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How Automobiles Work

Employers are looking for academically
trained trainees that can problem solve for themselves. South West College are catering for this type of student in the form of the GOLD training
course. This is ideally what employers want and need. Employers are investing a great deal
into a GOLD student, with the hope that it turns them into a great company asset. I went to the Holy Trinity College in Cookstown where I complete my GCSE`s and then progressed onto South West College where I completed my Level 2 Diploma in Light Vechile Repair. I then progressed onto my Level 3 which lasted two years and I am now fully qualified working in T.J Hamiltons. The benefits of studying locally are that it saves money on travelling. I have no major university fees and it’s easy to travel between home and college on a daily basis. Now that I am a qualified Level 2 and Level 3 Volkswagen technician, I can progress to become a master tec, which will open more doors for my future. The benefits of the apprenticeship are
that your earning and learning at the same time You get your education at the College
and the hands on side at the garage. So there is a great mixture. An apprenticeship root
gives a student training right from the word go. It keeps them employed right
from the outset, it means that there’s less chance of them running into debt and there being paid right from the outset. So they’re earning whilst they’re learning.

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