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How Automobiles Work

This video contains ads’ extracts likely to hurt
the sensitivy and dignity of our viewvers. Please, excuse we. Day 7 Technicien (T)
– Ah finally you’re here I was looking for you everywhere ! Are you fine, Gull ? Gull (G)
– I… I’m catching my breath. I just crossed… several kilometers by running. (A) – Oh… So I think it didn’t went of well… (G) – What ? (T) – Well : your rendezvous. Don’t you remember ? You met a chick I don’t know where
and you may have dinner with her. (G) – Oh yes, yes, yes… (T) – Well, it was 1 week ago ! You completely disappeared ! I was looking for you everywhere, I began to flip ! Don’t make me that, I’ve got a little delicate heart ! (G) – Oh, Technicien, I’m very sorry !
I didn’t realised how late it was… (T) – Yeah… Well, come on, tell me : what’s happened ? (G) – Oh, what a story !
Where to begin ? (T) – Well, talk me about
your much-vaunted rendezvous ! And with all the pithy details, you owe me this… (G) – What a night ! Oh, if you knew… We had a candlelit dinner outdoor, just her and me… Day 1 I’ve to say it to you, I’m shy. I never dare to take the initiative, I need to feel secure, and I feel I’ll be fine with you ! (T) – Ah, ah ! I knew you’re romantic !
The candlelit diner and all of it : it’s so cute ! (G) – I felt so good.
I never felt so much complete than with her. (T) – Whaouh : it seems being love at first sight ! And about what did you talking ! (G) – The discussion was one-way.
She rather was quiet, and it was what seduced me ! I love the ones who listen, are here for me, like you. Until here, the ones I met always was noisy,
and I even not heard my breath. I loves the ones who know how to keep quiet. (T) – Eh ? Your words disappointed me, Gull. (G) – She was so soft, the contact was so much good… (T) – Oh : and how did she was ? (G) – Spongy, comfortable… (T) – What ? Watch out Gull, because you nearly are sexist with your rubbish qualifying adjectives. I really don’t like how you’re talking about women… Women ? Of course no, we’re at cross-purposes, Technicien, I never said it was a woman. My everyday life was difficult with my ex.
Se often hurted my butts and my back. Sometimes, she resisted me, refused to drive me at work. I may got rid of her, in exchange for a bonus. It was a real traumatism. And then, I found you this night :
You, bright, straight from a dream. And I knew I’ll not have any problem with you. If you agree, I would we have a good run together,
you and I. I love you, Titine. (T) – A car ? (G) – Do… yes. (T) – You go out with a car ?! (G) – And why not ? It’s not astonishing.
It rather is in agreementwith the behaviour of the time. (T) – Err… But did you smoked roasted chicken ? Since when being in love of a car
corresponding to the behaviour of the time ? (G) – But for decades, Technicien ! (T) – WHAT ?! Let me explain… Chapter 4
“He has the car, he’ll have the woman”
Publicity Mythology of Automobile (T) – You and a car ?!
How can you came to it ? (G) – I only followed publicity recommendations. (T) – And… What do you mean ? (Ad voice #1) “Look at me, touch me,
own me, control me, elate me,” “hate me, love me, keep me.” “I’m ‘Giulietta’. Better than words : try me.” (Ad voice #2) “He has money, he has power,
he has an ‘Audi’ car, he has a soul.” (A woman)
“He’ll have the woman.” Chance hasn’t it place in an ‘Audi’ car. (G) – As you can see, car and love go hand in hand. (T) – But that’s nonsense ! (G) – The human being always have a particular relation with it mount, or any other means of transport. The horse’s figure, for example,
is at the heart of plentiful myths and legends. The fabulous Pegasus which permited to mortals
to rise until the Gods. We can think Mythology’s era is over. And yet, we never have been so much steeped in
by the myth than to our time. (T) – And to what are you thinking about ? (G) – To this. During the 1950’s, Roland Barthes, a french semiologist, undertook a thought, according to news, about the myths in daily life. Myth is a language, a thought which hangs together
on fictional contents having vital functions. The group’s cohesion, an explanation of the world,
the society, a social order, via communal representations. Myth converies believes, spreads certain ways, organises our link with the things. During the XXth century, in a consumption’s civilisation, myth crystallises in the object we consume. (Roland Barthes) “The new ‘Citroën’ car,
in any case when it appeared, the ‘DS 19′,” “it really worked like a magic object too, shiny,
without joints, with very much panes,” “a sort of heaven-sent object, like…
like in the Voltaire’s tales.” (G) – Like so, the mortal doesn’t rise to the sky
on Pegasus’ back anyway, but comfortably sat at the wheel of a ‘DS’. (T) – Yes, but I think that there’re in the myths…
I don’t know… Gods, fantastic, supernatural… (G) – Indeed, it’s a characteristic of plentiful myths. The mystical experience, the divine’s irruption in the mortals’ world via a fleeting but intense apperance, leaving the witnesses speechless… It’s what we find in a lot of ads,
especially in automobile advertising, where the car literally is deified, it bursting in reality of the mortal
acting as a mystical experience. The light, intese and disparate, divine, is a characteristic that our former myths shared with publicity too. Half-light play, deep night
in where the automobile is bringing light, technological shooting star, blinding light
like in a dream or a biblical revelation. And thank you, lens flares ! Ah, it recalled me my meeting with Titine ! (T) – Oh yes ! You didn’t told me how you met… I may be 1 a.m., nearly. Day 0 I was going out to train myself doing some ricochets. Good heavens ! (T) – Wait a minute : you was doing ricochets at 1 a.m. ? (G) – Yes, it’s one of my little noctural urges… I still remember : there wasn’t any noise, a calm sea. No one a cloud in the sky, nor Moon. And it was at this moment it produced. A little distant whirring… And then… this blinding flash ! I really believed my eyes was going to literally melt ! I was… wrapped by the light. And then… I distinguished a shape, some curves… And… it was her/it ! (T) – You’ve to stop sniffing some bleach ! I even have difficulty to seize how can we pass
from the mythic car, nealy deified, to the car we come to desire in a not-clear way. (G) – Desire : you use the good word, Technicien. Giving divine attributes to an object consistes in,
before everything, to drive it desirabler. In his book ‘Mythologies’, Roland Barthes liked doing this pun of the ‘Citroën’ “DS” with the “Déesse” (Goddess). Divine woman you can, in the exibition hall,
touch, stroke, palpate the stuffings. To use the semiologist’s terms :
“Here, the object totally is prostituted, owned.” (T) – It’s manky ! (G) – Myth is a word wich doesn’t define itself
by the object of it message, but by the way it’s proclaimed. In that, all can be myth for Roland Barthes. (Roland Barthes) “I would that be constructed currently,
this sort of encyclopaedia” “not of knowledge, it may be too much difficult,
but of human symbols’, imagination,” “of the society in which we’re living.” (?) “You mean of everything : truth, falsehood…” (Roland Barthes) “Truth, falsehood, dream, entertaintment, fantasies,” “all of that being converying
by object extremely differents,” “from the publicity poster to the press story,
and until the literary work.” “If you want, an object always is something responsible,” “it’s more than an object, it’s responsible
of what humans put in it.” (G) – These myths are suggestive messages we’ve to interpret in order to seize their implicit sense, their symbolic impact, their reception. Here is the work of the semiologist. (T) – Semiologist… What is this ? (G) – Semiology is the sicence of the signs. A sign is an pointer, a signal or a symbol which makes the connection between a signifier and a signified. (T) – Er ?! (G) – To make it simple : the words
or the pictorial representations are signs. Because they’ve an explicit designation, a denotation,
and an implicit designation, a connotation. The semiologist is the one searching to report
these significations, to understand the symbols. And publicity is rich in symbols, symbols which soak up in the viewver’s mind,
whether you like it or not. Semiology, or semiotics, can help us
to understand these contemporary myths, and so to demistify the message and the media. Journey, emanciaption, desire, speed effect, domination, realisation, social success, mastery, sex, the automobile advertising
doesn’t only extol the product, but also causes sensory and emotional reactions going until spreading ideological value and norms. (T) – Yes, but, there aren’t only cars’ ads,
it’s the same thing for all the other products, no ? (G) – Of course ! But automobile and advertising
have a very particular realtionship. They go hand in hand
because they have a collective history. Let’s go back in 1920’s. Remember : we even evoked it
when we talked about foreseen obsolescence. In the early of XXth century, in the automobile industry, it’s ‘Ford’ brand which is cormnering the market thanks to a work’s scientific organisation’s strategy
well-known by everybody, a.k.a. “Fordism”. If “Fordism” knowledge is well-integrated
in our general knowledge nowadays, we much less know “Sloanism”,
yet still determining in the automobile industry. Alfred P. Sloan became “General Motors” C.E.O. in 1923. He remained as it around thirty years. When he arrived, he organised a new strategy. His goal was to find a solution in order that
the consumer renewed his vehicule rapidlier. So, he banked on varied ranges,
whose the design regularly changed, and which corresponded to
the different sectors of society. (T) – Oh yes, I remember !
The Psychological Obsolescence by the Design ! (G) – Yes ! With the help of automobile deisgner
Harly J. Earl’s works a few time later. Fordism aimed for the volume :
an important production of the same product, it means ‘Ford T’ car at this time. Sloan kept this volume’s goal but added to it the varitey. He subdivided the group in 5 distinct brands,
with a prices’ variation, in order to affect and target different profiles. ‘Cadillac’ may target consumers close to luxury. ‘Chevrolet’ may be addressed to a wider slice. ‘Oldsmobile’ may embody tradition. “A car for all purses and for all uses”,
according to Sloan’s slogan. These markets’ segmentation
had the edge to arouse longing by a replacement of regular range, responding to
the social comparison and distinction’s needs. Besides, these segmentation
gave the impression of choice and variety while the consumer was captive of a same group. (T) – A captive market… (G) – Yes ! To be simple, Sloanism involves stimulating demand, and the success wasn’t lacking ! Because “General Motors” passed
from 15% of market share in 1921, to 40% in 1928. With Sloanism, car isn’t only useful,
it becomes a real finery which reflectes our tastes and social status. Object of contemplation and distinction. From then on : new options, colours, deisgn,
become new sales pitchs. And we’re in the 1930’s, with a real culture’s swing, stimulated by industrialists like Sloan : we pass from a need culture to a desire culture, where the individual asserts itself
with ostentation by it purchases. If Ford invented the “car for everybody”,
Sloan invents the “car for the I”. The everyday objects was going to become
desire’s tools, a mean of social assertion, not so say : sexual fantasies’ tools. The automobile industry is at the heart of this change. If the citizen objectively doesn’t need a new car,
he has to emotionally need it. Sloan well understood
the first consumption’s driving force is jealousy, the comparison with it neighbour, which will always encourage the consumer
to have the best car, the the most powerful, beautifulest, innovativest… Day 2 Car (C) – Please, throw away right now
this smutty magazine ! (G) – But err… Titine, I only am watching ! (C) – Are you even considering to change of car ? Do no, I’m not going to leave you for a little italian (car) ! (C) – For information, I remind you
I’m under guarante 5 years, with free repairing aid. Do you really want to get rid of all these offers ? (G) – Ah, okay ! What a frustration !… (C) – Thanks ! (G) – Frustration : this is the key
of all our consumer society ! To quote Charles F. Kettering sentence,
“General Motors” C.E.O before Sloan : “The key of the economic prosperity
is the creation of an organised dissatisfaction.” And how do you maintain such a dissatisfaction ? Nowadays, this intensified more. Advertising mainly pushed down
on emotional and social levers. Usefulness and the quality of the product
became secondary, even incidental. During the 1970’s and 1980’s, automobile ads still generally banked on the product’s display. The demonstration of it qualities
and it technological edges. (Ad voice #3)
“Numerical driving control,” (Ad voice #3) “Numerical driving control, electronic injection’s break in deceleration,” “as much innovations came from
universe of differences.” (G) – But the emotional ousted the rational. They don’t argue anymore,
they don’t present anymore, they suggest, they plunge the consumer into
an eddy of senses, desires, pleasures… These ads are evidence of a Neo-Baroque Era. For Gilles Delleuze, the characteristic of the Baroque is the infinite fold, fold on fold, fold according to fold. The fold is associated to the car’s curves,
but also throught contact with water, air and reflection. All of that heightenes some sensuality : you feel like wrapped like in sheets,
all by being steeped in by this divine entity. (Gull’s sensual voice)
Ah… Titine ! This softness… Wrap me ! Oh yes… Fluffy… Oh yes… Your leather… I’m huging your shapes, hug mines… (T) – Hey, Gull, can you come back among we ? (G) – Yes, yes, I’m sorry… (T) – Well, okay, until here I understand, but all what you’re talking is valid for all the other products. (G) – You’re right. But compared to the other products, the automobile advertising occupies a very particular place in the tremendous world of the advertisers. The publicity budget allocated each year
to automobile advertising shows it to us very well. According to UDA studies,”l’Union Des Annonceurs”, the automobile sector is the 2nd advertiser of France, with a 2.582-billion-euro budget in 2014. (T) – Wait a minute : am I deaf
or did I just heard 2 billion for one yer ? 2 billion 582 million euros : yes. And know, for information, the total spent budget
in ads in 2014, all sectors taken together, came to in France, according to the UDA,
29 billion 624 million euros. “29 billion 624 million euros” Among the 4 first advertisers in France,
we can find 3 automobile brands : ‘Renault’, ‘Peugeot’, ‘Citroën’. And if you go to see the other years,
you always nearly will find the same results. The automobile sector’s investment
in advertising is colossal. (T) – But that’s not logical ! I don’t have the impression that buying a car
is a priority for people, especially if they even have one which works well ! (G) – As it happens : less you need to hav or consume
a product from a strong industry, more you’ll be hammered home by publicity messages about this same product. It’s the only mean to encourage you to purchase,
to give you the impression you’ve to change of vehicle, by playing with emotional levers we even evoked : Jealousy, Frustration, Desire, Seduction… If advertising coressponded to our primary needs, we may have more ads about essential products. Why isn’t there so less, other than not at all,
flour and eggs’ ads ? (G) “Flour, keep control. For we, men.” (T) “Exists for women too.” (T) – Objection your honour ! I’m sorry, but we see many ads for essential products. For example, I don’t know… the bottles of water. (G) – Counter-objection :
bottles of water isn’t an essential product. We’ve the tap water. (T) – Yeah… But I still am skeptical. I haven’t a hunch that it’s by broadcasting
many ads for a car model that it’ll boost a model’s sales ! (G) – Technicien, the ads’ abundance
doesn’t so much aim for promoting the product, a particular model, but more the brand itself. In english, “marque” means “brand”, from the verb
“to brand”, “marquer au fer rouge” in french. Publicity, more particularly the automobile avertising,
is assigned with making an impact, interfering as much as possible in the mind. (Daniel Ceccaldi) “What’s a corporate image ?” “It’s in the same time the idea the public
has about a product or a man” “and the symbol he/she/it represents.” “In our civilisation, the oldest, strongest,
simplest corporate image is the cross.” “It’s the Passion of Jesus and in the same time,
visible by far, the landmark of a church.” (G) – The symbolof a brand, like the cross of the Christ, must be easily recognizable. Whether it be visually, but also aurally. Moreover, you’ll notice the replication
of the final music. (T) – Be careful, Gull, I forbid you to broadcast… Gull… (On ‘McDonalds’ music)
I’m going to kill you…! (G) – No doub this little end hallmarck
is the importantest part of every automobile publicity campaign. The cars’ ranges change, but the brand stays. Each new range is an excuse to a new ad and each ad is maked by the same symbol
and the same music. A variety of products crystallised in a same brand, with a blazon which etches in your mind,
wether you like it or not, like branded. (Jacques Séguéla)
“Publicity is a little bit like song :” “some remember the tunes,
some other remember the lyrics,” “and some other remember anything,
always except the name of the singer.” “Here, the singer is ‘Citroën’.” (G) – The consumer’s mind : that’s what it’s targeted ! You’ll notice pleintiful of ads adopt a rather-mad pace, with a high rate of cuts. You often find this editing’s frenzy in our cars’ ads. (T) – Of course, it’s to give a speed feeling. (G) – Yes, but not only. You could give a speed effect by playing
with one shot on a filing set too. According to psychologists,
such as Paul Bolls, Robert Potter and Annie Lang, who experimented about this topic, the mad pace of the shots permits
to more capture the consumer’s attention, because each cut causes in our brain
as a click linked to novelty. The viewver will bell more captured
by an ad having abundant cuts, and the product’s memorising
probably will be importanter. Little experiment : Let’s try to promote this rock with one shot. (T) – Err, Gull… wer’re getting bored. (G) – So let’s add a dynamicer music. (T) – Yes but you still not convinced me to buy this rock. (G) – Well, let’s make a little shots’ variation. (T) – Oh year, it’s a little bit better. (G) – And now, a variation of sets and images. (Voice-over) “I’m rock.” “I’m the witness of all eras.” “I resist to storms, time and weather’s corruption.” “I’m immortal…” “I’m… Rock.” “I’m made with the same matter than these of stars.” (T) – I’ll be damned ! Your rock became powerful ! (G) – Isn’t it ? Here, there was a brain’s stimulation
by the images’ novelty, and my little rock easilier must interfered in your mind. (T) – it’s not kind what you’re doing to me :
leave my brain alone ! (G) – Yet, it’s what we stand as soon as you watch TV, or when you walk on the street and you find billboards. The available brain time is designed
to be steeped in by this kind of advert. All these repeated messages,
these myths, these symbols, contribute to progressively associate
a product, a brand, to values, feelings. They bring landmarks wich reassure and lead us,
give us some hope. (T) – All of that sounds like religion. (G) – Too right ! Besides, know that regarding
brain’s observation via MRI, the religious faith and the love of a product,
or a brand, are identical. (Martin Lindstrom) “Nowadays, the brand exceeded
the product by generating a particular feeling.” “I call this a religion.” “And I’m studying the phenomenon for 7 years,” “since our fist study about
the consumers in love of a brand.” “People need to believe in something.” “Because the churches doesn’t arouse enthusiasm anymore, they’re replace by the brands.” (?) “And is it important for a brand
to be a religious brand ?” (Martin Lindstrom) “Yes it is !” “First, it’s very important to show it difference !” “Then, it influences the budget a consumer
is ready to allocate to the product.” “If people don’t consider a device
like something simply useful,” “if they began to feel with it,” “the price doesn’t come under consideration.” “It’s like if I ask you to estimate your wife’s price.” “If I tell you : ‘How much is she ?’,
you’re going to answer me :” ” ‘Martin, how can you dare asking me
such a question ?!’. ” (G) – The big brand replaced the churches. In this way, the brand and it ranges block our mind,
and by this open door, they associated to them values, norms, to whom the consumer little by little
will be pushed to join. (T) – Values to join, like for the religions. Or even a political party making some propaganda. (G) – The analogy is relevant. If politicians use electoral publicity techniques,
as everyone knows, or to extol their mandate, the publicists use a sort of politic speech, disseminating ideological enthusiasm,
anthropological views, future projects. (T) – And creating new myths. (G) – Yes ! Pure old-style propaganda,
but with contemporary means. (G) – We even sometimes find
our old nationalistic rivalries in some adverts ! “The car !” “Here, germans will ask themselves :” ” ‘Why ?’ ” “With ‘Renault Limited’ car, italians will be angry !” “The back car park help,” “Big equipment’s list” “The french touch !” The symbols and the revolutionary speeches are legion, with sometimes some direct historic references,
like the Fall of Berlin Wall. (G) – The car become an emancipation’s tool,
a messianic liberator. Liberator of surrounding noise, social constraint, everyday life’s pressures, stress at work. And when they don’t play with the revolutionary codes, they advocate an elitist speech. (Ad voice #4)
“We’re the Avant-garde.” “The front line.” “We’re the fashion’s Avant-garde.” “The design’s.” “The technology’s.” “We’re the sentinels scattered through the cities.” “The scouts, the pioneers.” “We open the road.” “We reject darkness.” “Our task is to further the world.” “To bring it there where it’ll never go without we.” “We’re different.” “There where we go, the other doesn’t go.” “We take the risks.” “We’re theses who announce what is coming.” “We’re the Avant-garde.” “We open the road.” “Light the road.” “Discover the road.” “Trace the road.” “But never, never…” “we’ll follow the road.” (T) – Just get out a little bit of his context,
this ad nearly sounded to be sectarian…” (Priest) – My dear brothers, let’s pray together. (All together) – “We’re the Avant-garde, the front line,” “we’re the sentinels scattered through the cities,
the scouts, the pioneers,” “we open the road, we reject darkness,
we’re these who announce what’s comming,” “we’re the Avant-garde, we open the road,
light the road, but never, never,” “we’ll never follow the road.” “Amen.” (G) – “We’ll never follow the road”,
in other words : “We break ranks”. The car is associated to the promise
to rise over the masses. Tell me which car you drive, and I’ll tell you who you’re,
I’ll tell you what is your place in the society. (Marcel Danesi) “The human being
always liked symbols.” “We’re wont to refer to things we identify” “as being one part of we, our identity,” “the flag, etc…” “Henceforth, these machines are
one part of our identity.” (?) “But how does a brand
can appropriate moral values ?” (Marcel Danesi) “They took over from Symbolism.” “When you live in a secular society,” “you need to believe in something
or you need symbols to lead you.” “In fact, marketing engulfed the minds
to the point of being unaware :” “you don’t notice it anymore.” “Besides, we, the human beings,” “consider ourselves, maybe, like a kind of brand too.” “Not a spiritual entity but also
something we can literally sell,” “via websites, the social networks,
Ipods, all what you want.” “It really is a revolution.” “One of the professor of this university
even became famous for this.” “I mean the late Marshall McLuhan.” “He pointed out the cognitive revolution will occur
thanks to technological changes” “which will come to extend our earthly body.” “It’s done.” (G) – The car, as an extension of ourselves,
is a real media according to McLuhan. When the car is shown, compared with the neighbour’s, it allocates places, change the relation we’ve with the others with ourselves, with our own body. Through the car as a body’s extension, we’ve a feeling it’ll reinforce
our power to act and to attract. Car isn’t so much a mount, but a very particular clothing item, an armour which stands it for the body. And by the same token a man
bends the muscle to show his strength, he plays with the accelerator to show his “Power !”. Day 3 I’m all-powerful ! The car become animal, controlled by the instinct. And the only animal who can, the slightest bit,
assert itself over a pack is the alpha wolf. (T) – Yes but please : we’re not a wolf pack. (G) – Do you remember the experiments we saw
about a suit’s wear connoting the authority ? (T) – Err yes, roughly speaking people
easilier obey and follow a dude wearing a suit. Well, it’s the same thing on the road. Dood et Gross could observe,
during an experiment made in 1968, when a person didn’t sarted up
his vehicle at a green light, the other drivers, at the back, hoked oftenless
when it was a top-end model, in comparison to an high-street car. The psychologists noticed too
that high-status people thanks to their vehicle was much aggressiver on the road,
notably about honk’s abuse. Day 4 We’re the Avant-garde, we open the road, light the road, but never, never no, never, we’ll follow the road. Guéguen and Pichot even could observed,
confirming previous studies, when an high-status person, so with an high-end model, infringed a road safety’s rule,
like acrossing zebra crossings, the rate of transgression by the other vehicles
imitating the first one was 54%. Yet, when it was a lower-end model
which infringed the interdiction, there only was 9% of followers. The high-end model is an authority’s symbol. And advertising contributes to reinforce this symbol. (G) – Being over the masses is cutting loose
from the conformisms too. (Ad voice #5) “What do you want ?” “Love, money, power…” “How many times did you say ‘yes’ ?
5, 6, 10,000 ?! YES !” “You alway are the one saying yes !” “Move your head from top to bottom, from top to…” “You always say ‘yes’ in your life.” “But did you even tried to say ‘no’ ?” “No to conformism, to discover a car
looking like nothing else.” (G) – Here, there’s a great paradox
which always enjoyed me : advertising promises nonconformism
by buying it product, while it aims for the most of people
conforms by buying this product, all by making themselves conform to a way of life. The publicists target precise social bodies. In doing so, they ensure theirs characters and the highlighted situations correspond to the typical profile. Therefor, they convey the same allegories. Pretty often, the typical driver is a white man,
about thirty or fourty, straight, working in a city in offices or in open spaces, living in a suburbia, in a pretty little house, having at least
one child, even three. (T) – And why three ? (G) – The number of places in the back. This kind of allegories, when they’re repeated,
not only they misrepresent our reality’s view, but also spread clichés, success’ models. For long time, it was usual to represent the car
as everyday life’s liberating. We could saw many ads where the car left the city, the families going on holiday, on vacation,
freed from Commute-Work-Sleep. But you’ll notice the automobile ads, since the 1990’s, became wildless, citier. (G) – The car doesn’t get away we out from the city anymore, but bring we in the city, maintaining we in. It doesn’t free we from the daily grind,
but promises we to better stand our everyday life. (T) – Car-Work-Sleep. (G) – Exactly. The car doesn’t take we for holiday anymore,
but for work : it adapts we. The cars’ ads participate to spread
a kind of work’s ideology. The care became a mirror of our social standing,
means of transport which take us at work, all by being source of desire
which urges on we to work and to socially rise more. Elevation traduced by purchasing a new vehicle. Everything is wrapped up. The car is work’s incentive and compensation. (G) – Our alpha wolf is a good worker. (T) – In any case, it’s not for a car
I’ll lock myself in an open space. (G) – And… for sex ? (T) – Eh ?! (G) – The beautiful car isn’t only
a social domination’s sign, but also a sexual domination’s sign. In animal kingdom, the dominant male is the one
who easiliest accesses to females. For some animals,
we can talk about “Secondary sex characteristic”, which’re visible dominance’s signs. For example, this secondary sex characteristic
takes the shape of a shimmering tail for the peacock. These signs set up a hierarchy between the individuals, distinguishing the strenght and vitality of each one. (T) – And where do you want to come to ? (G) – To do a simple analogy : the car is for the man
what the shimmering tail is for the peacock. The car become a secondary sex characteristic,
mainly for straight males. So, the man likes to think
his vehicle reflectes his strengh, vitality, power, sexual aura
which will can attract females. (G) – New analogy : a beautiful car is for the man
what a beautiful bosom is for the woman. A good point ticked in the seduction’s bingo. And this is how we come to this… (Ad voice #2) “He has money, he has power,
he has an ‘Audi’ car, he has a soul.” (Une femme) “He’ll have the woman.” (G) – There’s a promise to monopolise the woman
by the beautiful car. And this kind of ad reinforces the submission’s links
of the male on the female. In the ad, for the man, the car is, at twice,
the male body’s extension, sign of his domination, all by being the female body’s fantasy,
or at least the female body as a object’s promise. (T) – Wait. So, I summarise : the car is, at twice, the male’s manliness, and in the same time,
the ads associate the car to an objectified woman. Err… I don’t understand : all of it opposes, no ? (G) – No ! Identifying to something
and falling in love of it is calling : Narcissism. It’s this self-love we find in some adverts. This love is reinforces by the car’s anthropomorphism, which is quite remarkable compared to
automobiles’ design’s evolution, such as the headlights which progressively humanized to connote female eyes. By the bye, the association between pleasure to drive and the sexual pleasure isn’t only tacit. This sexual and driving relations’
associative method isn’t seldom And sometimes, it doesn’t come under suggestion at all. (T) – Yes, but there’re ads intended to women, no ? (G) – For the most part, cars’ ads are intended to men, although, in France, in reality, 1driver in 2 is a woman. It actually exists ads which’re trying to
specifically target the female tribe, sometimes by extoling women’s liberation,
promising them independence. We still find this association between
impulse buy and sexual deisre. (?) ” The ‘Opel Corsa’ : a wonderful line,
a german conception.” “Automatic a/c, touch-sensitive GPS navigation system, Bluetooth connection and parking help.” “Hello !” (A woman) “What’s this ?” (?) “Dont worry, madam, this is, Gunter, Hans…” (Hogins) “And I’m Hogins.” (?) “It’s the ‘Opel’ pack :
maintenance, guarantee and help during 5 years.” (A woman) “Yes… I take it.” (G) – Nevertheless, we sometimes find speeches which, although as off-beat humour, no lower are sexist. (Ad voice #6) “We, women, are inclined
towards improvising” “when we don’t find any parking space.” “But we always let our phone number,
if we find a bit of paper.” “That’s why the new ‘Renault Twingo’ car
offer you the option ‘Sorry to have parke here !’,” “little cards which pose you as a nice girl
even when you’re bad parked.” “Go on ‘newtwingo.be’ to freely order
your little excuses’ cards.” Fortunately, this ad triggered a reaction from people, then it was withdrew. But it neither is the first, nor the last
playing with such clichés. Ah… I still am waiting for
the automobile ads’ spread which, by the same token, will play with the male’s clichés. We, men, are inclined towards drinking too much
after a football match. That’s why ‘Renault offer you the option
‘Sorry to have chundered here !’,” little cards which will pose you as a nice guy,
even when you drive pissed. (T) – No, really : you stooped low, Gull… (G) – Oh, yes… I know. (Day 5) Further to this tipsy night,
I realised to what extent I changed. I was stepped by all these automobile myths. Day 6 It soonly has been one week I go out with you. (C) – 132 hours and 14 minutes exactlier. (G) – Ah… I can’t identify myself anyway. I become aggressive at the wheel and I have
the impression of being over the masses. I even come to dreaming of open spaces,
suburbias with pools, and I even set again to wear the tie. (C) – This tie wonderfully suits you. (G) – It’s over. (C) – Gull, think about what you’re doing,
think to the possibilities I offer you. (G) – No : I’ll not turn over. I walked during a long time,
without a specific destination. Then, I began to run. Then, I rediscovered the exhilarating sensation
of the wind brushing againt my clothes. I could deviating from my trajectory,
I could leaving the asphalt. Henceforth, I was in an unknown territory,
non-circumscribed. I could stopping anywhen, anywhere, dimming,
feeling the ground under my fingers. Watching the light’s lines over me :
light, this light, intense. It was here. But when did it come from ? An other four-wheel magic ? No ! It was something else… I run, I still run, nothing stopped me. There was an obstacle in front of me :
I didn’t had to brake it. I could skirting it, climbing and jumping over it,
because yes, yes, I knew jumping. Nothing stopped my running to the light. I was approaching… I gazed upon the source of all mythology. And it wasn’t a car. Day 7 And I moved on,
leaded by my simple thirsty for discovery. (T) – Ah finally you’re here
I was looking for you everywhere ! (G) – I… I’m catching my breath. I just crossed… several kilometers by running. (T) – Pause ! Oh no, I know the rest,
we’re not going to do again all the episode ! (G) – So, you henceforth know all the story ! (T) – Err Gull : at first, I just asked you
a very little question, I just would to know if your rendezvous went off well… (G) – Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve strayed a little bit… (T) – So, what do you advise us, what’s the conclusion ? (G) – Ah, good question ! You may noticed our inquiry
about automobile advertising didn’t so much shed light on automobile
as a full-fledged object, but more about the society in which we’re living : the consumer society. In this short-lived and non-end’s society, advertising acts like a window-dressing by disseminating new symbols, ephemeral by themselves, constantly updated as the car they invite us
to desire and reject in the same time. These myths are as much mystifications
of our everyday life, acting as moving points of references, nearly religious, which shape and guide us, not only in our desires, but also, and especially, in our way of life. “To have” is replaced by “to be”. “I have, therefore I am.” Unfortunately, It’s impossible to we
avoiding this publicity invasion, which we can consider as a mental pollution. Nonetheless, we can drastically reduce
the number of ads by avoiding some TV programmes, or magazines which only are
simple disguised prospectus. You can reduce the ads on the Internet
with adblockers too. Know that the billboard’s decrease in town
is becoming a-more-and-more-large claim thanks to collective realisations. Activism against publicity excess is abundant,
and notice it has it effects, like in Grenoble where, since january 2015,
the billboards are gradually took off to free the public space. And for the ads we can’t avoid,
let’s watch them with the semiologist’s glasses, and let’s analyse them in order to
understand the myths they spread. Because it’s the best way to demystify
and reduce their effects as for our representations. Ads are remarkable objects of study too to ask the society in which we’re living because they act like magnifying lens
on values and representations which sometimes are difficult to pinpoint. Let’s flummox these fictions which claim to be life’s models, let’s pay with theirs codes to neutralise them, let’s have fun by twisting them, for example. In this instance, the parodic diversion
is a very powerful protest weapon. So : let yourself go, create ! Good heavens ! It/She finds me again. (C) – Gull, you’re nothing without me.
We’re as one. (T) – Err… What are we going to do ? (G) – I think it really is time to
definitively remove the spell. (C) – You can’t do this ! (G) – Goodbye, Titine ! (C) – No, no, don’t do that ! (G) – Watch out Technicien, the lens flares ! (T) – Is it… over ? (G) – Yes it is. (T) – Gull, I’m sorry for your break-up. (G) – Oh, I’ll get over it. Tell me Technicien : didn’t you tell me
you drive a scooter ? (T) – Err yes, why ? (G) – Can you introduce it to me ? (Voice-over) “Look at me” “Take me” “Graze me” “Throw me” “Wet me” “I’m rock” “I’m marbled too for more sensations.”

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