudder/shaking. I recently bought a C7 Corvette with 15,000 miles and have been dealing with this issue since I bought the vehicle 4 months ago. They determined I need a new torque converter after changing the fluid multiple times but the part is on back order. I Will never buy a GM product again. Thanks for all the advice.

  27. My buddy's dad has an 06 buick lacrosse he bought new and he has only replaced a starter its got over 200,000 miles. Those are great cars and i think scotty just garnishes an opinion based on 1 or 2 cars that he has worked on. I respect him and his knowledge but a lot of the cars he dogs are actually decent cars.

  28. Hey Scotty? Do you think the USA will ever go metric? Canada changed over relatively problem free.
    Ike at Hamilton Ontario Canada

  29. I'm done with GM, FORD and Mopar. Way over priced and they have crap for warranties. They have ripped off Americans for decades now, workers and customers.

  30. glad I bought a Vibe/Matrix…GM label, toyota engine… can still get parts…as it's a corolla/other Toyota vehicle under the hood. Thinking a Rav 4 is my next car… once the Vibe won't go anymore…

  31. Hey there I’m a mobile Diesel Mechanic in Houston & I have a 2004.5 Chevy 2500hd w/352k miles original injectors etc,my daily driver 104 miles to work is a 2002 CLK 430 Mercedes 😂 just standing up for truth!

  32. I have a 2007 Mercury Mariner with a 4 cylinder and all-wheel drive, 160,000 miles. It has a rough idle in drive and is worse with the AC on. In neutral or park the idle smoothes out.

  33. Scotty is correct about GM not making parts. Here's my sad story: I purchased a 2007 Cadillac XLR Platinum — wonderful, reliable and incredible car and in fact was so impressed that I purchased a second one for my wife. So, we were happily driving our two XLR's for a few years…then, GM/Cadillac ended production in 2009. And LESS than 5 years later GM/Cadillac stopped making parts for the XLR! For example, if the headlight assembly would have been damaged I couldn't have replaced it! No third party available. Even a bushing for the convertible top couldn't be replaced by OEM because none were available. Thus, I sold both of my beautiful XLR's in 2016 and purchased a C7 corvette which is another fantastic and extremely reliable car. Haven't had a single issue with it and it now has 43k miles. Point is: GM really stuck it to its customers — in my case, I had to get rid of two cars (MSRP was high $80's for my Platinum and about $10k less for the other one — $150k+!) because they became basically very expensive paperweights, since there were no parts!  
    I wouldn't have bought another GM vehicle, except for the fact that even though GM is the parent company of the Corvette, the Corvette is unique in its engineering and quality control in the GM arena. Will I ever buy another Cadillac? Absolutely not!

  34. Someone in my street has a 2003 BMW , the BMW dealer refuses to service it ! His workers are no longer qualified to service their older models………..

  35. Well that works out perfectly. It's about time to force us to buy new cars again. We'll the stupid people anyways. I'll always have my gmc 1500 so how. I can't afford anything else. Guess I'll be walking to work.

  36. That Mary is cold. She has closed plants world wide. No thought for the effect on workers. And THAT China has zero human rights. Yet Unions are bad as well! They make it attactrive for the likes of GM to build cars in places like China where there are NO disruptive unions. Or they just replace them with robots. That might sound like science fiction! Not anymore, reality now.

  37. body shops and insurance companies in my town are being forced to total out repairable vehicles because they have no available parts. The work hours in repairing the damaged parts puts the vehicle into total loss territory. I hope these GM employees needing more than 36 bucks an hour plus benefits is worth losing their entire career over. I've heard 10 people say they'll never buy another gm product again after this, I don't blame them.

  38. Pressurized aerosol cans can survive in Texas climate but here in the Arctic Circle Finland some of those cans goes bad in cold winter weather.

  39. I'm a retired Electrician and a supporter of unionism but……………………….GM workers are getting to be just a little ridiculous.

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