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Hey how’s it going people BrownBrady here And thank you for tuning into my channel A friend of mine asked me to put together A video on how to add gas to a motorcycle And so this episode is all about that I’ll show you how to add gas or What our European cousins call petrol To your motorcycle Both from a gas can And from a gas pump In two different motorcycles Additionally I’ll tell you how often I fuel up What fuel grade I use And what additives I mix in it So first from a gas can Always a good idea to have one in your Garage just in case But gas in storage will become stale So it’s always a good idea To add a fuel stabilizer In the can otherwise you must consume it Within three months So to unlock the gas cap On the Nighthawk There is a key hole cover That slides open Insert the key And twist There are different styles of gas caps Some are completely removable Like the one on my Nighthawk And others have a door that swings open I like to keep the cap on the bike And upside down As opposed to on the ground And right side up where dust will Stick to it Most will require your ignition key To open it and also has a key hold cover This forces you to shut off the engine Before you can fuel up The key hole cover on this bike slides Sideways and slides back into place Because it is spring loaded Here is a close up view of the door Assembly You will see that it has two spring Loaded legs that extend past the tank Opening to hold it in place And when you twist the key it retracts Those legs so that you can pull it out So fill up the tank to the desired level Or to the bike’s recommended maximum level Keep an eye on the hole and make sure that You are not overfilling it because Your gas can will not automatically shut off Then to replace the fuel tank cover Line it up so that the arrow points towards The front of the bike And push it down until it snaps into place Good Now to fill up at a gas station In this footage you will notice that I didn’t even get off my bike to fill up I like to stay on my bike whenever I fill
up So I keep my wallet in a carry pouch Fitted to my backpack’s shoulder strap So to remove the gas cap It’s similar to the Nighthawk Except the the key hole cover swings upwards The cap assembly is also similar in that It has legs to keep it in place This tank has a shield at the opening but That shield has a tendency to create a Backsplash So I have to make sure that I loosen the Grip on the trigger on the pump The shield also acts as a max level gauge So I fill it to about a half inch above That shield As far as fuel grade it’s your call But I always put the recommended grade shown On the manual which is octane 87 And I don’t put any additives on my CBR But I do put a capful of Seafoam On my Nighthawk To maintain the cleanliness of the carburetors And by the way that hole on the side is Actually an overflow drip hole And I plugged that hole in my Motorcycle wash video and I know now that I don’t have to do that It routes any overflow down to an open ended Tube at the bottom of the bike Like the Nighthawk The key will remain stuck in the cap On purpose which forces you to put the Gas cap back on before you can Start the engine And to secure it back on Align the arrows towards the front of the
bike And push it down until it locks into place One of the advantages of motorcycles over
cars Is that you don’t get to visit the gas pumps Very often For example when I had my CBR 125R At first I thought there was something wrong With the fuel gauge because It was so fuel efficient That I only went to the gas station Every three weeks And I don’t need to state the obvious but Depending on how much riding you do And how hard you twist your wrist Results may vary On my CBR 250R I get around 75 miles per gallon But I ride like a grandma No offence to grandmas but that is Actually a compliment And to put this into perspective I get around 30 miles per gallon on my Honda Civic And that one even has a manual transmission But anyway I think I’ll end it at that Guys if you liked this video please Let me know by hitting that like button Or better yet hit that subscribe button And I’ll see you in my next video As always ride safe And thanks for watching

25 thoughts on “How to Add Gasoline/Petrol Fuel to Your Motorcycle

  1. Haha…..learn something new every day. So I'm watching this video at 2:30 am, and I see you push your gas cap on and it snaps into place and automatically returns the key to it's inserted position ready for removal. Soooooooo……..out to the garage I go, and sure enough it works on my Shadow. Now I feel stupid. Some biker dude probably seen me push down on my cap and wrestle that key and though "noobie". Lol
    Thanks BB, love your vids.

  2. Thumbs up! Very useful to the noobies. A note about octane. Octane is not an oxidizer. It will not give you more power. Octane is used to increase the fuel's resistance to compression ignition, which causes engine knock. It's used in engines with high compression ratios, where a lower octane fuel may prematurely ignite, as the air inside the cylinder is compressed and heats up during the intake cycle. If your manual says "use 87 Octane!", using a higher grade will not give you more power, more likely it will flatten out your throttle curve, empty out your wallet, and make you look like a chump to people who understand petroleum technology. Thanks for the video and science FTW!

  3. I'm about to have my first refuel with my DRZ400SM so my question is, especially for those who live in the US, do those automatic shutdown features in most fuel nozzles work on motorcycle tanks like with cars? My manual tells me that I should keep an eye on it until it reaches the bottom of the filler neck, but I'm thinking they're just saying those things to be safe.

  4. I know I am probably over thinking this but does the bike have to be in neutral or 1st gear when turning it off for fueling?

  5. Many 'petrol' (lol) stations in Australia will go a bit spare on you for filling up while sitting on the bike – there are signs saying you must dismount (and sometimes remove helmet as well – which you must do when going in to pay anyway) Reason being if the fuel vapour ignites over a hot engine, well you're astride it :p Leap off, bike falls over, burning petrol everywhere lol. I don't know how likely this is, but those appear to be the rules in lots of stations.

  6. Here in the UK some petrol stations have signs saying don't sit on the bike while fuelling. I've never understood why. I guess it's in case you lose balance and drop the bike and the petrol spills out. I generally fill up sitting on the bike at stations without that sign, and it's never happened to me.

  7. Great video. I would just like to mention the importance of inserting the nozzle all the way in at first and then gently filling up with gas for the last/top portion of the tank in order to avoid splashes. Gasoline is extremely dangerous for your eyes and can damage your cornea in a very short period of time. If it does happen then rinse out your eyes with water immediately and seek medical attention. EDIT: as another person mentioned below: this is also a good reason to get off your bike before filling up.

  8. Wow, octane 87… The lowest I can full it up with is 95 (with 5% ethanol) but I always try to get ethanol-free fuel, like BP Ultimate 98. Yes it's more expensive but there's much more to it than just the costs…

    Ethanol is a water attracting additive which easily can lead to corrosion inside the fuel tank, carbs/injectors and engine. It also is agressive to rubber/silicone components like hoses and gaskets. Ethanol is better for the environment (they say) but has less energy in it so an engine use more fuel.

    In the end after a full year of riding (approx. 4000mls/6000kms), I have paid no more than 30 Euros extra on better fuel, but save much more on stuff I didn't need to spend (extra maintenance and internal protection).

    Back to your video, nicely done! Unfortunately I have to get off the bike as the fuel cap is under the pillion seat. But then again, it's always a good thing to stretch my legs anyway.

  9. I fricken pulled out that fuel vent tube on accident on the cbr. I just have to make sure I dont overfill now and leave the bike in shade when i have a pretty full tank

  10. I have a honda 250r cbr my question to you is on mines I can't put the gas nozzle all the way in the gas tank is like that on all the 250r cbr's? Its annoying cause the gas tends to splash all over the place. Any solutions.

  11. Good video for newbies. Just my 2 cents but i have kids and they go through a bunch of socks. So i take the holey (clean) socks and use them as a splash guard for fill ups and also to wipe up any gas spillage. Then you can toss it in the trash. Socks are soft, easy on the paint, absorbent and were gonna get trashed anyway.

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