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– We’re with John Kelly. John is a personal injury
attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. And he’s agreed to answer
some online questions related to car accidents. With that said, John,
I’m gonna go ahead and get in the first question
and we’ll go from there. First question was from Candace. Candace says, I was
in a minor accident with my 11-year-old
son three weeks ago. There was light damage to
the front right fender, but nothing major. It was a bit scary
for both of us, but it really didn’t
seem like a big deal. The insurance company from
the woman that hit us, is paying for the repairs
and the car insurance provided me with the settlement
documentations to sign. Basically, she got a
settlement document to sign. And the issue is my
son is now complaining of his neck hurting. What are my options? – Okay, for Candace having
your child in the vehicle, sounds like the
child’s injured now. Which is something that
insurance companies, what they’ll typically do
in these kinds of cases, is they’re going to
reach out right away and see if they can
settle the case. If she has a child that’s
complaining of an injury, she needs to get that child
in to be evaluated first, to make sure that the
child doesn’t have any long term consequences
from this injury. What can happen is that the
insurance company will send an individual who’s been in a wreck the documentation
and a check, and say, hey sign off on this. You’ll get this nice check. We’ll move on from it. The problem with
that is, later on, if there’s injuries
that were not diagnosed there’s no recovery for that. So, the good news
is for Candace, it sounds like the
adverse insurance company, the person that hit her,
has accepted liability. That’s a first step. So, they’ve taken responsibility
for this accident. It’s up to her now to
show the insurance company what her injuries are, and
her child’s injuries are. And they won’t take
her word for it. She can’t just call
them up and say, hey, my child has some neck pain can you compensate him for that. She’s gonna have to
provide documentation. So when I get a client, I make
sure that we have everything that is complained
of from the client that’s gotta be
evaluated by a doctor, actually diagnosed as that. And we use those bills and
records of those visits, to make a demand later on. Typically we wait at
least a couple of months after the accident to make sure that there’s no
lingering effects that we’re not taking care of. So, she should probably at
least consult with her attorney and definitely needs to
get medical attention for her daughter. – Okay, next question
we have was from Jose. Jose says, I’m a
construction manager and while I was headed to work, I was hit by a guy
exiting the freeway. The police came and
cited the driver for failure to maintain
control of his vehicle. My truck was totaled, and I
had to go to the hospital. The injuries were not major, but I missed three days of
work and I’m having back pains. The insurance company
is wanting me to sign a release document and
offering me a settlement. If I counter offer, will
I have to get an attorney? – For Jose, he does not
need to get an attorney to negotiate with the
insurance company. He can go all the way through all the settlement negotiations. He can go all the
way up to trial. He can even conduct
a trial on his own if he really wanted to. It’s not an advisable
thing for him to do. And honestly, for someone to settle a case
without an attorney in a case where they’ve
gone to the hospital and incurred medical expenses, it can be a little concerning. Because what a lot of
people don’t understand is hospital bills in
Arizona insurance. The hospitals are allowed
to do what we call balance bills. So, although their
health insurance may have paid some of that bill, There still is going to
be an outstanding amount that they didn’t get paid. Hospitals will then come back to the person who
got the settlement, and say, I want the rest of
the money from the settlement. So, that’s a lien
against the case. So, he’s gotta be certain
that he has enough money to pay off all of
those liens, too. Most personal injury
attorneys what they’ll do is they’ll actually
negotiate those liens, make sure they’re valid liens, often get major reductions
in those amounts, to make sure that the
client is getting money in their pocket for
pain and suffering. The other issue is, he
may have other avenues of insurance, or other
avenues of recovery that he’s not aware of. May look like a good
deal, but any time, especially with hospital bills, they tend to have
big numbers as far as how much it costs
for that treatment. Clients don’t usually understand
what their case is worth when there’s serious injuries. The settlements can be multiples when the hospital
bills get high. – Okay, can you turn down
your audio a little bit, I’m getting (loud echoing
feedback blocks speech) whenever I’m talking. – Sure, no problem. – Let’s see if,
okay, there we go. The next question was from Jeff. Jeff asks, how do I
know how much the car, oh this is pretty
simple, I guess. But, how do I know how much
the car insurance company should pay me for
my car accident. Yeah, it sounds simple, but
it isn’t a simple thing. And the insurance companies
spend 1000s, 1000s of dollars on this. They have actually
computer programs that have algorithms
that try to determine what kind of offers they
should make for settlements. A lot of it is dependent on
what the medical expenses are. If there’s a minor injury
with just typically, you know they consider
minor injuries, anything that’s
not a broken bone anything that’s no
major hospital bills, it’s difficult to get
three times your medical expenses in that kinda case. Sometimes you can. More likely two times. But once there’s
serious injuries that require medical attention, that goes a little bit further. It becomes kind of a situation
where it’s hard to determine. One of the other things
that he has to consider is how much of this
is gonna be included for pain and suffering,
for lost wages any other avenues of recovery. What are the limits for
the insurance to provide. Some he’s bumping
up on a limit issue. He may have $10,000
worth of hospital bills But, the adverse party only
had 15,000 worth of coverage. So, does he go to his
own insurance company if they have coverage. So, when trying to find out
what your settlement is worth, there’s sometimes there’s
settlement calculators you can find online. I don’t find those
to be very reliable. What I do is I
look at prior cases that have similar injuries,
and I have a way of ordering those through Arizona to
look at what other cases have settled for, or
have resulted at trial. So those can sometimes be
helpful to look at those. And the thing about injuries
is everyone’s injury is a little bit different. So for me to tell just based on what the accident
sounds like initially, is not something that
anyone should be doing. – Okay, and this is
the final question. This from Tommy. Tommy asks, I was recently
t-boned by a driver, and have significant
medical bills. I’ve been provided
with a large offer by the insurance company, and I think it should
cover everything. I realize I might be
able to get more money, but I really need the
cash now to pay my bills. How can I get more money
without having to wait for a lawsuit, etcetera. – Okay, so getting more money. It’s kind of a
conflicting statement. He said that it seems
like a good offer, but he wants more money. I don’t know if, what
exactly his situation is. I can tell you this, he doesn’t have to wait long. Even if he’s contacted an
attorney to evaluate his case. Look at the offer
that’s on the table. It doesn’t take more
than a couple of days for an attorney to
evaluate a case. Especially if he has all of
his documentation in line. If I have the medical records. If I have the police report. If I can look at the
settlement offer, usually I can see
where they’re at and give them some advice
about moving forward. There are times when an
attorney will be helpful in situations like that. There’s times that they weren’t. If they have a great
offer on the table, paying their medical expenses, paying all of their other bills, and is giving them money for
their pain and suffering, I’m not afraid to tell them, look, that looks like
a reasonable offer. Paying an attorney
fee is not worth it. There are some creative
ways to usually get quite a bit more out of a case, if a lawyer looks
down and really takes the time to
evaluate the case and say, we can do these
things moving forward, and I think we can
get you a good result, a better result and
maybe very quickly. We know that people have
problems with their bills in these kinda accidents, because they just
start piling up. And there’s that
temptation to settle your case right away. But it’s not advisable without
talking to a lawyer first. – Okay, excellent. Well if you have any
other questions for John, all you need to do, he’s
agreed to answer them online, all you have to do
is just post them into the comments
section below the video and he’s agreed to
get back to you. Thanks for your time, John. – Thanks Ryan. I’m always available to
answer any questions, so please feel free
to reach out to me.

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  1. how much is a case normally worth if you have gotten in a 5 car wreck all vehicles were totaled by the teenage driver on her cell phone and I have just had to have a microfracture surgery along with meniscus tear and cartilage after almost two years of therapy cortisone shots and gel shots and nothing worked I also have a tear on my other kneecap that was not there before so one knee that had bothered me two years before the wreck but I had lost 150 pounds and my left knee never hurt anymore and have records were I had not been to the Dr in a year before wreck when I used to go every 3 months for shots I'm saying this because I know previous injuries matter or do they so this is what happened hit dash I was passenger with both knees had huge hematoma on right knee I was the passenger in vehicle 2 that got hit from behind then we were shoved thru fence after Flying in air and hit and totaled 3 more vehicles I've been out of work 10 weeks all together and still not released to go back right knee the one I had to have surgery on not any previous problems at all left knee was well had been well for a year my bills so fat are 45000 plus missing 500. a week work thank you sorry so long

  2. There are a few tips how to overcome fear of driving
    have someone with you
    have additional driving lessons
    do not drive after dark
    listen to relaxing music
    (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Fergs Driver Dismay site )

  3. hey, I was in a motor scooter accident due to a non visible speed bump(the slim ones) in a apartment comp. there was no yellow strip or sign that warned(also at 3am so it's pitch black Tallahassee,Fl.) it was black along with the ground. I broke both wrist/hands. recked my cousin scooter. all right before going to MEPS for the navy to enlist. worst pain of EVER IN MY 22 YEARS OF LIVING. after surgery and therapy cost it($80,000-$85,000 maybe more) what's a ball park range settlement you think I'll be Looking at. please and thank
    * can't join the navy anymore

  4. hi my name is Blanca I had an accident on my way from work in the freeway the car hit me and I went spinning to the other side. officer said they didn't find any insurance on him or a license only a Mexican I.d he went to the hospital I didn't I was just shaky and in shock. the next day I went to the urgent care and got x-rays but haven't gotten the results yet. I do have some neck pain but not so much. my insurance called me back saying my car was a total loss and if I want to send it to total loss department I haven't had the chance to speak to him I will today. I was wondering if I should get a lawyer or will my insurance pay off my car I owe around 5,000ish and it's a 2009 ford Explorer xlt. and I don't know if I should g set a lawyer or see if my insurance covers my car thank you Corona CA

  5. hi had an accident someone hit me on the rear of my car ,damages was about 6000 , did chiropractic for abt 4 month had an mri ,and he had a big construction truck, around how much should I expect to get bc

  6. i get in car accedent just a few minutes ago i have access insurance. i call the company they don't really talk to me like they going to fix my car. is a 2004 Nissan maxima

  7. what happens when your medical bills are over( 100 thousand)greater than the 30 thousand cap they have in their insurance. if the accident happend in Texas and the person who caused the accident lives in Arizona?

  8. I recently got into a car accident. This young woman ran through a stop sign the cops showed up and she told them it was her fault. The cop asked only for my insurance name and give me the case number. Now I don't really know what to do next?

  9. HI there.I live in Melbourne..i had a accident in december and i was fully insured.I had some injuries but alright now.My car is still under repair.When i called them on given time they said they need more 15 days to repair.I am pissed because its summer here and its very hard to get my 2 year old daughter somewhere without AC in old car.What should i do,any advice sir..thanks

  10. Hi my name is Trinidad , I had a car accident and had a medical bill of 4300 , they offer me 6200$ …how much will I suppose to get base on my total bill?

  11. Hi my mom was in a super serious accident and the attorney that handled her case lied about checking the assets of the driver and i was to the understanding that he did because he said he did and we ended up settling at the small amount of 25000 policy limit when her case was way worth more can i get the attorney in trouble for lying about checking his assets when he didnt how do i even know the driver was wealthy because he lied about checking assets and my moms accident was so bad she had to stay at a nursing home for 3 months i really feel taken advantage of the lawyer i feel he lied just to make a quick buck and he never even spoke to my mother which i feel it was an illegal transaction

  12. Hi Kelly team, so I was t bone in an accident last year my car was totaled and the insurance company paid for the car but I still don't know how much my case is worth,my medical records are as follows,right after the accident I had both left and right knee arthroscopy, I also had a terrible neck and bark pain after the accident so I had to get 2 injections on my neck, and about my bark pain I had 5 injections but the injections didn't work so the Doctor had to do disectomy but the disectomy didn't work either so finally the doctor had to do a procedure call spinal fusion,which have help me a little, I still go for physical therapy but how much is my case worth.Thank you..

  13. Hello I live in Florida and I was hit from the rear while at a traffic light. The vehicle was totaled and I was taken to the hospital by an ambulance. I have a pre- existing injury to my neck from a workplace injury(ongoing workers' comp case) but the MRI I had after the auto accident revealed that I suffered more injury to my neck. I have several herniated/bulging discs and weakness, numbness, and tingling in my neck plus other areas (left forearm extending into my left hand and fingertips.) I have ringing in my ears, invertigo and a pain that is dull(but persistent) in between my chest area, which I never had before this accident. My attorney submitted a demand for $225,000. The insurance offer was $12,995 should I continue to negotiate or sue? Thank you for your response in advance.

  14. what to do if somebody hit me from behind totaling my vehicle injuring me and my wife but "I don't have insurance

  15. : ( i was in my second car within like 3 weeks… This time my car is pretty much destroyed.. some kid drove out into a busy main road in which i was driving on, and slammed straight into my car. I haven't had a crash like this since 2006.. I was a bit shaken up… I have the same attroney for both cases, and now I'm in therapy : (… I'm pretty much screwed… My back hurts all the time, and my shoulder now….UGHHH.. Both accidents i was not at fault thank goodness.

  16. hi in in oregon me and my family were hit by a drunk driver he admitted he was at fault to the police officer arrest him for driving drunk causing my wife to have a herniated disc went into to surgery to replace her disc what kind if case do we have

  17. Hi there,
    I was recently in a car accident with my husband and daughter in the car and my car was considered "total loss" after 3 months of financing this car. They offered $10,000 for my Nissan Sentra 2013. Initially, I put $2,000 down and financed for $15,000. Should I negotiate more, and will that delay me from getting a new car? I had a rental from my insurance "GEICO", but I have to return it by 6/27. I don't have any money to put down on the car, so I don't know what to do. Help!

  18. hello, I have a question my daughter was in an accident in which her brother was driving progressive accepted 100% liability. My daughter suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and now 4 months later we are still dealing with it. I just have a question for you but do not want to sound bad if a child is injured can a parent sue for the additional burden they are under now to keep up with her injury. I was just reentering the workforce when the accident happen so I did not have a loss of finances from work however it has hindered my ability to return to the job field and everything in our life has changed now we can not enjoy as a family like before loud noises hurt her so things we enjoyed before like the 4th of july was cut short very short due to her hurting so bad the noises and lights bothered her. the nuerologist and her Dr. did not clear her for full time school so she was put on a at first 1 hour a day of school after missing for 2 weeks then she was dumped up to 2 hours a day and was on the schedule up until summer vacation and they are continuing after she goes back as well so I can not work yet because no employer I have found will allow me to leave work for 2 hours while I take my daughter to school and pick her up so long story short do parents have any claim on the additional burden they suffered due to the negligence of thier driver. Not trying to get rich or win anything huge but atleast something to just cover the back bills due to me not being able to work. even now she has Dr.appts and she has counselling once a week due to her depression and extreme anger this has caused she went from being a happy little 11 yr old cheer leader to not even being able to handle light or sound and not understanding why this all is happening. They are treating her with some RFDI treatment for PTSD now just a nightmare .

  19. Hi my name is Dominick and I been in a car accident and year ago I have a rotary cuff injury but I have no medical insurance and I need help but my lawyer giving me a low offer

  20. Hi, i was rear ended by an 18 wheeler while 6 months pregnant as a result it put me at a high risk pregnancy an the doctor took the baby at 38 weeks. The baby is now 3 months an healthy but I have to go to go to the chiropractor for treatment. Do the baby get an individual settle? Do you think the insurance company will give me a low settlement

  21. hi kelly law team i have an urgent question, i was just sitting in my car with my 3 other minor children we were waiting for dad to come outside, i was parked out side in front of my house not wearing seat belts just sitting there when a high speed vehicle came from behind and slamed into us in the left rear side sending my 3 yr old daughter flying between the front seats amazingly when i took them to the emergency room the said tbey had no serious injury but i have cervical and lumbar pain and they are only sending me to a doctor so my situation is this i didnt have insurance on my vehicle will that be a problem for my case? will my compensation be less or whats an estimate that i can receive? thank you in advance.

  22. I have somebody hit my car '
    He told me he was going to pay , he told me if i can give him a couple of days '
    Then i find out he was not on any insurance and i try to contact him bit he never got back to me .
    Any advice on this ?
    I have a police report .

  23. A week ago I was rear ended at high speed on the highway. Wife and 3 kids In car. All went to hospital by squads. Car totaled.

  24. I was in the motorcycle accident last Friday. the car next to my bike decided to change lane and next thing i know is that i am flying and landed on another car bumper. I ended with a humerus bone fracture. how do i proceed from here? i did go to two different hospitals and was told to see a specialist, unfortunately the specialist will not see me because i was going to use my own HMO. i am at a lost.

  25. I was hit by a car walking in a bike lane, the lady who hit me wasn't paying attention I sustained a head concussion, factured ankle, contussion on my head, contusion on my foot and permanent scarring , bone bruise on my knee and common fibula nerve dysfunion and mylgia in my leg my attorney said they only have 250,000 and my med bills are over 61,000. I have a doctor saying I can no longer go back to a normal job standing or walking. after all this is said and done I will receive pennies and I'm annoyed and don't want to be screwed. my attorney had to file suit because they didn't want to offer anything. the police report and the person who hit me clearly said its was their fault, and the insurance did say they were at fault. so now I don't know whats going to happen. I did not have med insurance or car insurance.

  26. John, great job on answering Candice and Jose's questions and others posed to you from the prospective car accident and personal injury clients. Nice job on your live stream on YouTube also. Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season and 2018.

  27. Monday afternoon my mother was hit by a car who ran a red light going at about 40mph right in the center of the driver side. My mother is now having back pain and neck pain with brusies on her left side of her body. What do you think should be done?

  28. Good afternoon Wednesday December 12 I was rear ended resulting in a total loss the insurance of the guy that rear ended me doesn't want to pay me because it was the owners grandson that was driving I'm taking a taxi to work every day because I can't drive my car..What can I do in this case

  29. Please I have 2 questions and both of them regarding the same issue, I have an ssi income and ssdi income as well, but my Medicaid benefits comes through the ssi not from ssdi, so my question is if I get lump sum award because of the claim for pain and suffering after involved in car accidents, so would that will cut off my Medicaid benefits because I am very sure it will be affected-my ssi income. The other question, I had a consultation from attorney which she had confirmed that the pain and suffering claim or award will not consider as income and will not affect your (ssi income) at all, but I search on google and I find different answers.

  30. I was walking on the right side of the road my way to work in early September and I was hit from the back by car, I was on the hood, then she turned off and I rolled off in the ditch…
    The lady that hit me took me to the Emergency Room, gave me 20$ and left, I done a police report, and was out the hospital and was able to go to work, I went to a lawyer the next day and she started processing my accident… I been going to treatment 2 days a week ever since, they sent me to an MRI and a surgeon recently, and scheduled for another appointment Jan 29th. After seeing the surgeon, they dropped me to 1 day a week at the treatment place…
    This my first time doing all this,

  31. Okay, so I have a question about getting money from the insurance company that insured the car that was involved in the hit and run of my younger brother. The accident resulted in my brother's death, and about 3-4 years later my family got a settlement of a large about of my money. *my question*: are we supposed to write that money off when filing for our taxes? like does the IRS need to know that we've received a large sum of money?

  32. Good after noon, My name is Diane I was in a car accident in 1-13-2017. I was a passenger. The attorney that has been handling the case is Lerner&Rowe .last time I talked to them settiemen went from a 100,000 down to 30,000. I told him I could not take that. He told me Then I should have gotten better increases. My increases paid my bills of 48,000. I cant work but 3 to 4 hrs I dont work I dont eat. IM over 60. I don't understand most of what is going on Iv been lied to for the most part. Can you help me at all. Now they will not take my call.

  33. Hi my name is ivan and 2 weeks ago i was rear ended by a drunk driver and he flipped over and killed his passenger. Me on the other hand got rear ended and my back still hurts i want to go to a doctor but cant afford it and i called the other guys insurance company and they said that there only gonna give me 500 dolars which is my deductable but yet my life was jeopardized have a bad back and im only getting 500 bucks for my deductible im not sure what to do? Should i call a lawyer?

  34. Hi there, two years ago I was involved in a minor accident and now that person has sued me. She had already filed a claim at the time of accident but was rejected due to false claims. Now she is suing me for more than my insurance policy can cover. Can you provide any advice. Thanks

  35. I got into a car accident and I just found out I have to get surgery for a tear anterior talofibular ligament on my foot, how much is that worth if I sued (other drivers fault)

  36. I got a question.
    9 months ago I i hit a truck and bend the rear bumber while driving the company vehicle. The driver settled with the insurance company but now he has filed a civil lawsuit for damages and medic expenses against me and the owner of the company. Can he do that after settling with the insurance company?

  37. I drive a commercial vehicle and was hit by a SUV. No serious injury, they took me to work comp Dr. He had me follow up a couple of times and he prescribed me a med that interacted with a med I was already on, I got so sick I went to emergency they kept me over night running test, mostly for my heart (past heart attacks)
    W.C. seems to be doing what they should but but I want to file a claim against the other vehicle but dont know what figure is fair to start from, my main injuries were spasms on one side and my hip having a weakness that caused a little limp, it's gone now, but I still get the spasms. But I have been released from the jobs doctor. What's a figure I should be shooting for? PS. My vehicle had cameras, and the man said he just wanted to eat his sandwich from Wendy's

  38. Dude, I'm gettng sued for 300k for tapping some guy on a motorcycle, literally below 5mph. You guys are sleazebags, trying to leech money from hardworking individuals for nothing. His attorney claims he is suffering and is in pain, but luckily my insurance company found pictures of this dude in the Bar, Playing Basketball and riding around in his motorcycle still.. Unreal!

  39. We won my son car incedent case today in they are telling me my son need a structure or a restricted stucture settlement can u please guide me in the rite direction

  40. Insuranec is costing way too much
    Because off false claims
    Remeber eventually you will pay for that money you get

  41. Hi my name is Ernesto I was rear ended by a drunk driver and he didn’t have any insurance I got injured and went to the hospital because I had neck and back pain and now I am seeing a chiropractor what do you advise me to do

  42. Hello Mr. Kelly,
    My name is Jennifer & a dodge Durango crushed my left leg, I was in hospital for (4) days,they had to reconstruct my leg with plates, rods & screws, how much do u think I will get

  43. At what point in your settlement are you informed of any liens weather it be medicare , or child support etc?

  44. How do you know a lawyer is lying?  His lips are moving.  Learn to represent yourself and save the 30-40% you would pay one of these land sharks.

  45. i was in a car accident where the other car ran a red light and hit the passenger side of my car which cause my car to flip and hit a light pole. my car is completely totaled and i suffered a concussion and severe neck and back pain. the police have determined that it was her fault. will this have a big pay off?

  46. Just a quick question. I was recently involved in a car accident where the other party was at fault. My car has been in the body shop for over a month. Am I entitled to receiving loss of use even if I have a rental. I have a sports car and the rental rate per day for the rental they put me in is significantly less than it would be to rent a car like mine. Just wondering if I get loss of use for the days I have had a rental while my car was in the body shop. I should be entitled to the difference between the fee to rent a car like mine minus what they’re actually paying for a rental. Thanks

  47. Was in a crash that was the other drivers fault pulling out while on cell phone n crossed 4 lanes basically went to have mri and revealed nothing while still having pain . Got cortisone shot n went to therapy and still nothing. Got 2nd opinion and he said I needed surgery . Found out I had a torn rotator and crushed tendons been out 5 months and physical therapy. I’ve now been diagnosed with depression with all this , thankfully it was on job so I am getting workmens comp but do I have strong case and if lowballed offer comes to me what do u think is a fair offer?

  48. I was just in a t bone accident the other driver was at fault he hit me on the driver fender door area and pushed me head on into a utility poll and my wife was taken in a ambulance to the hospital and i went to the hospital after the car was towed we are both in pain my wife is lower back and knee and mine is kneck and lower back all tissue damage no breaks or cuts but my car is totalled. Im contacting attorney's tomorrow is that the best thing to do

  49. lawyers get too much money 1/3 for doing nothing , meanwhile you are out of work , nobody pay your bills , hospital bill , chiropractor bills , back spine doctors bill , injection bill, at the end the lawyer are getting more then you will get , meanwhile , go ask the lawyer for a loan or to speak to him , never in , you only get to talk to some young pretty case worker on the phone with no law degree, good luck with all your future pain and lawyers coming after you to collect .

  50. Hello I was hit by a valet driver in a customers car and had my daughter of 6 months in the car with me I was driveling a Chevy metro ls and he was driveling a Acura luxury I was totaled out and have been recieveing treatment on my shoulder off and on from my doctors to the insurance doctors they are speaking of sending my case to litigation what does this mean for my 1 year and 4 month case and I have had no rental or anything else this whole time

  51. Hello, are you still located in Arizona?
    I was involved in a rear end collision and my wife and I are injured
    (back/neck whiplash injury).
    The case is still fresh im just not sure if I should get an attorney involved , settlements have not been discussed quite yet however my vehicle has already been declared a total loss from the the other party insurer (state farm).
    She had liability so I'm assuming 15k will be max. Thank you for your time.

  52. I dont know what to do i had a car accident i was rear ended i was transported to the hospital i was pregnant at the time with twin i went into early labor i had vaginal bleeding a placenta abruption and a bulging disk and complications in labor i developed preeclampsia and /hemorrhaging so i have a case ? The person that hit me claims she was also hit from behind but theres no damages in her vehicle

  53. So I'm getting sued by some one from a accident and your telling my insurance company has to provide me a lawyer and if I lose. Than my insurance company has to pay the amount being sued for?

  54. How about if you didn't get injured but it was a hit and run but the vehicle was insured but the person reported the vehicle stolen after the wreck. Is this a shady case here.

  55. I was rear-ended by a driver in CA and had vehicle damage over 1K($1400) and have been going to a health clinic 2-3x week for about 2.5 months. The other parties' insurance co. has just contacted me but I already have an attourney. Does it hurt to call their insurance co and see what kind of settlement I can get? What would be a minimum settlement offer that I should consider? Thanks.

  56. I have a question. I was in a hit and run accident rear ended on my scooter the driver was later arrested the same night for leaving scene and DUI. My license plate was still embedded in the cars front bumper. I sustained minor head injuries and lower back injuries. I want to handle claim on my own any tips?

  57. I was driving last week on a Tuesday I was in the middle lane and as I was passing by this hotel this girl had just came out of this hotel stops in the middle of the road and tries to uturn but she can’t because of traffic here I come i couldn’t move to the right because there was a car on the side of me so I put the break as hard and quick as I could and I end up hitting her..the airbag knocks me and my brother (who’s a minor)out..my brother gains his consciousness back he thought I was dead he said I was laying on the airbag so he shakes me to wake up thank god I was able to snap out of it omg I heard bells in my ears seen stars ..This is my first accident ever I was so shook scared terrified and so broken hearted because my little brother had a few cuts and bruises..The other driver she had no feeling she didn’t say not one word she even had the audacity to ask some random guy watching is my car fixable their like no because that car is a late model and that they no longer make those cars anymore..She got a ticket for failure to yield and we checked ourselves in the hospital..Oh and my car is not fixable it’s totaled..do you think I can have a case should I take legal action?

  58. I wonder how many people milk these claims. I have a friend who ran over a 100 lbs improvised explosive device overseas and didn’t even document it out of pride. I’m going to guess a lot. Fucking scum bags.

  59. I was just wondering how much my settlement will be getting for getting rear ended (Car totaled) already contacted an attorney. I have been to the chiropractor for 3 months and now going to the physical therapy for a month now. I have whiplash and lots of lowerback pain.

  60. I was in and auto accident and I broke my breast bone and crushed my knee bone on both sides of my knee and some bone was removed. It's been 6months now, and I still can't walk with out falling or walking with a Walker. What kind of money could I get? I also have lots of headaches.

  61. Hi. A woman put her car in reverse and hit my car while we where sitting still waiting at a red light. Her insurance company is saying it was my fault. What should I do?

  62. I had lie ability insurance at the time of hit and run .Hit my car on a left hand turn called police report they say they no one on camera . I'm hearing that where I make my car payment to should of fix my car because I also had insurance threw them they said nothing to me at the when I told them

  63. Where I made my car payments to also had insurance on my car .I told them about this they didn't do anything.

  64. Is it possible to win some but not all of the financial damages you are seeking in small claims court? For example: I'm seeking $3600. $1000 of that will be easy to prove liability & damages. The rest of the $3600, won't be so easy. Might a judge award me the $1000, but not the full $3600? Does going after the full $3600 hurt my chances of an overall successful outcome?

  65. i`m wondering what my settlement will be…uhaul truck pulled out in front of me..the guys insurance doesnt want to take responsibility, and the driver didnt report accident to uhaul. the other driver was cited. my car estimate is over $2300…i had to go to chiropractor for 8 weeks for whiplash and shoulder pain…chiro said i`m not getting worse but i`m not getting better. the lawyer has just received the paperwork from chiropractor. i`m wondering who is going to be responsible, uhaul or other drivers insurance, or driver himself?

  66. I was in an accident Friday. I felt a scrap on my back but I didn't think it was a big deal and I was more worried about my sports car. I told the EMS that I was fine. Later that day my back and right side started to hurt. It's still hurts today. It's saturday. I'm planning to call my doctor on Monday. Is that too late? I'm not trying to get billed for doctor visits that I don't need.

  67. My little brother was in a car accident last night (he was not at fault) he had done a police report and told the firemen that he wasn't in any pain (bc of adrenaline) so they didn't really check on him (yes not the paramedics) he didn't get much information on the guy at fault but his license plate number. He is now saying he is having major neck and chest pains, his left knee and left elbow are swollen and has a hard time walking. my question is because he doesn't have health insurance, is there anything we can do to try to get a settlement?

  68. My wife was sitting at a red light when a guy hit her from the back really hard, and she was a car length away from the car in front and managed to damage that car in the process in total it was 5 cars. She had two kids 2-6 and her brother age 14 in the car, my kids are scared to be in the car and my son has nightmares about it. What can I do? The guy that hit her worked for Uber , I'm trying to find out if he was on the clock. He showed no signs of stopping not even skid marks .

  69. I had n accident and the car is total lost but didn’t pay it off yet it’s a 2017 Chevy do the insurance will deal with me with the settlement price or they will deal with the dealer ???

  70. Listen I'm worried like hell, I have never been in an accident so much as a parking ticket all my life and then recently i rear ended someone on the highway this person is now suing me for personal injuries, but the car i was driving was in my fathers name…im broke…are they going to try and sue my dad for everything he owns like I feel soo bad about all of this

  71. ~ if someone is trying to sue someone else with no money instead of taking the money from the insurance because they want more does the case get thrown out of court or what happens?? ~

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