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This is the drum brake on the front wheel of an SR 250. When we take a look on the inside we can see the braking mechanism. Here and here we have the brake pads. This part here rotates when I pull on the brake lever, as you will notice, I’m pulling, I let go, I’m pulling, and let go. Thus when I put on the brake lever it’s pushing these two parts of away from each other, thereby pushing the brake pads on this inside wall slowing down the wheel. These springs here pull the brake pads back to their neutral position so that when we let go of the brake lever they stop breaking. When we rotate this to the other side and again demonstrate what happens when we pull on the brake lever, as you can see, I pull and let go, I pull and let go. And this indicator here shows us how much life we have left in the brake pads. The other cable next to it is the speedometer. I’m going to demonstrate the action of the drum brake on the rear wheel. With my right hand I’m going to gently press the brake pedal and bring the wheel to a stop. As you may have noticed this mechanism moves forward when I push on the brake pedal and when I let go of it, it returns to this neutral position. It is connected to the brake pedal by this rod that I’m following with my finger. As you can see when I push down on the brake pedal it pulls the rod forward.

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