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99 thoughts on “Google+: Beautiful movies, made Auto Awesomely

  1. lots of people hates google+ but they dont even tried it and using facebook twitter etc. because they are popular… wtf people google+ is a "copy" of fb so if its so bad fb is bad! no? then shut up.

  2. jezz what is wrong with the comments…..this will make people happy, glad and even help with YouTube videos!! so at lest say it would be good.

  3. me gusta esta aplicacion pero toda via no se como descargarla pero lo estoy intentando por que esta en ingles gracias es muy buena

  4. I love you so much fun and you are the best ever I want you back on my mind off the field in still not working for you

  5. Good so far very interesting looking forward to seeing the new one and I just want to see if we could get my g mails

  6. I want to seed if you can fix myfoneto call Maureen it closes up too quick I don't stay where is sure she keeps closing to go up to fast and driving me crazy I wish she would we fix the right way and I'm mad me know lot of trouble with the folks and I can upgrade no more I don't have the money and I don't have a money tree

  7. I miss Google + so much when I got on Google Plus the first time I couldn't read and I couldn't spell ever since I've been there it's help me how to read and it's help me how to spell I loved it it felt like home but now it's gone I feel lonely like I've been abandoned I wish Google Plus was back again I miss it so much

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