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hey guys and welcome to Prague we just took a train and arrived at a product main train station so today we’re going to show you how to get to the city centre and also what are the do’s and don’ts here at the main train station there’s a lot of people coming by trains to Prague there are trains coming from Berlin Budapest Vienna Bratislava and all other places so if you arrive by train you’re watching the right video by the way this is our this is our fast train it’s called pendolino goes fast so from the platform you just need to go down you know you can follow all the other people or meet as you’re walking and this does not only apply for the train station but for all other locations in products sometimes it’s good to raise your head up look under any circumstances do not trust this sign okay there are taxis on each side but they will rape you up I know what I’m talking about because I do a show about taxi drivers it’s called progress as crooks you can look it up on YouTube and these guys will rip you off do not take taxis on either side of the train station okay okay and another critical moment I know it’s tempted for you to change your money here at the train station but go and do that because this place right here will charge you 20 percent commission fee okay if you need to change money watch another episode of our show we will explain you there how and where to change money you know 20 percent don’t do that and there’s the exit to Prague the good thing is we’re only 5 minutes walking from Wenceslas Square which is the main square and 12 minutes walking from the old town square so unless you have heavy luggage and you only maybe have a backpack you can easily walk to the city if you don’t want to walk or your destination is further Metro is right here it’s the red line C Line but if you need a different line you can just transfer so there’s a transfer to a line would be on this side and transfer to be line would be on that side of course guys before you take the metro you need to buy a ticket and you can do that at one of these machines ok but watch out the machines are only on the right side not on the left side of the station so as you go down the escalator you want to go right and it’s right here 32 crown ticket is good for 90 minutes and you can pay with your cart perfect hey remember when I told you not to take the taxis on the sides of the station what I actually meant don’t do that if you do need to take a taxi there are a bunch of them just across the park from here see the taxi is right over there heads up a trip from here around the city you should not cost more than around 10 euros that’s about 270 crowns ok so make sure to get your receipt bus travel is also very popular around Europe so a lot of people do it so you may end up right here in Prague on the station called Florence if you want to get out of the station follow the sign that says praha not the Burger King sign praha not the way the main terminal at the bus station is quite small not much to do here but there’s an exchange place which is fair to use because as we said in one of the previous episodes 1 euro is 27 crowns well this place will give you 26 which is good follow me and again the benefit of taking the bus is your downtown so the metro station is right here it’s Florence and it’s the C and the B line so you come down to the metro station and the situation here is a little different than from the train station because the machines for tickets that you need to purchase don’t accept credit cards so you need to buy your ticket with a credit card in one of the new stands either this one or that one but if you have Czech crowns you can just you know break the notes get some coins and buy tickets over there thank you so much for watching the reason we do this show with my friend is so you have a good time just so you know this show is not paid by anyone and the tips we’re giving you are based on me and mine and my friends experiences I promise to teach you one Czech word every episode so here it goes and this one we should have started with is how to say hello and this is the polite way and when you go into a restaurant it’s nobody then the translation is good day but you know it’s like a hello so nobody then whoa so guys thanks for watching bye bye how to say bye bye I’ll teach you in the next episode so make sure to subscribe ciao today we went to one of the local pubs to show you what are the do’s and don’ts here in Prague when you’re going to have a lunch dinner or just a beer hey guys this company for exchange is really unfair not only they will charge you 20% to change money here but they also have these signs we are not information we do not change to coins that’s ok I don’t think this place should be here and I apologize for it but please avoid

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  1. can you redo this im in a wheelchair so in the future can you mention if there are elevators or if places/restaurants are accessible by wheelchair? thanks!

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  4. Is it very far to walk from the Prague main station to karlova area where my hotel is located (near the Charles bridge). If not, what is the best option???
    We are a family of 3 and would be carrying some heavy luggage

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  7. Janek, do the tickets usually SELL OUT for Trains ? I'm going to Vienna from Prague in July. I know they don't have an E-Ticketing system for the trains (unless i"m wrong) so just wondering should I wait to buy tickets (to Vienna) until I get there in Prague.

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  11. I also arrived via bus and changed my money at the bus station. I also looked the exchange course before. And 26 for 27 looked also fair for me 🙂 Good to know that I was right.

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  16. Dobry denJanek! I am a big fan! I have watched almost all of your videos and I and my wife will be visiting Prague via train on Nov 16. This saves me a lot of anxiety navigating through the train station getting to the city. I admire your brave stand regarding taxis and money changers. You are one brave man and you are a blessing to tourists! Great job! Your fellow Czechs should be very proud of you! God Bless you! I am very excited to see Prague and I find your videos very interesting, transparent and helpful.

    If you come to Melbourne, Australia contact me! I will be glad to show you around.

  17. Hey! UK's fast train is also Pendolino… ;P. Jokes aside, I'm going to Prague from Berlin by train next year as part of a mini Eurotrip. Cheaper than flying. Anyone done that trip and have any pro tips? Also, Janek, you're giving me some inspiration to something similar for my home city, Glasgow! Try and promote it more. Needs more exposure than our cousins in Edinburgh.

  18. yo llegue a Praga desde Berlin en ómnibus a la estación que tu mostras, y tome un taxi en la puerta sin ningún problema. Pero a Budapest llegue en tren a la estación de Keleti, me robaron la mochila en el tren, me embromaron seguramente en el cambio, y el taxista que tome en la puerta de la estación, por cuatro cuadras me cobro no menos de 70 euros, la próxima vez tendré en cuenta tus consejos, muchas gracias y feliz año

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  20. If I have euro rail global pass will it cover local metro in Prague? I think Eurail Rail Global pass can be used for all trains and local trains in Germany, Austria, etc. Suggest, please.

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    Thank you for the video
    If there’s a guy like you in every place people visit it will make things a lot more comfortable

  24. Ahoj, Janek! Thank you for your fun and funny vids. Keep it up! You said to buy train or bus tickets, we are to use our credit card at the ticket machine as newly-arrived tourists, we may not have any koruna. Won't there be a surcharge by our credit card company and make the purchase more expensive?

  25. I love the way you laugh, you remind me of my ex 😍😂
    I learned a lot from your videos, I think I watched all of them, I’ll be in Prague last week of July, I hope I can see you there hehe..
    I wish you will make also a video where there’s a cheapest hostel for students. Thanks.

  26. About the bus station please if the rules haven't changed since 2011 when we lived in Prague please remind you can't smoke at the bus platforms bit inside the station. My friend was stopped by the police and got 3 "recipies".

    Oh and by the way you should do a video about Police Traps to Tourists as there are a lot in Prague. And also about Restaurant Traps to Tourists as there are also a lot. Dakujem!

  27. I was in prauge in 2016 and this summer thinking about coming back again I missed this city so much . Can't wait , thank you guys for the videos

  28. Hey! Love your videos. I need your help in booking train/bus tickets from Prague to krakow. Please let me know how to get in touch with you -email/phone? Thanks in advance

  29. hi all, im wondering if Prague train station accessible for senior? I'm bringing a group for elderly into Prague and not sure if they have to walk up a lot on the stairs? are there elevators or escalators for them to get to the train station and out?

  30. Janek, we are recently back from a trip to Prague. Luckily we had found your videos on youtube while planning for our trip..they are so so helpful for any one visiting Prague for the first time. Wanted to say thank you!

  31. Is it safe to arrive late at night? And also is there any nice pub or place with food and beer in which I can seat for an hour?

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  33. Hi Janek, is 50 Euros for 5 family members transport from Airport to Prague 2 area a reasonable price? Thanks.

  34. Was in Prague 2 months back.Lovely and beautiful place. The only difficulty we had was at the Praha train station. There is no proper information counter for tourist .And most of the local shops at the station does not understand English. Finally after many attempts of looking on our own we found directions to our hotel in town. We approached those money changers to asked for directions but they too pointed to the sign-This is no information counter and refused to answer anything.

  35. As someone who lives in Prague, please share from your perspective as a local what do you love and what you don't like about it?

    I visited it recently and really liked the mix of modern and ancient which is in the air; the air, by the way, is different . I've also noticed I didn't have a headache at all while being there, and my head is very sensitive. It felt like pressure of the air is more intense, but because of that my body felt lighter.

    When you traveled to Kiev what did you feel due to air? I live in Ukraine and it's different to me, the pressure of air is less intense, but because of that body feels different, heavier.

    It's a really nice metro in Prague , pretty quiet , yet fast trains; not as many ads as in Kiev. The ticket system is really comfortable, I was using 72 hours tickets and that also included luggage which was comfortable ; tap water is drinkable and this is something cool. Nobody listens music too loud and that is great for me too. Etc.

    There were things that I've noticed that were not that great, but I'm wondering about someone who knows all pros and cons. Thank you! 🌞

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