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rev up your engines today I’m gonna
answer the question why do people buy these BMWs even knowing that they become endless money pits okay the sharp looking cars no doubt in
that to handle really well and this particular one it’s 2008 335i
puts out over 300 horsepower cuz it’s got twin turbos two turbochargers on
check this out underneath the hood underneath all this plastic crap there’s
a six cylinder engine with two turbochargers that puts out 301
horsepower they really go there’s no argument they drive fast they
handle really well they’re also endless money pits okay
we’ll start out with this car the first owner paid forty four thousand five
hundred dollars for it and then it’s forty five thousand miles of owning a
car spent over ten thousand dollars on maintenance if you notice this baby no
longer has that run flat tires it came with run-flat tires guess what
every time you hit a big bump in a pothole and there’s tons of out here you
spent it would end up cracking the very expensive aluminum wheels if that had to
be replaced it road like crap now the handle perfectly fine but you bought a
car like this for handling speed and ride comfort the owner now you put on these
normal tires not to run flat and truth be told it rides a lot better but then
again that was after the original dollar spent a ton of money on wheels as they
cracked and broke you don’t pay that kind of money for a car and expect the
wheels to crack I just look at the original wheels of 1994 Celica now I
have hit stuff and sometimes they bent some but I’d bend them back again I
never bought a rim for any of my cars now getting 301 horsepower out of this
straight six-cylinder engine turbochargers are on it it’s got a very
fancy fuel injection system but unfortunately on BMWs that stuff breaks all the time look at the working room or should I say lack of working room there’s very
little working room on these vehicles and everything is plastic not just the
covers all these plastic hoses going to the radiator and to the
turbochargers that stuff cracks as they age so you might think oh
it’s just plastic a plastic is cheap well in this case it may be cheaply
built but it’s not cheaply priced plus some of the stuff if it breaks on the
bottom side of the engine you got to take half the car off to get to it if
you can even see where the leak is in the first place these things become
endless repair nightmares as they age no my customer here is the second owner the original owner paid forty four thousand five hundred dollars for the car that spent
ten grand in repairs maintenance the first forty five thousand miles and
ownership well my customer bought it with forty five thousand dollars on it
for $13,500 look at the money the original guy lost oh I’d be sweating
bullets losing that kind of money in a stupid car even he said he’s thinking
about getting rid of it because he’s had to spend thousands on
repairs in the twenty thousand miles of these driven the car so why do people
buy well it’s the lure of the BMW that’s why they’re beautiful looking
they’re fast they drive really nice when they are
working well there’s another reason people buy and watch this looks like a
hardtop but voila it magically hides itself away takes a few seconds but it’s
rather ingenious I must give them that look at that not what do you have a
beautiful convertible you know they’ve all that nonsense of the ride top
blowing in the wind when it’s up and leakin you got a full metal roof and
then when you get bored with that guess what what’s your other button it puts
yourself back up as you can see it doesn’t take all that much time it is a
good idea that the car stopped when you do it though
you know what the wind blow and it packed all the ingenious Germans now of
course all that technology comes at a price and the price is where it breaks
where you start throwing out thousand-dollar bills left right insider
to fix the thing and being modern German technology yes they do break I guess
their theory is if you gotta ask how much it costs to fix the roof no it does
have a good transmission six-speed german-made automatic same
over seven million variants of it for various cars it is a good transmission I
unfortunately can’t get in any modern cars because they stopped making that
unit in 2014 six years ago they stopped making those
units but those six-speed ZF transmissions were pretty good units as
much economy as you’re gonna get out of a 301 horsepower dual turbo engines most people aren’t gonna get that great gas mileage driving it soon cuz they’re
gonna be driving it fast this one is rated at 17 miles a gallon in the city
but you’re not gonna get that when I had one for a week I averaged about seven
miles a gallon anything I would drive it at hard mind you but hey with those dual
turbos and 301 horsepower if you like putting your pedal to the metal you can
get horrible gas mileage so I can understand why people buy them at least
emotionally kind of like the apple in the Garden of Eden tempting but if you
take a bite of this BMW Apple odds are your universe is going to turn into an
endless money pit universe in a relatively short period of time if not
right away assuming you’re buying a used one with
some mileage on it so in the case of this beautiful BMW hardtop yet
convertible be careful what you wish for you might get it, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

100 thoughts on “Here’s Why I’ll Die Before I Buy a BMW

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  2. Everyone who knows money and likes to hold onto it knows to drive a Toyota. Or if you want to spoil yourself get a Lexus

  3. According to J.D power, in 2019 BMW’s are in the top 5 reliable cars in the world. Scotty, I agree that they are endless money pits, however the older models. Not the newer ones, I had a bmw 640i for 4 years
    Nothing happened, nothing at all! Everything was perfectly fine

  4. I have a 128i and I’m at 113k running strong I’ve hit many pot holes and never had a “wheel bent” just normal car maintenance, had it for 3 years since high school (I paid for it plus insurance plus maintenance). the car is built stronger then many cheep Nissans and Honda’s. I know this because I’ve had a Chevy pick up truck rear my car end then proceeded to dent and destroyed the side Doors of his truck while my car only had a slight scratch on my back bumper (a little bent) and a shattered rear car light 🤣 you have no experience in owning a bmw, it sounds like a lot of hate. I usually enjoy your videos but this one was trash.

  5. Got a motor put in my car for 1,500 and did a good job just have to know people go out and talk to independent mechanics you will be surprised but I do regret buying one they are cheaply made as far as plastic and interior

  6. Sigh… I own a 428i 🙁 this video is way too accurate … I’ve owned it for a year as of Dec 31st & have spent over 4k in repairs. I’m leaving the state and so this car will be staying here. Selling it to get something else

  7. That's why I won't buy the newer BMWs until I become a millionaire. Yet the old 3 series until E36 or the 5 series until E52 are quite decent cars. When well maintained, they can easily make half a million miles.

  8. My E92 N54 08 335i 160K miles later still pushing 600whp 👀 $4,000 later. Best car i ever owner my 350z was more of a endless money pit.

  9. If you can afford them. They're still some of the nicest vehicles on the road for the money. You're broke? Don't buy one.

  10. I work for a big car manufacturer here in Germany. When a new model runs from the assembly line there are couple of hundred/thousand models wich are crap because of tolerances and setting everything up. Do you think those models are beeing scraped? Wrong! These models are sold in the US because the US civilians are used to it (look at the gaps on a tesla). Thats how the system works.

  11. Where I live in toronto with millions of cars and people travelling on the roads everyday the roads are so bad theres potholes everywhere and they get worse every year. Its absolutely not worth buying a very expensive car if your going to be commuting on these crappy roads everyday. I drive a brand new honda civic and all those fast luxury cars that tailgate me and blow right by me over those potholes I cant help but think what am I going to do with all my extra money I save. $40 to fill up my gas tank almost every 2 weeks if I drive to and from work and some other moderate driving. 2015 honda civic $12,000 financed with interest equals to around $15,000 to pay off for 6 years. Insurance is dirt cheap and payments are super affordable. Insurance and car payments together equals to $490 a month. Car has 148kms never had to do any repairs. Only replaced the breaks and rotors 1 time since I had it Breaks and rotors costed $500 for all 4s. Changed the transmission oil twice and that's basically it! Cant help but brag how good it is to own a affordable reliable car. Im able to save quite a bit of money without needing to look like i I have money by owning a luxury car as a status symbol. Honda baby!

  12. LOL what a propaganda, I own E92 325Ci 2007, had no problems whatsoever innit, just oil and filter replaced every year, put a gasoline in a tank and drive.

  13. Endless Money pits so true, preach my brotha preach, welcome to the wonderful church of BMtroubleU where everybody is blessed with a fat repair bill from your deacon mechanic lol

  14. Worst cars ever made. I bought a 2008 650i in 2014 with 55k miles and by 90k I had several coolant and oil leaks. In 2 years I spent $17k in repairs. A lot of lessons learned.

  15. BMW… Black Man's Willy
    BMW… Big Murican Woman
    BMW… Bring Mechanic With you
    BMW… Break My Wallet
    BMW… Bring Momma to Work
    BMW… Big Money Wasted

  16. its a pity…im tempted by bmws all the time! they turn up on the you sell it lots here every other week and they are dirt cheap! tempted but they are all high mileage, 150,000mi and im sure scotty would say "you are nuts to even look at these!"

  17. I don’t know if Scotty knows but you don’t have to get a bmw if you don’t like them… literally rants in every bmw video about bmws just stop fixing them if you hate them that much…. -Happy Bmw owner… p.s spend no where near $10,000 for maintenance

  18. I owned a 2012 335is, it leaked water from day one and bmw dealer mechanics are like jackasses with blinders on unless it’s out of warranty
    Total garbage.

  19. BMW, lease it for 4 years, drive it hard as hell and give it back to the dealer, let some other sucker absorb the repair bills as it ages!

  20. I owned 3 e46 from 2005 and a 5 series from 2010. I felt very good while driving them. I had no major repairs to do. I also owned 8 other cars from different brands. Till now i preffer always a bmw compared to other cars in the price range. Im from europe btw

  21. A few thoughts here… First, there is no question about the depreciation on BMWs, particularly as you move up to the 5- and 7-series. Even quoting the 2008 335i convertible at $44,500 new seems really low… Which is why I like to buy my BMW's 3 years old for 50-60% of what they cost new which I did with my E92 and F30. Even then, the cost of ownership can be high if you take the car to the dealership for everything. Also, it helps to be an informed consumer. I purchased my 2007 328i coupe back in 2010 and while the power of the 335 with the N54 was unreal, some of the reliability issues were also pretty apparent at that time. So for me, doing my homework, getting in at the right price, learning how to address a lot of basic wear items (brakes, spark plugs, battery, etc) and using a qualified independent mechanic when needed has been a recipe for the BMW driving experience at a reasonable price. Also, while I never cracked any wheels with run flats, can't argue that these cars are so much more pleasant to drive on Michelin non-RFTs!

  22. They're just like any car, I've owned an E60 2010, 100k miles on it, kept up with preventive maintenance on the usual things that go out, and it hasn't left me on the side of the road yet. The problem with BMWs is that they have a little more maintenance than people are used to (I know people who own chevies, drive them on one oil change for 40k miles, and it still runs like a beauty without any hiccups. If I did that to my car, I'd have to replace spark plugs within that time, the lack of clean oil would likely messup my VANOS system, botching the idle and low end, and god forbid I have something like FRAM in my oil filter, because that would already be disintegrated and all over my engine.)

    At 90k I just did some maintenance like coil packs, water pump, spark plugs (I shoulda done em at 80k tbh), fuel pump & filter (even though they're lifetime, I just like to be sure), and I'm gonna start gettin ready to replace my Cats and O2 sensors at 100k. They will treat you good as long as you treat them good. Most people abuse their cars anyways.

    I make sure to give her italian tune ups and slide small cameras in the cylinders to make sure everythings sound, and never really seen anything or had anything obviously bad, except for a VVL gasket leak, but it was a simple 8$ part and 15 minute at home install, and it even allowed me to get a good look inside the engine on top of it. Taking off the plastic takes like 5 minutes and it's easy to just leave off if I know I need to work on it again, removing a filter or two also isn't an issue and I would rather have efficient usage of the engine bay than a massive bay with next to nothing in it. It looks really nice, and if you're gonna complain about having to take off a screw or two, I'll do your job for you and gladly take it off if its such an issue lmao.

    Worked on vehicles that have lots of room and it's not really too much of a time saver, small v6 silverados and a 4 banger kia sorento, both let you see straight through to the floor but both also look disgusting and have some poor mounting on engine components. Never had an issue with mine, but the kia already needs new engine mounts and it's not even past the 50k mark yet. The thing cranks at almost a 45 degree angle and shook so much it tore off a CV clamp (Thing was a pain in itself, had lots of room to get to it but still took us over an hour to get everything aligned, greased, and correctly tightened)

    If you already abuse your car without treating it- don't own a bmw. Own something more reliable that can take hits. These cars are beautiful in performance, ride quality, and comfort, but it comes at increased cost and more time used in upkeep. I've owned the car for years and I don't see any good reason to get rid of it as of now, 10 years old but still roaring, driving, and makin me smile like a champ.

    It's the car that makes you look back when you leave, smile when you start it, stare out the window at work, makes it fun to waste gas just driving around (12 mpg when I'm drivin a lil too aggressive, but a good 21 on highway), and it's soo fun to just drop gears and let loose. It's comfortable for family, fast enough for the crazy people, and handles well for the sunday drivers. Nothing not to like besides the upkeep

  23. i own 2 BMW X5, 1 and 3th gen. The older one have 400 000+ km the other about 150 000 km. both costed me 0 in repair so far. Then again im in Europe and my both cars are made in Germany not US so thats probably what makes the big differance.

  24. Makes no sense!! Bags the BMW what because some previous owner of the car kept hitting pot holes and cracking his alloys wheels and damaging his run flat tyres! That's not a Manufacturer's issue. Says the engine is good and transmission very good. Millions of the same transmissions without any real problems! For a 11 year old car it sounds like a great reliable vehicle. Segment was stupid and nutty!

  25. i just bought this bmw 323i automatic from 2000 it has run 323xxxkm its a real upgrade compared to my accord from 2000

  26. I guess you have never owned or even driven a BMW 650 Gran Coupe.

    When you have, then talk to us. Until then,, go drive a Dodge Ram.

  27. I drive an E90 330i with a sport package, no turbo and it’s ultra cheap to maintain compared to my old VW…IF…you don’t take it to the dealer. Best automotive purchase I’ve made so far.

  28. Hey mate, I'm driving bmw 525i (e60) 2010. and it's amazing car. It's almost 200k and I'm really happy to drive everyday

  29. I live in Australia, you may be poor but drive a BMW. people will think, you are in the big league. Drive a 1994 celica and everyone knows you are poor.

  30. My BMW made in Germany is well made….
    – no money pit ,
    – an ultimate driving machine 300+ PS
    – and no repair (84.000km)

  31. Not all BMW cars have plastic rims Scotty, and the ones that aren’t plastic, you can bend back. From owning multiple BMW cars, I can tell you that you aren’t a BMW guy. You would rather drive something reliable and see the cars build quality over performance. If you are a car junky looking to spend a little more time and deal with smaller headaches, you will learn how to treat your car right and drive it to however your expectations may suit you. A mechanic with the mindset like yours encourages people out of buying these types of brands. In my opinion your talking down on BMW. Giving them credit for how well they perform but not giving any good comparison to any cars that perform similar that ACTUALLY PERFORM SIMILAR. They cost so much money and are such a headache because they use unique parts, change parts every year, have plenty of different models, and a lot of people bring them to mechanics loaded with aftermarket parts. If you do regular oil maintenance and change out gaskets after certain amounts of miles you should be interested in keeping your car running instead of driving it until a whole bunch of parts break and calling it unreliable. Sure I would drive a lexus anyday, I’ve owned plenty, also Toyota’s. But I would always recommend a specific car to something that fits someone’s needs. A lot of people dig performance, and American muscle is easier and cheaper to work on. BMW is imported, more expensive, and labor costs are high because there aren’t a lot of professional Mechanics who have the correct knowledge or scan tools, then your left with the BMW dealer, which I take all of my cars there to get serviced, but a lot of people just run they’re cars into the ground, don’t take care of them, and expect reliability and the performance of a BMW. Sure it will keep running, but things will keep breaking if you can’t afford to take care of them or put the time into keeping track of what you have done with the car.

  32. So only bad thing about BMW is that it is expensive and its hard to fix byself, but you have a lots of money to put this car to repair. 😀

  33. Sorry buddy, but you are wrong on this one. I actually purchased a BMW 330 E93 (3000 cc Diesel 6 cylinder with245 HP) convertible in 2007. Same color as the one in your video, same internal leather, same automated rooftop. It is now 13 years old, with 245.000km on it. I’ve simply done my standard maintenance, oil filters, diesel filter, AC Filter…. and yes, I’ve changed two front lamp light bulb. I actually still have the original battery, and it has never left me on the road. As much as we may hate the Germans we must recognize that they know how to make cars. (Well at least the did… not sure today quality is the same) though I cannot complain, nor say that they are unreliable.

  34. Hehe just waiting to receive my 335i 🙂 you Americans will newer understand us Europeans. In the UK there is BMW…. And everything else. BMW handles like s charm. And these over 300 bhp… Yes I want Toyota!!! You have convinced me!!

  35. I own an E82 and wouldn't change it for anything else in that price range. It's an EU spec diesel and thus far very reliable, the driving feel is just great. I used to own an MK3 Supra and boy, that was an endless money pit, a cool one tho.

  36. Get those keys off your belt! And don't bloody sit on someone's car! And your Celica is the dullest thing to sit in and look at ever….

  37. I have a BMW 335xi 2008. I bought it 3 years ago with 80,000 km. invested $4000 in repairs it has 118,000 on it now. It was worth it if you like driving fast classy cars. I think scotty exagerated a tid bit but I definitely dont regret buying my BMW.

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