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Beep! Beep! Woah! Shit! Ok? I’m all good. Sure your ok now? Alright. Are you alright? Yeah I’m good. I’m good. I’m so sorry. Your alright. I thought you where going. Yeah. Nah I’m good. Nah I’m fine I’m sorry.
No, you’re alright. Cheers!

100 thoughts on “Hectic Road Bike Crashes | Motorcycle Accidents & Fails [E.P #06]

  1. Any one dead? No.
    Have you got pictures of the crash? Yes.

    Well then pick your stupid bike off the road so it's not leaking fluids all over the road for the next bike to slip on, then move your shit bike and the other shit car off to the side of the road out of the way of everyone else and exchange your details.
    Fucking sick of idiots holding up traffic for little fender benders.

  2. I notice that nearly every guy who comes off on the corners (where you can see it of course) doesnt seem to be sitting on the bike properly. When you corner at speed you drop at least one butt cheek off the inside of the corner, countersteer and look at the END of the corner

  3. Every one of these people are idiots! No looking out for unexpected situations….. because they never happen. Use the back brake because it's the only one on your bike. WTF is wrong with you people?

  4. Hello…im from indonesia
    I like this channel and I'm proud of the Indonesian video blog uploaded here..love this channel

  5. The guys who ride like suicidal idiots are either dressed in full leathers, or dressed in shorts t-shits and sneakers lol

  6. 90% der Unfälle sind einfach nur die komplette Dummheit der fahrer… einfach nur dummheit und 0 Mitleid verdient… selber schuld

  7. 5:39 ok so someone gets hit by car at 90 miles per hour, 2 cops, and one medic. Someone runs in the back of u there 9 firemen

    What the fuck!?

  8. 7:10 yeah I don’t know if he’s ever ridden a bike but you can’t ride them on grass that’s why is called a road bike not a all-terrain bike 🙃

  9. Did anyone else get annoyed that the Australian lass that rear ended the bike says he has to get it checked even though she knows nothing about bike and looking at the size of her never will get on one and the biker know his own bike and can give a test ride and hell instantly know if anything is wrong. End of rant thanks for reading.

  10. First clip was nasty. I had a mate who had a head on collision with a car and the collision pushed both his testicles up inside him to the point they had to operate to get them out again, and i'm wondering if this guy had something similar.

  11. Watch the 1st clip at 0.25X speed. Even when he finally notices the hazard he fumbles his right foot and misses the rear brake, fumbles his right hand and misses the front brake, and is still keeping the throttle open as he hits. As another poster said, if you get literally everything wrong then you have no business being on a bike.

  12. 2:04 dude needs to stay tf off 2 wheels. Laughing it off like he didn’t almost die, I get it. That’s a good way to pass awkwardness, but that’s really what he deserved for that kinda move. Hate riders like that.

  13. 3:42 partially the riders fault. First of all, riding the clutch like that 😫😫.. second of all, he definitely should have gone. Third, why the fuck would you just leave your bike laying down??? It’s a 250 for fuck sake, that things light as fuck. Fourth, what a pussy… turned what could have taken 2 minutes, into probably half an hour to an hour. You have the footage, all you need to do is get the insurance, and be on your way. No cops need to be involved what’s so ever. The lady was hella chill, did he really think she was gonna try and scam him? I watch these videos all the time to keep myself fully aware of what can happen while riding. But 60% of these videos are just riders not knowing how to ride. Makes me feel better about myself, but I’d like to see more vids of cars being involved so I can look out for certain scenarios

  14. @9:05 sees the road is wet with something and goes into the corner like he's on a dry track. Don't feel the least bit sorry for him.

  15. When I see Americans riding in gloves as useful as latex & shorts and they come off I don’t think “are they okay” I just think; douche bag. 🤦‍♂️

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