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How Automobiles Work

VOICEOVER: In an emergency,
if your car
has auto emergency braking,
it will sense danger
and brake if you don’t.
MAN: Call an ambulance.
Are you alright?
Are you OK?
You alright, mate?
Before you buy your next car,
find out more
about auto emergency braking at:

12 thoughts on “How can Auto Emergency Braking reduce crashes?

  1. OR… and just hear me out, OR that lady (I'm refraining from cursing here) should have planned her drive better. Getting into the left lane earlier so she wouldn't have to drive dangerously, not giving enough room for the man behind her causing this accident. The ad would have been more effective if you showed that kid running out onto the road with the ball and only seeing the ball and white all around saying "Kids only see what they think is important" and then everyone gives the driver a massive greasy look EVEN THOUGH (well we don't know the speed he was doing) he was doing nothing wrong, the Parent of that child should have taught her child better, that ad would have been more effective, as this one just shows a woman driving dangerously, changing lanes without giving enough room to the drier behind her, basically cutting across a lane so she can turn left.
    Fail ad.

  2. get auto braking?
    more like get rid of di#khead drivers
    hell my old ute thing doesnt had ABS or airbags but it does have a decent driver

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