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So guys, the first and only problem that I thought would come up is the chain breaking. It is just a little bit stronger than the one that goes on a standard bike. And the transfer is long as well. So I’ll just throw this one away. I got a new, stronger and thicker chain, but the only problem is that I need to switch the sprocket and I need to get them made at a lathe operator. But fortunately, I have found the front sprocket in a tractor parts shop. So the sprocket is a little bit bigger, and the hole is bigger as well. I’ll just weld it on. And the back sprocket is already being made. And after visiting many lathe operators, I have finally gotten my sprocket made. I want to shoutout Mario Gregorić from Suhopolje for making this. And now I’ll assemble this and start the motor!

62 thoughts on “Homemade 200cc MOTORCYCLE of CAR TIRES !? / PART 2

  1. Lovely work and great imagination. I am taken aback at the skill-set of this apparently 6 yr old child…'spect the Teutels will be nicking this idea soon.

  2. Очередной франкенцтейн из серии – мне девки не дают, а письку всю натёр, пойду в гараж сделаю очередную херню

  3. Great build, looks awesome, but you need to get more chain tension.
    And now its time for some comfort stuff, better placement for the feet and some mud guards to protect you and your bike 🙂

  4. Bez uvrede al ovo je smrt nijedan amortizer, onda ova guma nije obla to je od auta to u zavoju si gotov man se tog, osim po dvoru gor dolje

  5. Fuel tank issue?
    Surely the fuel tank has to be higher to give gravity feed? I noticed that the fuel line was rerouted prior to riding, but its still not good as you will get fuel starvation when the tank level gets below the level of the float chamber. Rethink maybe?
    Otherwise a great project .

  6. You might want to wet down your garage floor before you spray paint anything, this way the over spray won't stick to your garage floor… and your parents won't ring your neck! Lol ! ; D

  7. Odlican rad i cestitam ovo je genijalno nigdje nisam vidio nista slicno . Stavi mu za pogon tomosov elektron 90 bit ce pila samo takva. Cestitam!

  8. слова русские но акцент странный – тяжело понимать. что за диалект? какая страна?

  9. канистру под руль поставь. а то мотоцикл ляжет и баки порвет, и не дай бог искра

  10. You broke first chain because of lack of allignment/proper tension, that was more than enought for a 8hp engine, in new chain you installed open link clip in the opposite direction, colosed end always facing chain direction of travel, cover with plastic pipe the tensioner bearings. For your safety please modify steering axle and weld it through the square pipe and not on the square pipe, put a spacer between lower bearing and square tube, bearing screws are not intended to withstand axial loads. they get loose and you jam your steering. Find another attachment for front caliper, that 4mm plate and 3mm pipe are not strong enought with such brake torque lever, build a single piece plate from caliper to front wheel strut. Rear brake on the left handle and front brake on the right, get used to motorbikes and forget bicycles, you will surely have a big bike in the future! As far as I know no brake master cylinder will work properly with oil reservoir downside, sooner or later air will get in the line and brake will fail. Put a braket to hold silencer to the frame, to much weight/leverage on the exaust head port will breack it.

  11. I like your style and the incentive and commitment to build, I was concerned by the following,…….. you seem to be very hard on the power tools that you use, the frame and fittings are very hefty and industrial for the size engine,  the lack of chain guard and the way it flaps about,  this being said I enjoyed watching the build, and the very best of luck with your future projects.

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