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I’m your GPS. Turn right up ahead. You never update me, so now I just have to wing it. I meant turn left up ahead. Recalculating… TURN RIGHT NOW! Your cut-rate insurance may not pay for all this, so get Allstate. You could save money and be better protected from Mayhem… like me. Recalculating. Mayhem is everywhere, so get an Allstate agent. Are you in good hands?

100 thoughts on “GPS Commercial | Allstate Mayhem

  1. It's funny how the car with the GPS (the green one), the hood and grille, bumper is perfectly fine on the second shot after the crash…. self healing car? No need for comprehensive then..

  2. @RobtheTerrible If they made a GPS with Dean Winters and his sexy voice, my life would be a shambles. I would have spent every penny I own on gasoline and my husband would eventually leave me– because all I would do is drive around listening to my GPS with a big smile on my face. Not to mention even with perfect directions, I couldn't focus and would eventually drive my car into a tree or something and NO-ONE would insure me. 

  3. My GPS sent me down a one way street the wrong way. Yeah, I got pulled over. I blamed it on the GPS. And got off without a ticket.

  4. Music is called "Double Cross" from a UK group called "Luna Lounge".  It's track 12 on a Extreme Music library called "Lounge Noir":

  5. Imagine having this guys voice as the voice of your GPS! Especially if he shouted like he does here when you needed to make a turn! I would just turn it on just for laughs.

  6. Was looking for this Particular commercial ! Dean Winters really Rocked the World with his Spot on, and Wildly "Hilarious" spots with Allstate !!! The First time I saw "This" one, I spit Pepsi all over myself, from Laughing so Hard !!! I'm not one of those guy's that's Easily amused either ! Heard them all, seen them all, until "This" dude shows up ! Just watch this for the First time, in a Long time ! And Still Laughed like a Madman !!! What an Incredible talent he is, and a "Brilliant" concept ! Hope your Career Rock's on forever Dean !!! Thanks for the Huge Laughs…

  7. Siri legit told me to turn onto a exit one time..luckily no cars were coming and a sign said wrong way before i went further

  8. Olivia on Law & Order SVU when he was on it: "We need to watch out for this guy. He brings mayhem wherever he goes."

  9. Just wanted to troll the comment section and tell everyone that this happen in Colorado! No one wanted to use that good ole brain and everyone was stranded in a nature reserved park uhh lol

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