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rev up your engines
Jeff Ross what’s the worst thing about a Toyota Matrix well I love them but the
worst thing is they do have a somewhat rough ride that was their kind of sports
wagon it’s not a true SUV and the suspension is relatively rough now it’s
set up for going real fast I love and I put fancy shocks motorcycle design ones
on my wives and I love it it handles like a dream but truthfully take it on a
long-distance ride it’s a lot rougher than the lexus that we got it’s so much
smoother whenever we go more than 50 60 miles we’ll get in the lexus we’re not
gonna drive the matrix on long distances because they’ve got relatively rough
rides when you hit bumps and stuff, dog king says Scotty how can I soup up an 03
civic 220,000 highway miles I’m okay well if it’s really 220,000 highway
miles you realize highway mileage pure highway driving is equivalent to about
10 percent of where a stop-and-go City so that’s kind of lucky got a 22,000
miles city driving so it’s still got a lot of life in it there’s the thing
about souping up vehicles though three ways of going about one is rebuilding
the engines, Pistons bigger valves cost a fortune most guys aren’t gonna do
that on a civic the other two are either put a supercharger or a turbocharger on
if you want to spend that kind of money put a supercharger on it
it’s easier they run turbochargers on cars from the factory because the
turbochargers actually rated higher for gas mileage so they all do it but then
you got to modify the exhaust system and all kinds of stuff the supercharger you
can get bolt on supercharger kit and software so if you do want to spend the
kind of money put on a supercharger I don’t know if you want to spend that
kind of money though that’s not cheap, lamb 1996 I found an 08 volvo v50 with
66,000 miles for six point nine thousand dollars on Craigslist but it’s three
owners I’d be real leery about a car that’s already had three owners I just am, now
if they can actually positively prove it only has 66,000 miles those can be good cars
the older Volvo’s were good cars and 66,000 miles is nothing not one of those things
why have three people owned it and it’s only got 66,000 miles I would be worried
that was wrecked flooded or stolen I would want some serious research and proof and
the problem with proof is as I said many times things like Carfax
you can’t believe them I bet cuz they would bring me used cars an idiot could
see they’d been wrecked and Carfax says they’ve never been wrecked so you can’t
really believe that stuff but if you can get some kind of proof and find a guy
like me to test it for it before you buy it it could be a decent car just be real
leery about it having three previous owners hurdy-gurdy matt says I’m
thinking about buying a mercedes-benz 190e from the late eighties early
nineties my first car they made great cars back then I used to work on a lot
of 190s those things would run forever if you took care of the things I
would stick to the 80s some of the ninety ones had some serious problem if
it’s a project car great you know you can still get parts for them and it sure
it’s Mercedes but those old ones like that you can get from aftermarket parts
a lot of stuff for them but don’t pay much they have no resale value if you
can find one that’s still running decently go ahead have it as a toy just
don’t pay too much and stick to the 80s the 90s they started to get a bit bad
mr. Simms jr. says I got a
problem with my brake system I’m driving around and sometimes it just sinks to
the floor I pull up the wheel there’s no leaks I even changed the brake master
cylinder and it does the same exact thing what could be wrong well generally
it’s one of two things anything got a problem in your anti-lock brake system
or you got a problem in the brake booster now if you don’t have you got a
really old car it doesn’t have ABS change the booster and here’s how you
can test most boosters turn the car off step on the brake if it’s nice and hard
doesn’t sink then start it up and if start it up and then you stomp on
the brake with the engine running and it sinks you got a bad booster now
unfortunately with most cars these days having ABS and I brake systems yeah
brake system can make up sink too because it’s got a brake modulator
system that can open the valve so the ABS system works and if they stick open
it will sink like that then unfortunately you’re gonna have to pay
mechanic like me to put this big giant scan tool fool around with it because it
gets really complicated then, this year 524 says Scotty what are your
thoughts on a 1999 Toyota Camry with three hundred thousand miles for a
thousand bucks I’d pay less you’re getting a car with
a third of a million miles you get no guarantees lot of
let’s say it’s really clean and the seats aren’t torn and it runs good and
a/c still works ah you might as well pay the thousand
bucks if the guy won’t come down but I learned how to buy cars from my
grandfather he was also a mechanic and he was a horse trader when he was a kid
he grew up in a country and actually did trade horses and he taught me out about
cars you never pay the asking price your eyes off for less try to find things
that are wrong but if that’s what’s so clean that runs good a thousand bucks is
nothing these days but I try to pay 500 myself a customer just buy one for 500,
as says I’m thinking about buying a used electric car a Nissan Leaf I’m not
a big electric car fan but I have customers with a Nissan Leaf and they’ve
been happy with them and realize one thing about electric cars a pretty poor
resale value I just met a guy who bought a Tesla Model S the original owner paid
a hundred and twenty three thousand dollars for that car he had ten thousand
miles on and he paid forty four thousand dollars he paid like one third of what
the new one costs and it only had ten thousand miles there’s nothing wrong if
you do want an electric car and you buy used nissan leaf you’re gonna get it
cheaper there’s no ifs ands or but they’re bad resale values and they can last like
I said I got customers with the Leafs and they like them I’m not a fan myself
but if you want to get an electric car go ahead those are pretty well-built
ones realize they’re not that far but range make sure that you’re happy with
the range first of all don’t buy it and then find out oh man this thing only went
70 miles and ran out of power
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
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