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rev up your engines machinist said
when did GM make good cars a long time ago I learned to drive on a Chevy
Biscayne had a big v8 engine man that was a well-built vehicle yeah it wasn’t
that great on gas but gas back then was thirty five cents a gallon so people
didn’t care all that much and it was a solid reliable vehicle then in the 70s I
started getting weaker and then in the 80s they started making junk and in
since then they’ve gone down even further but back in the day and way back
in my grandfather’s day yeah they made great vehicles but times are changing
they didn’t file with the times they just started making things cheaper and
cheaper that’s the way the cookie crumbles if you’re a big corporation
then you end up not caring about your customers anymore look at the thing they
had with the ignition switch they lied about they had problems they even
changed the part number to make it look like it was a different one I mean any
company that does that’s just saying they don’t care about you we’re working
access 2010 Tahoe PPV good choice no bad choice it’s a ten year old GM and they
fall apart now I have customers that have bought those because they wanted a vehicle had a lot of space inside which it does have but then every single one
of them said oh it was always breaking the transmission would go out the
electronics would go out they’re not very well made vehicles and they’re big
they hold a lot of people but over time they’re not dependable and that one’s
ten years old now cuz the 2020 models are out don’t buy it unless you get a
dirt cheap and it’s got less than a hundred thousand miles and you’re only
gonna use it like on a weekend so do stuff you can’t buy something like that
and expect to drive at fifteen twenty thousand miles a year it’ll fall apart
and cost you a fortune item or says Scotty I just purchased my
first used car what do you think of it oh seven a Volvo v70 2.5 d5 what should
I look at for it his one hundred and eighteen thousand miles on it alright I
hope you didn’t pay much for it because as they age Volvo’s often become endless
money pits but if you get one cheap enough you never know it might last
awhile I got a customer’s got one of those
things and they bought it used from a friend for a couple grand they have fun
driving around they’re nice luxurious cars there’s no arguing that but they
have very weak automatic transmissions you want to baby that you want to change
the engine oil I would change it every 4,000 miles
on that one because you don’t want to ruin that expensive Volvo engine they’re
very expensive but they’re well made and just you keep loyal don’t I’ll read them
they can’t last quite some time so you know good luck but I just hope you
didn’t pay too much money if Volvo isn’t making regular gasoline and diesel cars
anymore the Chinese on the mouth and they say they’re gonna go electric
eventually you nobody’s gonna make parts of the things anymore, Sam says Scotty when I was turning left about 10 miles an hour
gave it a bit gas to transmissions lifts what’s going on well unfortunately the
transmissions going out if they start slipping there’s only two things that
can make them slip either you see the axle is breaking down and it’s slipping
because when you turn it’s not grabbing anymore or the transmissions going out
but you said it slipped when the axles go they almost always Clank you hear them then you know they’re worn out that’s obvious and jack it up you see
the rubber boots are ripped the grease is coming out pray it’s that but normally if it
actually slips the transmissions starting to go out but pray it’s one of
the joints and if it’s the inner joint they can sometimes pop out and slip like
that and then go back in pray it’s your CV axle with the joints going bad and
not the transmission itself jack says what are your thoughts on rotary engines
well the German that invented a Wankel had an interesting idea because really
when you think about it piston engines the Pistons go up and down and up and
down and they spin a crankshaft up and down so they got to go up and then they
got a stop and go down where a Wankel rotary engine is rotor it just spins it
is kind of a triangular wedge shaped thing with seals on the ends the apex it
wasn’t spins around so great ideas started going up and down it spins more
efficient right well actually not because they get horrible gas mines that
was a problem when Mazda first sold those early model was the Wankel engines the mazda cosmo are great piles of junk anything got like 80 miles a gallon but
the worst thing was it had a four-barrel carburetor on it and they were so poorly
made little seals that as they age never you turn them off you turn them off in
your count one two three and they go bang cuz gas
oh and the exhaust heat up and then explode their absolute piles of junk now
in the end there were decent engines but they always either burned oil or
polluted too much so you know that’s what you gotta worry about with those
but I was just reading Mazda maybe bringing it back again but in a real
oddball seems they’re working on electric vehicles but they don’t have a
long enough range for the United States so they said they’re gonna have an
electric vehicle then they’re gonna put a wrinkle engine in it as the range
extender to make it go further so would be an electric motor when it ran out of
battery power the real Wankel engine would run apart
which isn’t a bad idea cuz see they’re small they don’t take up much space so
it would be a good backup motor really I just read that so who knows maybe
they’ll come to fruition one day Omar Lopez I got a note six Honda
Odyssey I lose power steering fluid my mechanic can’t find a leak says the
houses are good we’re going on for six months could it be the pump yeah it
could be lots of things one you need a real mechanic guys an idiot
anybody can find leaks these days they make ultraviolet leak dye and it’s great
stuff you pour a little bit like in that case about a quarter of an ounce of the
dye in the power steering reservoir then you see where the leak comes out using
an ultraviolet light and yellow sunglasses you can get a kit for like 25
bucks at autozone for stuff like that either the hose is leaking or the pump
is leaking or the rack is leaking but wherever it’s leaking it’s leaking so
it’s gonna be dripping out and that dye which shows either bright yellow or
bright green when you test it will show you where the leak is from my experience
of those Honda’s it’s almost always the high-pressure hose that’s what goes on
behind us a high-pressure hose goes all over the place big giant long thing I
just changed when I want it’s a giant pain in the butt but that’s normally
what goes spraying it’s not the rack cuz they cost a small fortune on a honda,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

100 thoughts on “Here’s Why GM Really Pisses Me Off

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  2. The last GM car I bought was a 1978 Chevy Monza that had the Buick V-6 in it. These things had the same radiators as the inline 4 cylinder engines, and the high engine heat would break down the oil after 1,200 miles–and it was too thin to operate the valve lifters. Change the oil and it'd go again for a while. Eventually it started overheating so bad that I would have to stop on the side of the road every 30 minutes. Changed the water pump–no help. It was later that I found out about the crappy cooling system. Incidentally, one of the valve springs broke before I had 100 miles on the car . . . and at 48,000 miles, the clutch went out. Pure junk! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on GM and how it went down!

  3. GrandPa was a master mechanic for Buick. GM went to crap in the early 70's, my 72 Malibu kept burning up the AC compressor. Mom had an 84 Olds that left her stranded in the middle of the night. They put bean counters in charge in the 70's.

  4. I just bought a 2003 Saturn vue for pretty cheap. It was well maintained from the previous owner due to him being a honest mechanic and me knowing him personally. Anything i should keep my eye out for that goes wrong? Thanks!

  5. 70s and 80s all american cars were lacking ….late 80s to early 2000s GM made decent vehicles ..sure they had a few flops but they made decent trucks…

  6. Scotty I got to call you out on this one almost always on the 75 cars I have owned a third of them when you turn in the transmission slips that means it's low on transmission fluid that's an old mechanics trick that they would tell customers yeah they would throw two quarts of transmission fluid in it and it would be fine after that

  7. The mad thing is the government shows constantly it dont care about anything but money, but people still buy into that

  8. I know Scotty goes back to the 60's. But there was something like a second period of half-decent cars from like '95 to '05. They weren't experimenting or changing too much during that period, and got the engines and transmissions to be reliable. (There seems to be a KISS sweet spot there.) And many of those still run going into 20+ years. Not all the car models but a good hand-full from the line up then that were common models. Although not exactly pretty when they age, they are relatively cheap to get used and cheap to keep going. After the '95 – '05 period, it's like they went back to experimenting on things, changing too much – and forgot what should have been learned already from other bad engine designs, while getting rid of most of their good ones.

    And there are a couple things they do right, but unfortunately it's the save a nickle here and there type things that got them the bad rep in the long run. You know when an aftermarket part can practically perma-fix something (usually replacing some plastic thing with a metal one), it would have been possible to have it done the right way from the factory in the first place. Running under the thumb of accounting and cost-management is the self-sabotage where they always end up going wrong. (That's probably what pisses me off the most, because they've been able to make some good cars if not for that. As an owner of a Pontiac – which still runs just fine, it's part of the factor that makes it a love/hate relationship.)

    And yeah it looks like they're putting a lot of work into at least one flagship car with the Corvette that they're hyping, but that's at a premium. When looking at anything else from them, it's not as good as the Toyota or Honda these days. One halo car alone isn't going to carry the company.

  9. Hi, Scotty. 2001 Isuzu Rodeo 4cly with 140k, has new water pump and drive belt, work done by a mechanic I know and trust, for $3k good bad?

  10. 0:54 correction — GM's ignition switch scandal is that they kept the part number the SAME but changed the design: 1. good. 2. bad. 3. good again. By keeping the part number the SAME, they wanted to hide the defective/disastrous design change.

  11. Scotty is the only mechanic i know that hates GM but likes Ford. The only mechanic's i know that like ford are the ones that keep breaking and paying they're bills. LoL. I have had several different brand trucks and cars and they all break they all have the plus and minus points. It all boils down to what badge u want in your driveway.

  12. I was caught myself. Glad for that. I have watched nearly one hundred hours of "reviews" on youtube. Not one tells the truth. They tell you only the highlights. Only what Ford or Toyota wants them to say. You challenge them with this knowledge they claim they are being honest. No crash test data, no discussion on the usual problems with a vehicle and if the manufacturer has taken care of those issues. In the case of the Ford Raptor for example, they only review the most expensive versions of the truck and claim the costs will be over $65000. But in reality, you can buy a base model fully loaded Raptor $55,000 but they don't tell you that. I'm so frustrated, I have become less than reasonable when talking to those fakes. Why is truth so hard to come by in the automotive business.

  13. GM was going to put a wankel engine in a Vega. They actually had a separate engine line at Lordstown all ready to go, but to their credit they cancelled it! Maybe Mazda will make a side plate wankel like they use in Swedish torpedoes. Probably will last just as long before it goes BOOM!

  14. I owned a 96 Lumina and an 86 Olds FE3 both had over 450,000k, the last ride was to the dump because they rotted with our salty roads. Great cars!

  15. 1960's, 1970's and 1980's were the years of planned obsolescence of US made cars. They were made to rust apart or fall apart. I was born and raised in the Detroit suburbs where auto maker execs and assembly workers lived and they even admitted they expected the cars to be money pits within 2 to 5 years. Why do you think the warranties were only 1 year. I switched to Toyota as soon as I moved out of the state!

  16. Any issues I've had with Toyota they have gotten the vehicles on the same day within an hour without an appointment and sent me out with hours addressing the problem. It seems like most American companies just want to turn out cars and have repairs/reliability as an afterthought. Toyotas (most; not the rebadged) from other brands are boring but I go with them because I don't want to buy something defective. Them not offering you a loaner car is not acceptable and they should compensate people for time and inconveniences.

  17. …regarding transmissions, I'd stick to Toyota hybrids (they use gears with no clutch other than attachment to the motor which is heavy duty and replaceable)… so what if you have to replace a battery pack after 10+ years of use… power steering leaks… don't have to worry about those on the hybrid… either it works or it doesn't.

  18. I have a 2002 Toyota Tacoma, still driving it as my PRIMARY vehicle. it blew a hose once, and I had a brake go out once, but it still runs, no problems.

  19. Idk who scottys customers are but they seem to beat the hell out of their vehicles cuz I have a buddy who bought and 2008 Tahoe new and has never had any problem except the door handles breaking because his little kids pull on them really heard. he's nearing 200 thousand miles…..

  20. I'm sure this question has been answered before but I need to ask, what is the best cargo van to buy? The Toyota Hiace sadly isn't sold in the states, so who do I trust? I don't trust Chevy, and Nissan is iffy. Mercedes-Benz Sprinters are too expensive. Do I go for a Ford Transit? Please help, thank you! Love these videos

  21. WHY do people by these 'new cars' that end up on used car lots in 3 yrs,and cost next to nothing? You have to wonder why a 3yo 'NEW' Mercedes is on a used car lot. And costs so little. Why was it traded in? You got a 'NEW luxury German car, and now….you have a 'money pit! Or these expensive SUVs….why are they so cheap in a few years? Junk!

  22. Awww i love my 2010 Tahoe. I've had it since 2011, purchased it used at 26k miles… Currently sitting at just under 200k miles, I'm very pleased. I did have a rear main seal that I had to replace about 2 years ago and I need new speakers in the back (they are totally gone) but honestly my only complaint is the fact that the stupid plastic dash cracked in the summer heat a year after I bought it and then I found out it was a common problem. Oh and my rear a/c went out, but the front blows cold enough to keep my daughter in the backseat comfortable so I haven't fixed it yet. Other than that, I've only done routine maintenence, just replaced the spark plugs about 15k miles ago for the first time… and we are "trucking" it. ❤️ Still rides smooth as the day I drove it home. But at 16 average mpg, I need something a little easier on gas to get around this dfw metroplex. I've been here 4 years but I've mainly avoided heavy traffic. Now I have no choice but to drive on the traffic with the constant stop and go due to schedule changes. I need a car just as reliable.

  23. In another video you did on Volvo's, you had nothing buy good to say about Volvo's built in the 2007 and I bought one based on your high praise and saying they last forever, sounds like you don't like them now?

  24. I was planning on buying a new Tahoe but after this video I’m leaning towards a 4Runner or a Highlander. Thanks for the video.

  25. Scotty I got lucky with my 2001 and 2002 Chevy Suburban and 02 Z71-1500 PU, no electrical problems ever, both still running like new with about 500,000mi between the two of them, so piss off..

  26. As much as I dislike GM, I have to disagree with Scotty on the Tahoe. If maintained I’ve seen plenty go 250,000-300,000 miles without major problems, even the newer ones.

  27. GM pissed me off so bad they forced me to Buy Ford !! and i love that decision …i thank GM for pissing me off or i would never had known better !

  28. I had a Chevy Biscayne 1988-1990. Loved it! One of my big mistakes in life; I gave it to my brother. He used it a couple years. Went to his house one day and asked where the Chevy was……he took it to the crusher😡😢🤦‍♂️🙄🤬….Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  29. 2 things, 1 I have an 05 suburban 200k miles, no issues. And 2 the Tahoe PPV is a police vehicle. They have low miles which looks appealing BUT they have HIGH engine hours

  30. Scotty, what about the late 90's Tahoe's with the older 350 5.7L v8 in them ? Would like a 4wd but will live with a 2wd if the 4wd system is crap. I don't like the newer 4.8,5.3,6.0 motors but those older 5.7's I thought were really reliable.

  31. Trucks and SUV's are great Chevrolet vehicles. Some cars I would stay away from but Scotty almost talks about Chevrolet like their cars all last barely 100k miles. If that were true their wouldn't be a lot of Chevy's with over 100k miles for sale. Most people sell their car and buy a new one after 150k miles or so.

  32. i like your videos.. but my 2010 ss camaro has 116k on it, and still going. i mean.. really most develop issues after 100k, rattles, squeaks, switches, motors, etc.. etc..

  33. I got a 2004 silverado with 460,000 and I drive it every day and work the hell out of it and it's been so reliable

  34. Scotty, you don't talk much about Mitsubishi. Are your customers rarely owners of Mitsubishi cars? What do you think of the Lancer or Montero, what kinds of problems do they usually go into?

  35. Every single time:
    "hey scotty i just bought a bmw/volvo/range rover/ etc what do you thing"
    Im surprised he even replies anymore.

  36. WRONG! I've got an 06 H2. Basically all the same running gear as Tahoe with a different frame and body. It's got 240,000 miles and I have a big HEAVY Blizzard Plow on it and use it for commercial plowing in the winter. Never had a problem. But in the interest of full disclosure. I bought it with a bad transmission and I knew what I wanted to use it for. And more importantly I know I drive! I drive it like I stole it. So when I replaced the transmission. I had it rebuilt with stronger parts and a shift kit so it can handle the abuse I put it through.

    But still it runs great, starts every time and has no issues.

  37. I have been with Ford products for many decades and they have given me great service. I had bad luck with GM products and decided not to buy another one after the 1987 S-10 Blazer which I got new and gave me great service. I still have that vehicle parked in my yard now, but when I got a used 1994 S-10 Blazer it was junk and it turned over on me and before it did that it would not work correctly and didn't want to stop as expected. The Fords and Lincolns I had gave me great service and the ones I have now has been great vehicles.

  38. Don't know what's going on here but my 2003 Tahoe has over 250,000 miles original motor still runs strong today. Never had no problems.

  39. Thoughts on the 2003 tracker? I have a 4 cylinder manual that’s starting to have some issues 135k miles on it, it’s been driven really hard most of it’s life.

  40. I don't know what the difference is, but some folks can get a Chevy, so and so, or a dodge this or that, or a Ford what have you, and they'll run forever with minimal problems. Then there's the ones that won't run right, and fall apart. I think the good ones were built Tuesdays threw Thursdays, and the bad ones on Mondays and Fridays. Personally the only domestics I've ever had good luck with have been v-8s.

  41. I absolutely agree, Volvo´s are such crap. They invented the modern seatbelt (1959) that is used in every car and having cars being built like tanks for your safety is also a junk feature. They have also had the best seats in cars since the 70s because they hired back specialists to create seats that were good for you. I can shut my Subaru Imprezas door with my pinky, shutting my colleagues V70 door i have to use my whole hand and arm. Volvo has such crap quality that about 50% of swedes still drive Volvo´s here in Sweden. Scotty´s best quality is to come across as very knowledgeable about most cars when in fact it´s far from the truth, and it´s getting tiresome.

  42. My one buddy started w a 98 ram sport w the 5.9 360 beat the truck worse than any of the other 2 never had an issue. Bought a 98 Chevy after that put in 2 trannies and the second one having less than 2000 miles was already slipping needed replaced and no it wasn’t used. The 07 f150 he bought had 60k on it tranny went out completely after 1 month bought a new one for 5k traded it. None of these vehicles ever towed anything he just drives like a nut. Personally all vehicles are junk but I will not own a gm product of any kind.

  43. Okay Scotty been watching your videos for many years there's been many issues I've wanted to call you out on but for the most part I like your videos I was a Master mechanic for many years worked at several transmission shops the guy that turns left and has his transmission slip you say his transmission is shot maybe it is but it's not a CV joint more than likely is transmission fluid is low and when he turns left it slashes to one side and when that happens when the fluid is low it doesn't get picked up in the filter and the transmission slips more than likely he has a transmission leak and his fluid is low not saying that overtime that cannot mess up your transmission but I've seen it many times with low transmission fluid

  44. Yeah I know voice text kind of messed some of that up I should have proof read it but I think anyone with a brain knows what I'm talking about

  45. Hey Scotty it's me again the transmission guy let me know what you think of my comments pretty sure you just made a mistake and disregarded the fact that they were having transmission slippage when they turn corners but I had to call you out on that please comment back

  46. My 2000 Chevy silverado has 299,000 miles on it. Original water pump and starter. It's rusty as hell but gets me from point A to B. I did buy a 2010 GMC SIERRA crew cab and I really love it. Only 74,000 miles on it now. But I know you're a Ford man. When my silverado hits 300,000 miles like I said, I'm going to do the Toyota oh what a feeling jump.

  47. I find it curious you say Volvo is notorious for weak transmissions? That V70 has a Aisin transmission who you point out is owned by Toyota and you say quite often makes good transmissions. I find your comment strange? Volvo has used Aisin transmissions and still currently does with few exceptions. Only one exception I can think of is the 98-05 S80 T6 and 2.9 and the early XC90 T6 which used a Hydramatic. I have the 04 S80 T6 equipped with the GM transmission which has been excellent so far 190K and counting. I do know the XC90 AWD T6 had high failure rates but FWD S80 T6 does not seem to. June

  48. I am not a GM car fan just as I’m not a ford car fan but I’ve owned and worked on hundreds of GM full size vehicles like trucks or SUV’s and if the full sized vehicle has a 5.3 or bigger engine and you halfway maintain it properly and take care of it 200,000 isn’t to hard to achieve with the original driveline. I have a 08 Sierra Denali I bought new in 2008 and I have 245k on the 6.2 6L80E all original and still running like a top. Same with full sized for beside the 4.6 and 5.4 3v engine I see a ton of them that the engine oil wasn’t changed every 3-4K and they all seem to have timing chain and cam phaser engine. Now that ford has gone almost entirely to the 3.5 TT eco boost I’m starting to see them more often with the same timing issues. The point is if you maintain your vehicle correctly odds are it’s gonna give you well over 200k miles

  49. Who's damn LS trucks is he working on? My brothers and neighbors LS chevys have over 300k miles stock engines and 1 transmission still running daily

  50. idk scotty, my parents 2007 denali has 220k with original trans and engine. only thing that got changed was upper balljoints, brakes, and a wheel bearing. my 2000 chevy 1500 was 230k, same thing minus the wheel bearing. to say gm just made junk after 1980s is stupid.

  51. A honest mechanic would tell you all car brand flaws. Not just pick out 1 brand because he doesn't personally like it. Im Starting to notice this in these Irrelevant videos

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