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So I was browsing Metacritic the other day ’cause apparently that’s what I fuckin do for fun and I thought that I could make my boys night out even more fun by checking out what the highest-rated games of all time are. What I found was about what I expected – you know games like Orcarina of time and THPS2 leading the onslaught of swords and dick flips respectively of course, but I was surprised to see Grand Theft Auto IV sitting at third place – of all time. Now this is a very subjective thing to discuss because not only does everyone have their own beautiful hot boy opinion but people often view the all time rating differently. Do you judge by how innovative and impressive it was at the time or how well it holds up to this day? I personally usually go by the second option if people ask me that loaded ass question because I feel like it’s a much more straightforward way of figuring out what your favorite games are. Basically if I’m sitting down to play a game And I have every game of all time available in front of me It’s likely that I would still choose to shred with my boy T. Hawk. But can I say the same thing for GTA IV hot boy? Does this game still deserve the high praise eighth grade Jakey gave it? Is it maybe possible that all of the perfect tens were influenced by hype and excitement HOLY SHIT IS PICCOLO GONNA SUPPLEX GOHON ON THE NEXT EPISODE?! Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z Man, I remember the atmosphere of GTA IV being immersive as shit – the unique warm look of the lighting and shadows, the way the Sunrise looks with the light blues and greens This hot boy from the midwest would get fuckin lost in the city Home Alone 2 style I’m happy to say that most of that remains true to this day. At times the color palette can seem a little overwhelming with all the browns and grays and shit, but GTA IV’s unique look is still enjoyable not because it’s super realistic but because it maintains a signature look that really makes this version of Liberty City feel like it could exist somewhere Not all of the textures look Amazing to this day, and you know not every character model looks like a fucking Spice Girl But overall the presentation of this game still really impresses me. I remember absolutely loving the more realistic approach to driving GTA IV took I recall even reading a review back in eighth grade that it compared it to Forza on the Xbox and then playing it and being like Oh, man, I think that guy’s so right. It’s so realistic. No. Definitely not like Forza. I can still appreciate the direction Rockstar was trying to go in but a good majority of vehicles In GTA IV feel like you’re driving in the lead performance of Disney’s dumpsters on ice. The motorcycles seriously feel like Every time you try to get on one a bunch of dudes run up And they’re like no hold on a second. Uh, we gotta rub all of this butter all over your tires, okay, all right All right, you’re all buttered up You’re good to go. Drive away If you fucking can! not only do the vehicles lose traction super easily But it’s like the turning radius of all of the cars was just chopped in half Like you know those shitty ass video game steering wheels you could get back in the day for PS2 that only turned like 90 degrees both ways? Yeah. It’s like all the cars in here had Xzibit and his Pimp my Ride crew learn how to mod and then they went in and then They did it to all the cars and then Rockstar was like “Why’d you do that?”, and then they’re like “Oh it makes the driving better”, and then Rockstar was like “Okay, cool… Also, I love your verse in What’s the Difference… It’s tight… Five bank accounts, two ounces and two vehicles… fucking sweet” This joke has gone on way too long I mean the driving isn’t all bad though I still love the ridiculous physics when you launch off of jumps or just a fucking curb And I love that the vehicles actually take heavy damage from collisions in this game. Getting launched off of your bike head-on or bailing out of a flaming vehicle can still provide some of the series’ most entertaining moments But the car chases and the tight turns are a lot less fun when your car feels like a fucking bar of soap. I don’t know. I mean. I still love it in some ways, but I got to give this one to Nostalgia The third-person shooting cover system addition to Grand Theft Auto IV had young prepubescent Jakey popping boners all over the place. Driving a car into some bad shit hopping out taking cover behind my slick ass ice dumpster it all felt awesome While controlling Nico and doing all this is still adequate Nico’s movement and the animations can feel incredibly sluggish at times And this is only worsened when you’re trying to get in and out of cover. The ragdoll physics Still make shooting Dang-o-Tangs feel really solid and punchy though But swapping weapons is a lot more troublesome than I remember. Not only is having to use the D-Pad to swap weapons mid combat inconvenient as fuck because you’re taking your thumb off of the control stick, but Nico also really likes to take his time sometimes. Maybe I can’t give him shit though. I mean, I’m not hauling a bunch of rockets stuffed inside my fucking tracksuit. I don’t know, combat is still okay. We’ll give this one to TrueStalgia style Alright little hot boy, so this part along with the whole video is obviously incredibly subjective. If you absolutely love this story, I can’t and will never try to take that away from you. But, for me while the premise is still intriguing and the backstory of Nico can still be kind of compelling replaying this game at an older age exposed me to Rockstar’s biggest problem: They want to give you an open-world to raise hell But they got to give you their fucking movie-like story too. It’s like the open world and the missions are two separate games. Very seldom do they acknowledge each other in gameplay or dialogue. And it feels very restrictive compared to its potential. Far Cry 3 is a “far cry” from a perfect game, but at least the game tried a little bit to tie in your love for violence in the open-world into the narrative. Undertale is an even better example. A game where how you play dramatically affects character’s behavior towards you in the overall outcome of the story. Games can be more interesting than movies in their storytelling with their complex systems of choice and circumstance but the extreme linearity of the majority of Grand Theft Auto’s missions with stupid tailing missions and scripted chases and the boring combat encounters – it’s like, they just don’t really do it for me anymore. I think Niko is a fantastic idea for a character worth exploring But if Rockstar wants to tell his story like a movie, he deserves a better movie. My goal with this video, and I don’t know maybe this series of it if I do a fucking series on it, isn’t to just shit on highly reviewed games I remember loving but to just try and offer a fresh honest look at games that I remember loving but seldom revisit. Grand Theft Auto IV is far from a bad game, and I’ll still probably go back and have some fun in it But in my book it is far from a perfect 10 What do you think? Do you disagree? Explain why. Start a discussion with your friends. Question your favorite games. Always be a hot boy gamer girl Thank you for watching this video, and I just want to say another special Thanks to all the hot boys that have been supporting me on Patreon you’ve seriously Changed my life in a way that’s allowing me to continue to make these videos for me, but also for you. Um. Just yeah, I-I really mean it. Thank you. Also hot boy nation t-shirts are on the way still getting it figured out But expect them to come out next month fucking – if you’re on Patreon style all the Beats I’ve been using in my videos, gonna drop those in a couple days too, like the instrumentals for them, should be some tight sliz You know follow me on Twitter, follow me on Snapchat, follow me on Bebo, Myspace, Get at me on MSN. Okay. This has gone too long. Love you guys. See you next week

100 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto IV – True or Nostalgia?

  1. UPDATE: Months after uploading this video, I've realized I still play GTA IV more than V, and it is still my second favorite in the series next to Vice City. I was too busy trying to do a critical retrospective review that I forgot to actually talk about the things in it that I love so dearly. Yes the driving is ice blocks, yes it has its flaws, but I still prefer the world created in this game to to V's. This shit is True. Sustained, overruled.

  2. GTA IV needs a remaster more than any other Rockstar game honestly.
    It’s so great in so many ways but so overlooked cause of its few problems.
    Like for the remaster, fix up the graphics obviously so they look really good but still have the same intense color palette. Fix the driving a little bit so it’s not so buttery but still needs practice to master. Add a weapon wheel and make the cover system GTA V’s so it’s cleaner and nicer.

    Then a few fun bonuses they could do with a remaster is give Niko all the weapons from Balled of Gay Tony, make the height limit the one from Balled of Gay Tony, and give more clothes and things to do in the city, just like random stuff like fucking pinball, idk.
    Anyway that’s what I think. I really hope Rockstar does something like this

  3. Tbh pc version is better and the story is fine if you don’t play the open world as a psycho and try to get into Nikos shoes

  4. Brucy is my favorite side character, and I made a pastime of getting drunk with him damaging my car to point that it's on fire goosing it and bailing with him in the passenger seat. Just because his reaction and the text he sent me the next day would have to me on the floor laughing.

  5. I didn't play IV until a few years after release. I found the game to be incredibly depressing both in story and look. The only truly great thing about this game in my books is the radio station The Journey which is by far the best station in all of the games. The DLC was alright but I would have liked to see it as part of the main story similar to GTA V's multiple protagonists.

  6. I really love GTA 4, it's my favorite game of all time. I especially love the story i feel like it would be a great movie

  7. GTA V is fun and a great game.
    But GTA IV was a masterpiece. While it's true it wasn't perfect, it will for always be for me one of the best games of all times.
    Specially TLAD. For me, the best story ever told in GTA.

  8. Lol you choose all the crappy cars in your video! I would always be in one of the top cars, driving those was tight. Realistically dodging traffic is hella satisfying

  9. I have watched a lot of your videos regarding GTA and RDR. Rockstar in general. You just want them to let you create your own mission and your own way to do the mission and it just did not feel right.The gameplay to complete each mission will be very random and simply you can just complete any mission based on pure luck lets just say you have to kill that dude in a mission ok i will just kill him by put a bomb and run and this makes you neglect lets say the police chase, escape from the cops….etc you just can complete each mission in a minute

  10. I think niko is such a good character, and the supporting characters are memorable and fantastic. Hadn’t played it in years and revisited it recently, the atmosphere as well as the story are fantastic.

  11. I was just playing this yesterday and it was funny as fuck but the driving and gun switching was annoying over all i ain’t gna play it everyday once in a while

  12. Yeah but uh have you ever tried to drive as fast around as tight corners like that in Real Life?? If i hit a basic 90 degree right turn faster than 15 mph in The Real World things get fucking dicey. I think rickstart was trying to give you a more simulative experience with gameplay, less of a direct input type deal where the player is fully in control. I think responsiveness of controls is something we act like we have a right to. Maybe rockstar could have been more forthright with what I see as their intention, or maybe they didn’t understand what casual players feel like fun gameplay means. They certainly don’t have the foresight required to determine what modern day gamer standards are going to be.

  13. I think the driving for GTA IV is the only reason I never beat it back in the day… maybe I’ll try again if there’s a remastered

  14. It above all other games needs a remaster but not a shittty one like San Andreas more like a Modern Warfare one , this needs to fucking happen.

  15. Look how many people rated Ocarina of time on metacritic and look how many are rating today 🤷‍♂️ Mc from 20 years ago means shiiit

  16. I never enjoyed GTA 4 for it's story or gameplay. I played it for the graphics and to bail out of helicopters and motorbikes. I felt the shooting is better in V imo.

  17. The cover-system had never been that good in this game. They did it better before, like with Rainbow Six Vegas for example (even though that's a first person shooter, you went third person in cover for some fucking reason). – The engine for GTA IV was just not up to it. It's too clunky and they seemed to not be able to get some things right on a technical level.

  18. Hey.
    I really love this video. The idea of going through old games to see if time has taken a toll on it's quality is excellent and I would love to see you talk about other games.

  19. I pretty much agree with you. The driving was frustrating. Not the most fun, but doable. The missions were repetitive. Bounce from one boss to another. It messes with the story pace. In later rockstar games, they improved it in GTA V where each mission drives the story and character forward. And the problem with Niko's character. I was really mixed and confused whenever he has to make a choice to spare or kill targets. At that moment, you don't really have clarity of who Niko is. Luckily, this character problem seems to be resolve by RDR2.

    Games get old, but I believe that you can find something good in good games. GTA IV attention to details and world were great. Combat was panicky and intense. It also have replayability value up to a certain point.

  20. I never liked gta 4 i always prefered gta eflc over this one. Better vehicles, better weapons, better missions, better story and lots of side activities. plus more colorful graphics and it still holds up due to checkpoint saves and mission scores (TBoGT)

  21. wdym bro ?!?! Do You NoT Remeber Thier DLC's made All their Main stories cross Paths what did GTA V DO ?'$10000000' for a car '100000000000' for a building GTA IV CARED ABOUT GIVING US FUN while GTA V IS A GREEDY MOTHER!**#&$*$)#

  22. What the flailing fucko happened to this potential series? As good a concept as games that should bang. Ey yo NukeyJukeBoi, get back on this shit ya cutie

  23. Never experienced any issues whatsoever with driving in this game. Driving in IV, much like in real life, requires persistent practice in order to master. Each car has its own weight and feel, and responds incredibly well to collisions with the environment. Tight turns too much of an obstacle during car chases? I hate to put it to you like this, but you must be an amateur if you’re constantly slamming into walls when coming around hairpins and the like. It seems you were too preoccupied driving cabbies off of ramps into oncoming traffic to see the carnage instead of mastering the controls. Eat my shorts, you sod.

  24. I'm not a Rockstar fan by any means even though I played them all from GTAIv to Red dead 2. I love the serious tone IV had, and I also liked L.a Noire, I guess these games really hit me when they have more serious, marure content

  25. 4:53 That is just you holding your controller in a disadvantageous way lmao.

    I use my index fingers for the pads, keeping my thumbs on the sticks all the time.

  26. Braking. Thats how you handle in GTA IV. Use your brakes. They require discipline. Once you learn how to, turning becomes easy. This is exactly how cars are in real life. Most cars on the road are FWD AND handle like this by design. FWD causes more understeer, which is what you describe as "low turning radius". Braking in a FWD car alleviates this. Notice how the sports cars turn in quicker amd handle better. Because theyre RWD rather than FWD. Rockstar got vehicle handling perfect.

    And Of course if you drive the cavalcade (escalade), a 4500 pound luxury behemoth, poorly weight distributed car with soft suspension and no thought put into the handling, full throttle like a maniac, of course its gonna handle poorly without traction, understeering a lot. A car like that isnt made to handle well, especially at high speeds.

  27. I recently finished a play through of GTA 4 just the other day. The story is just as dark and just as good as I remember it being. About how your past can always come back to haunt you. About how hard it can be for an immigrant to make an honest living in the US. How revenge often isnt the best choice to pursue. How the American dream is, in reality nothing more than just that; a dream. The charecter development, dialouge and story overall remains to be some of Rockstars best. They knew how to make someone likeable, like Packie. They knew how to make someone you truly hated, such as Vlad and Dimitri. The open world remains to be one of the most dense I've ever played. The attention to detail was truly remarkable. You could buy food at hotdog stands, go in so many buildings, take a helicopter tour of the city and even hang out with some of the friends you made in the game by going bowling or for a boat ride. There were car dealerships, police work side activities, and strangers and freaks to meet who gave actual interesting side missions. The radiostations and TV shows are still halarious and satirical. GTA IV was one of my favorite videogames growing up and I'm happy to say that to me, it has stood the test of time. 11 years later, GTA 4 is still a 10.

  28. I played gta iv's story all the way through over 10 times. (I was obsessed). During my first run, o was a terrible driver. I would fail most chases or lose races to my frustration.
    But then I got really used to the driving physics that I learned to master it. I knew exactly how to make turns work, do U turns, knew how long it would take for the car to stand still when braking. It became all too easy.

    Then GTAV rolled along and at first I thought the driving was shit, I was trying to do it the gta iv way, but that wouldnt work. I had to completely unlearn GTA iv and adjust to V.
    Then very recently i tried to play IV again, for the first time in 6 or 7 years. And I thought the driving absolute shite. I didnt have the touch anymore, and it ruined the experience. So I stopped playing.

    I fuckin love gta iv. But it will have to live in my memory, because I will never go back.

  29. I still prefer GTA San Andreas to 4 and 5. 5 is pretty enjoyable to me and I like it much better than 4 because there's so much more to do. You kinda got bored of 4 with it's limited things if you grinded the game like me. I still love the physics and details of 4 more than 5, but none of them capture the magic of San Andreas. I really loved the DLCs though. TBoGT and TLaD were frickin amazing! Loved the concept of being in a biker gang and a nightclub mafia member.

    In terms of story, I feel San Andreas is the most dramatic and gripping, 5 is a happy type of story, where nothing can and did go wrong. 4 was the most tragic in every one of the 3 playable games. TLaD ends in an anti-climactic manner. Niko's story was definitely sad. TBoGT was still fine.

  30. I find GTA IV very climatic. Just the whole idea of the story, the graphics (dark, realistic, driving) it makes it stunning. You know why I'd always put GTA SA, GTA VC, GTA IV higher than GTA V? Exactly because of the climate it's got. When I played GTA SA, I felt like Grove Street is my neighborhood, when I played Vice City I felt the climate of the 80s, I loved the sunny graphics etc., when I played GTA IV I felt like Liberty City is the place where I want to live, but when I played GTA V I felt like it's just got interesting storyline, brilliant characters, but I didn't quite feel like in the previous games. I didn't feel that climate, the game didn't put me in this mood. In my case, it's all about the atmosphere.
    My ranking of GTA games I've played:
    1. GTA VC
    2. GTA IV (including both DLCs)
    3. GTA SA (excluding MTA, cause' I've played hundreds of hours in this, but I'm talking about only single players)
    4. GTA V
    5. GTA III

  31. This game was the first game i actually meet a long-time friend.

    We both got thrown into the same modded lobby (at the time we didn't know each other) Some dude chased us around with a police heli, throwing us at the speed of light with the rotor blade. Or the time one found out that swing "Bug, feature, glitch?" Playing that late-night TDM with some strangers yelling over that Xbox live VOIP.

    After all those late nights, hard times me and the guy became extremely good friends.
    I have now known him for 10 years, he comes over from The Netherlands to Sweden two or three times, i love him as a brother i never had. Hell.. 2020 we're going on a road trip from Sweden to Portugal just for the fun of it (and meeting our other weird WorldWideWeb friends)

    This is a game I always will love.

  32. This game will always have a special place in my heart. Alderney is based off of upper New Jersey, and the police uniforms are almost identical to NJ State Police, with the triangle patch and matching colors. I play this game around fall and winter as it seems to take place with colder weather, given the many jacket/sweaters Niko has access to. The atmosphere is sold for a New Jerseyian like me.

    The driving felt like a SKILL, I repeat, it was a skill to drive in this game and once you got it down to a science, you felt accomplished racing people and turning those corners and dodging the cops like a pro.

    For it's time, the gun play was amazing compared to its previous installments. Shooting someone in the head was gritty and grotesque as fuck, and it fit in with the concrete jungle atmosphere perfectly.

    Can someone say interiors? Because I remember there being a lot more of those than gta 5. Hospital shootouts when I got out from getting wasted by the cops, and wanted to get my revenge against the LCPD

    Fist fights had great physics compared to V. Seriously there was no unconscious state for npcs, ever try kicking someone sitting down or on a bench in V? They AUTOMATICALLY DIED. So fucking disappointing and immersion breaking.

    The push ability meant you could send peds tumbling down stairs. Try that next if you haven't. That's a must. Throw a phone or soda can at someone and start shit. You could even climb up silos when being chased by police and then climb down while their climbing and send them falling to their deaths.
    You may hate the driving but sending a 4 door sedan flying into the air with a big hummer never got old.

    Swing set glitch anyone?

    If you forgave all its faults, there were some hidden gems of fun in there once you looked deep enough.

    For the argument that the story felt different from the gameplay, I played Niko as an asshole, and an asshole driver, not necessarily as a full on psycho path. I wasnt trying to harm or maim every ped I saw, and my driving got good enough to the point where I wasnt hitting cars and peds often. So again, I think it comes down to the play style of the player. My Niko wasnt tossing grenades into the hospital, he was mostly just battling gang members on the streets and cops, and mostly leaving civilians alone unless someone else made it justifiable.

  33. I remember back in 2009-10 everyone was asking for a new gta game already. They thought gta IV was boring even with the dlc. I enjoyed bogt but I won’t forget the community at that time. That shit is nostalgia fam

  34. I will never forget playing online without a mic and having a homie pull up honking!! He then proceeded to show me the swing set glitch… big ups homie

  35. No dude, this game is a fucking classic. I just popped it in after many years and wow. Driving is so fun and the way people act and the ragdoll physics will just never not be funny

  36. Still shits all over V to this day. Even the online was better, just fucking around on the airport was the best shit. Grinded my way all the way to rank 10 back then. Man, I miss being a kid and playing this shit.

  37. i actually loved the driving mechanics in gta 4 (tbogt greatly improved the handling though especially on bikes) and felt they really dumbed down it in gta 5, i understand why they needed to make it more arcade-like to fit in with the online and make it more streamlined but i still hated it. gta 4 era driving is really easy you just gotta make use of the hand break and turning is easy as hell

  38. saints row is a good example of tying in the narrative to how you act in the game, they literally make you the most badass killing machine in the cutscenes which i really appreciated because it kept things consistent. i always hated how in gta sa the whole reason tenpenny is on your ass is because he framed you for killing a police officer, then you go into free roam and kill enough cops to get 6 star wanted level and just go through a pay and spray and come out no problem, felt super fucking disconnected from the story

  39. After replaying both GTA V and GTA IV recently I really do enjoy and prefer GTA V more. It has more to offer and has a pretty diverse mission list. GTA IV isn’t bad, I’ll always love it from my childhood but most of the missions are: follow that vehicle, drive from this place to this place, or drive and kill. While GTA V does have plenty of missions like this the deeper you get into the game the more varied the missions become. GTA V has about 40 incredibly unique missions, while GTA IV only has about 15 or so. GTA IV kind of took a step down with customization. GTA V offered stat variation, special skills, haircuts and beards. Not to mention the dozens of clothing items for each character. While I love GTA IV, GTA V clearly wins for me.

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