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Last month, we here at Suggestive Gaming took
a look at the notorious Grand Theft Auto 3D Universe timeline. Today, we’re going to take a look at both
the HD Universe, containing all of the games after and including Grand Theft Auto IV, as
well as the 2D Universe, containing all of the games released prior to Grand Theft Auto
3. So strap in, because we’ve got a lot to
cover! Note that we will not be covering Grand Theft
Auto: Online, the multiplayer expansion to Grand Theft Auto V, due to its ambiguous placement
in the timeline stemming from its ever-evolving nature. We might cover its story in a standalone video
in the future, once Rockstar is finished with it. Now before we begin, we do ask, if you enjoy
our timeline videos, that you consider supporting us on Patreon. Suggestive Gaming is only a team of two, and
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and cover in this series, among other perks. With all of that out of the way, this is What
You Need to Know about Grand Theft Auto…Part 2. Our story briefly begins in 2004 in the midwest
city of Ludendorff, North Yankton. There, three men named Michael Townley, Trevor
Phillips, and Brad Snider, are robbing a Bobcat Security money storage facility. Michael and Trevor blow open the vault and
steal the cash, and the trio escape the facility while being flocked by local law enforcement. They are able to reach their getaway driver’s
vehicle, but he is shot by pursuing police. Michael is able to take the wheel and take
the three towards a helicopter parked for their escape. However, after avoiding a police roadblock,
Michael is forced to cross a train track, nearly missing an oncoming train that hits
the car into a nearby tree. Escaping on foot, the men make their way through
a town, until FIB agent Dave Norton shoots Brad in the head, killing him. Norton also shoots at Michael, who falls to
the ground. After a short battle with the police, Trevor
is convinced by Michael to abandon them to save himself. He then escapes into the fields, with police
still in tow. Later, at a nearby cemetery, a funeral is
held for Michael, with agent Norton in attendance. However, in the distance, Michael watches
the funeral himself, having struck a deal with Norton to fake his death at the agent’s’
hands to kick start his career in exchange for government protection for Michael and
his Family. Four years later, in 2008, we meet former
Yugoslav Army soldier and human trafficker Niko Bellic, who is coming to America by sea. Seeking a better life, escape from his former
employer, and finding a fellow soldier who double-crossed his squad ten years ago, Niko
meets with his cousin Roman in Liberty City. However, once in the city, Niko finds that
his cousin had been overselling his “lavish” lifestyle. Regardless, he begins to work with Roman for
his taxi service, eventually meeting Roman’s girlfriend Mallorie, who introduces Niko to
a girl named Michelle, whom he begins to date. While working for Roman, Niko begins to make
contacts within the Liberty City organized crime syndicate. First, he begins working for Little Jacob,
the head of the Jamaican Mafia, who he establishes a friendship with. Shortly after, he begins working for Vladimir
Glebov, a mafioso under Russian mob boss Mikhail Faustin, who tasks Niko with killing an associate
of his named Ivan. At this point, Niko can decide to either kill
or spare Ivan; either way, shortly after, Vlad reveals that he had been sleeping with
Roman’s girlfriend, Mallorie, which angers Niko, causing him to kill Vlad. Meanwhile, Billy Grey, President of the Lost
Motorcycle club, is released from rehab and rejoins his Brotherhood. The Lost’s Vice President, Johnny Klebitz,
had established a truce with the gang’s rivals, the Angels of Death, by giving them
Billy’s motorcycle as a peace offering after his arrest. Billy orders Johnny and the Lost to steal
his bike back, killing members of the Angels in the process, ending the truce and igniting
a war. Elsewhere, Niko has started taking jobs from
Faustin, usually involving killing one of Faustin’s many rivals. One of these targets is his daughter’s boyfriend,
Jason Michaels, a recently patched-in member of The Lost. Billy convinces Johnny that the Angels were
behind Jason’s death, leading the Lost to storm their clubhouse, kill all the members
there, and steal the heroin they were holding inside. On the orders of Faustin, Niko kills Lenny
Petrovic, the son of Kenny Petrovic (Liberty City’s most powerful Russian mobster). Another Russian, Dimitri Rascalov, meets with
Niko to inform him that Petrovic will do everything in his power to kill him unless he kills Faustin
to avenge his son’s death. Dimitri sweetens the pot with a cash reward,
and Niko complies by finding and murdering Faustin. However, when he arrives to collect his reward
from Dimitri, he is betrayed by Dimitri and handed over to Ray Bulgarin, Niko’s former
employer in human trafficking, whom Niko escaped after a failed assignment that lost Ray a
fair amount. Niko is able to escape this ambush with help
from Little Jacob, but Dimitri and Ray pursue Niko, burning down Roman’s apartment and
taxi business, forcing the cousins to move to the Bohan borough and begin working for
drug dealer Elizabeta Torres. Elizabeta introduces Niko to Johnny, who is
trying to sell the heroin stolen from the Angels of Death. Having found some buyers for the heroin, Elizabeta
sends Johnny, Niko, and crack dealer Playboy X to a run-down apartment complex to perform
the deal. Once there, however, Johnny recognizes some
odd behavior from the buyers and tries to call it off. One buyer then pulls a gun and reveals himself
to be an undercover LCPD officer. The trio are able to escape the sting, and
Johnny takes the drugs back to the Lost. Through Elizabeta, Niko meets Packie McReary,
and the two, along with McReary’s men, rob the Bank of Liberty. During the robbery, one hostage, Eugene Reaper,
confers with a fellow hostage, Luis Lopez to attack the robbers and foil their plan. Despite Luis telling him it was a bad idea,
Eugene pulls a concealed gun and kills one of Packie’s men, causing Packie to shoot
and kill Eugene. Niko and Packie’s men escape through a subway
station and make out with $1,000,000. Meanwhile, Billy arranges a deal with the
Triads, who were the original owners of the heroin stolen by the Angels, to set up and
“take care” of Johnny, whom he deems disloyal. Another Lost Brother, Jim Fitzgerald learns
of the heroin’s original owner, and Billy “arranges” a new deal to sell it back
to them, sending Jim and Johnny to meet with the Triads. However, once there, the Triads ambush the
two, but they are able to escape, only to find Billy surrounded by police outside. Billy loudly accuses Johnny of setting him
up in order to take over as president. This causes the Lost to split into two groups,
one led by Johnny and another led by Brian Jeremy who remains loyal to Billy. A civil war erupts between the two factions,
leading Johnny to track down and kill Brian. Later, Johnny has to rescue his ex-girlfriend,
Ashley Butler, from a group of drug addicts, and afterwards, she explains that she owes
money to Dimitri. Dimitri’s men order Johnny to kidnap Roman
Bellic in exchange for them sparing Ashley’s life. Johnny kidnaps Roman and delivers him to an
abandoned factory. Niko is informed of the kidnapping by Mallorie
and he makes his way to the factory. After a shootout with the Russian Mafia, he
is able to save Roman, furthering the rivalry between himself and Dimitri. Later, Niko is called by Playboy X and asked
to kill former business partner and friend Dwayne Forge, whom Niko had been helping to
rebuild his life after prison. After leaving, Dwayne calls Niko and asks
him the same: to kill Playboy X. Depending on where his allegiance lies, Niko can choose
which man to kill. Elsewhere, Johnny meets Ray Boccino, an Italian
mobster, through Ashley. Ray informs Johnny of a deal at the docks
in which nightclub owner Tony Prince (along with his bodyguard Luis Lopez, and boyfriend
Evan Moss) will be buying $2 million worth of diamonds that were stolen from Niko’s
former employer, Ray Bulgarin. Johnny and the Lost ambush the deal, killing
Evan and acquiring the diamonds. Luis is able to save Tony, who decides to
turn his life around, first by quitting drugs and paying back his debt to Mori Kibbutz (whose
brother, Brucie, is a friend and business partner of Niko’s). Luis is able to work for Mori and eventually
pay off the debt. Tony’s sobriety is short-lived however,
as he is gotten back on drugs by his close friend Gracie, daughter of mob boss Giovanni
Ancelotti. Coincidentally, Niko is tasked by Packie to
kidnap Gracie, who they hold for ransom. Meanwhile, Johnny stashes the diamonds in
garbage bags which are later collected by Niko to be taken care of until a buyer is
found. Eventually Boccino strikes a deal with the
Jewish Mob to exchange the diamonds for cash at the Libertonian museum. Tony learns of the deal, and sends Luis to
ambush it, hoping to retrieve the diamonds in order to exchange them for Gracie’s return. At the deal, Luis guns down one of the Jewish
Mobsters and retrieves the diamonds. Johnny, meanwhile, grabs the money and runs,
planning to keep it for the Lost. Niko escapes, but empty-handed. Boccino becomes enraged at Johnny’s betrayal
and kidnaps him and Jim, but they are able to escape. However, Johnny later learns from Ashley that
Jim was killed by Niko. Johnny plans to attack Ray as revenge, but
learns that Billy has agreed to testify against the Lost as part of a plea deal. Johnny and the remainder of the Lost storm
the prison, getting inside and finding Billy. Johnny finally kills him before returning
to the clubhouse, burning it down to finally close this chapter of the Lost to start anew
somewhere else. Now with the diamonds, Luis receives a phone
call from Ray Bulgarin, who leads him to a rooftop with a box. Inside the box, Luis finds the head of the
cook that stole the diamonds from Ray, who tells Luis that the diamonds belong to him. Shortly after, Ray’s men ambush Luis, but
he is able to escape. Meanwhile, Niko is able to find the two men
he suspects betrayed his squad ten years ago, Florian Cravic, and Darko Brevic. Florian informs him that it was Darko that
sold out the squad, to feed his heroin addiction. Niko learns that his girlfriend, Michelle,
is actually an undercover Internal Affairs agent named Karen Daniels. After working for their front company, United
Liberty Paper, Karen helps Niko find Darko, whom he can once again kill or spare. Giovanni Ancelotti orders Luis and Tony to
trade the diamonds with Gracie’s kidnappers, but during the deal, Ray Bulgarin shows up
with his men, who attack Niko and Packie. During the commotion, Ray is able to escape,
and Luis, Tony, and Gracie leave in a speedboat. Niko and Packie find the diamonds with one
of Ray’s men, who throws them into a nearby dump truck, losing them once again. Later, Niko is contacted by mob boss Jimmy
Pegorino, who asks him to conduct a heroin deal with Dimitri, which he will pay Niko
$250,000 to do. Niko is reluctant to do so, however, due to
his animosity with Dimitri. Here, one of two chains of events can transpire,
based on Niko’s decision. If Niko takes the deal, he drives to the meeting
place but discovers that Rascalov has killed the people they were supposed to meet with. Niko then steals the money and escapes, vowing
to kill Dimitri later, but uses the money to leave the crime business. Later, Roman is preparing to marry Mallorie,
and at the wedding, one of Dimitri’s men arrives to assassinate Niko. Niko is able to thwart the attempt, but the
gunman is able to fire off a shot, which hits Roman, killing him. Niko kills the gunman then sets off with Jacob
to find Dimitri. Once they find him, Niko witnesses Dimitri
kill Pegorino before giving chase. After a long pursuit, Niko corners Dimitri
on Happiness Island, and kills him under the Statue of Happiness. Later, Mallorie calls Niko to inform him that
she is pregnant with Roman’s child, who Niko vows to take care of, ending this path
of the story. Alternatively, if Niko chooses not to conduct
the deal, and instead go after Dimitri immediately, he finds him at the docks, unloading the heroin. Niko kills Dimitri inside the ship’s cargo
hold, then leaves the ship and informs Roman. The day of the wedding, Niko arrives with
Kate McCreary, Packie’s sister and his date. Afterwards, Jimmy Pegorino, angry at Niko’s
betrayal, drives past, shooting at the crowd outside the chapel, hitting Kate, killing
her. Following this, Roman, Niko, and Jacob set
off to find Jimmy. Following a lengthy chase, this time with
Jimmy, Niko ends up at Happiness Island and kills Pegorino. Once again, Niko is informed that Mallorie
is pregnant, and Roman vows that if the baby is a girl, they will name her in Kate’s
memory. Regardless of which decision Niko makes, elsewhere,
Tony’s clubs are closed after he forgets to pay his debts due to the other events at
hand. Luis is summoned by debt collector Rocco Pelosi,
who informs Luis that the Ancelotti’s have made a truce with Ray Bulgarin and blame Tony
and Luis for all of the mishaps with the diamonds. Rocco offers to spare Luis, and his family,
as long as he personally kills Tony. Later, at one of Tony’s clubs, Rocco and
his Uncle Vince arrive, and although Luis initially points his gun towards Tony, he
changes his target quickly and shoots Vince in the head. He then threatens Rocco, but Tony stops him,
claiming that Pelosi is a “made man”. Tony and Luis then head off to ambush one
of Bulgarin’s heroin deals. There, Luis kills Bulgarin’s bodyguard,
who informs him that Ray will be leaving the city by plane shortly. Luis drives to the airport and jumps onto
the plane while it lifts off. Inside, he kills Ray’s henchmen, and finally
confronts him. Ray pulls out a grenade, warning Luis that
if he shoots him, the grenade will detonate, killing them both. Luis takes the risk and shoots him, jumping
out of the plane while it explodes, and parachuting back to the city below. Later, Luis meets Tony at a park, where the
two decide to continue running the club together. As he leaves, Luis bumps into a homeless man
named Jerry Kapowitz, who falls into a pile of trash. Luis helps Jerry up, but after Luis leaves,
Jerry notices the diamonds laying amongst the trash. He then takes them and runs off, planning
to use the money to move to Vice City to open a gun and liquor store. One year later, in 2009, we meet Huang Lee,
the son of a Triad boss who was recently murdered. Huang is tasked to fly to Liberty City to
deliver a sword named Yu Jian, won by his father in a poker game, to the new patriarch
of the family, Huang’s Uncle Wu, also known as Kenny. After touching down, however, Huang is ambushed
and shot. Believing him to be dead, his assailants take
the sword and dump Huang’s body in the water. Huang wakes up and escapes the car, and rushes
to inform Kenny that the sword had been taken. This frustrates Kenny, who had planned to
offer up the sword to Hsin Jaoming, the triad boss in Liberty City, in order to secure his
position as his successor. Huang begins to work for several triad members
in order to keep Kenny’s business running, as well as working towards finding the sword. However, after a deal gone wrong, Huang is
confronted by crooked LCPD undercover detective Wade Heston, who offers to help Huang find
the sword as long as he can get a good bust to help boost his failing reputation. After investigating a Korean gang, Heston
plants a bug and learns that a splinter group, called the Wonsu Nodong’s leader is a police
informant who was responsible for the sword’s theft. The Triads threaten to kill Huang after suspecting
him to be the informant, but Kenny arrives and convinces Hsin to give them time to find
the real rat. After working with the Angels of Death, the
Korean Mob, and the mafia, Huang gets no closer to finding the identity of the informant. He then works with Heston to hack into the
FIB servers, which reveals two names: Triad member Zhou Ming, and Hsin’s son Chan Jaoming. Disgraced that his own son had turned on the
Triads, Hsin steps down as their leader, appointing Kenny in his place. Huang then sets off and kills both suspected
informants, despite them both claiming their innocence until their final breaths. Shortly after, Heston informs Huang that the
data they received was actually incorrect, and tells him that he has learned of a meeting
involving the leader of the Wonsu and real informant. Once arriving at the meeting, Huang is shocked
to find that the leader, and man responsible for his father’s death and theft of Yu Jian,
was none other than Kenny. After a chase, Kenny is cornered by Heston
and Huang at Hsin’s residence, and reveals that Hsin asked Kenny to retrieve the sword,
offering his position as leader of the Triads in return. Knowing that he would have to kill his own
brother to get the sword, Kenny set up an elaborate plan to do so and subsequently frame
the theft of the sword on the two other Triad members. Kenny finally gives Hsin the sword, but he
does so by stabbing him with it. Huang finally engages his uncle in battle,
and eventually emerges victorious, successfully avenging his father’s death. Afterwards, the FIB and Internal Affairs show
up to arrest Huang and Heston, but Heston reveals to them that he had been deep undercover,
and the bust is his. Hsin, impressed with Huang’s loyalty, entrusts
him with being the leader of the Triads before he is arrested. Heston then orders the FIB to arrest everyone
in the building, except for Huang, who he refers to as a “good kid”. Four years later, in 2013, we meet Franklin
Clinton, living in the San Andreas city of Los Santos. Franklin and his friend Lamar Davis work for
Simeon Yetarian as repossession agents who take cars back after their owners default
on their payments. Eventually, Franklin is tasked with retrieving
a car sold to Jimmy De Santa. He sneaks into the De Santa’s home and steals
the car back, but on his way back to the dealership, he is held at gunpoint by Jimmy’s father,
Michael Townley, now going by the name De Santa after being relocated by Agent Norton. Michael forces Franklin to drive the car through
the dealership showroom, and afterwards becomes friendly with him when the two bond over their
criminal dealings. After witnessing his wife having an affair
with her tennis coach, Michael and Franklin chase him to a house in the hills. Enraged, Michael tears down the supports to
the house, destroying it. As he later finds out, however, the house
was far too extravagant to belong to a tennis coach, and the true owner, Mexican drug lord
Martin Madrazo, arrives at Michael’s house to demand restitution. In order to raise the money needed to repay
Martin, Michael returns to his old criminal ways, enlisting Franklin and his old friend
and accomplice, hacker Lester Crest. The three hatch a plan and assemble a crew
to rob a jewelry store. Meanwhile, Trevor is still alive, now living
in Blaine County, where he witnesses a news report about the nearby robbery. After realizing it was Michael’s handiwork,
Trevor comes to the conclusion that he must still be alive. Shortly after, Johnny Klebitz arrives and
confronts Trevor for sleeping with Ashley, whom he reunited with and took to San Andreas
before they both went back to using drugs. After Johnny pushes him over the edge, Trevor
throws him to the ground and stomps his head, killing him. Knowing the Lost will come after him for their
leader’s death, Trevor decides to take them out and take over their meth business. He and his partner Ron Jakowski, take care
of this, while another man, Wade Hebert, is sent to find Michael. Trevor then decides to start a partnership
with the Traids, but they instead go with his rivals, the O’Neil brothers. This enrages Trevor, who kills most of the
O’Neils, and destroys their house, ending their business. Afterwards, Trevor receives word back from
Wade, and they head down to Los Santos to confront Michael. Michael is initially scared for his family’s
safety when Trevor arrives, but the two quickly begin to work together to stop Michael’s
daughter from appearing on an embarrassing reality show. Setting aside their differences, Michael and
Trevor work together with Franklin to commit various robberies for financial gain, as well
as tasks for FIB agents Dave Norton, Steve Haines, and Andreas Sanchez to prevent their
arrests. The FIB’s main motivation is to undermine
Internal Affairs, including Niko’s former girlfriend Karen Daniels. All the while, the three main players’ individual
lifes start to spiral out of control. Michael’s homicidal tendencies cause his
family to leave, Franklin is forced to rescue Lamar from a rival gang, and Trevor falls
in love with and kidnaps Martin Madrazo’s wife Patricia. Eventually, Trevor is able to piece together
the truth of what happened in North Yankton in 2004, and he flies back there, with Michael
in pursuit, to dig up Michael’s grave, finding Brad’s body in its place. Trevor, having been tricked to believe Brad
was still alive by the FIB, leaves Michael to be captured by the Triads. Franklin is able to rescue Michael, and the
two are then tasked by Agent Haines to infiltrate the FIB building and delete incriminating
evidence they held on him. They do this, and take the opportunity to
delete information held on the trio as well. During the debriefing with Michael however,
chaos ensues, as Sanchez is revealed to be working for a rival agency led by United Liberty
Paper. Hains kills Sanchez, and Michael narrowly
escapes with the help of Trevor, who claims that if anybody is going to kill Michael,
it’s going to be him. The trio, along with Lester, plan one last
score: robbing the Union Depository. They succeed in robbing over $200 million
worth of gold before splitting ways for good. However, very shortly after, Franklin is approached
by Haines and Norton who tell him to kill Trevor, as well as billionaire Devin Weston,
who wants him to kill Michael in retaliation for double crossing him over the course of
the events prior. This leaves Franklin with three choices: kill
Trevor, kill Michael, or save them both in an apparent suicide mission. If Franklin decides to kill Trevor, he and
Michael chase him down before he crashes into an oil tank, which Franklin ignites, burning
him to death. Franklin then ceases contact with Michael
and returns to his former life. If Franklin decides to kill Michael, the two
drive to a secluded spot where Franklin chases Michael up a water tower. Although he pleads with Franklin, claiming
he was like a son to him, Michael is eventually pushed off the tower and falls to his death. Franklin then leaves to return to his former
life. If Franklin chooses the third option, he saves
both Michael and Trevor, and the three collectively put aside any differences and work together,
splitting up to eliminate their various adversaries. Michael kills Franklin’s rival gang member
Stretch, Franklin kills Triad boss Wei Cheng, and Trevor kills Steve Haines, later heading
to Devin Weston’s home. There, he kidnaps Weston and puts him in the
trunk of his car. He drives the car to a meetup spot, where
Franklin and Michael join him. They then push the car into the ocean, killing
their final rival together. Trevor and Michael settle their differences,
and the three men agree to stay friends, but decide to stop working together. As the three separate, we see the end of the
Grand Theft Auto HD Storyline…at least for now. Now while we are done covering the 3D Universe,
and the HD Universe, you may be wondering about some of the older GTA games. Due to their nature, we don’t really have
much to cover, but for completion’s sake, let’s take a look back, way back, at the
Grand Theft Auto 2D Universe. Starting in London, in 1961, we meet a criminal
working for the London Mob. The player works with Harold Cartwright to
wipe out rival gangs and build up his own gang’s reputation. Eight years later, Cartwright’s gang is
still going strong, despite several events with secret agents and international terrorists. Eventually, the player is tasked with killing
Cartwright for the firm. The firm then leads the player to the Crisp
twins, London’s biggest kingpins, whom the player kills to take over the London crime
syndicate. Nearly thirty years later, in 1997, we meet
a new criminal in Liberty city, working for Bubby Seragliano. After several jobs, Bubby claims there’s
too much heat on the player, and sends him to San Andreas. There, the player works for Uncle Fu and helps
him build up his crime syndicate. Later, the player works for El Burro before
being sent to Vice City. There, the player is called by a police officer
named Samuel Deever whom they are forced to work for before meeting Brother Marcus, whom
again, the player works for and pleases. Things get a little hard to cover here… In either 1999 or 2013 depending on who you
believe, we meet a criminal named Claude Speed in “Anywhere City”. There, he completes several missions for various
gangs to build up his reputation in the city. And with that, we’ve covered every Grand
Theft Auto game, besides Online (which hopefully we’ll get to in the future). If you enjoyed this trip through GTA, then
you better subscribe to Suggestive Gaming, follow us on Twitch, and leave a like on this
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    Another for Trevor how he build his business in Sandy shores after 2004 till 2013 and his clashes with Lost MC,Aztecas and other gangs.
    The base game just revolves around Michael story and other 2 characters don't get too much development imo.

  13. So if I choose deathwish Frank doesn't die and they split up? It's a stupid question but I have a hard time understanding things

  14. Ok to be clear
    I gonna play GTA 5 first mission in north yaknton after that I play GTA 4 + episode from liberty city and the I continue play GTA 5 mission
    Simple as that

  15. For an open world game…. Where I use to play for whatever the fuck I went …. When I grow older the story is quite complex… Well according to me… Cause when I was a kid, I was too busy having fun shooting cops in gta San Andreas

  16. GTA IV is my all time favorite GTA game, the story line was really great especially having 3 different stories but all connected in a way!!! GTA IV had better features than gta 5 from design, hobbies, vehicles, and so much more but gta 5 is still great too. Cant wait to see what the next GTA game brings us hopeful in 2020

  17. I Feel Like The Older Gta's Were More Dramatic And Heart And Soul Wrecking The New Ones Are Ok But I Wish It Made Me Cry The San Andreas Did.

  18. Damn I canโ€™t wait for the next gta after seeing what rockstar did with RDR2 I canโ€™t even imagine what they can cook up next ๐Ÿ”ฅ they never disappoint man

  19. played gta 4 and the dlcs never knew all 3 were tied together and deathwish is in my opinion the true and only ending fit for gta 5

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