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Hello, tutorial shows you, How to auto start any website or program at windows startup First I’ll show you, how to auto-start your web-browser with your favorite websites, using batch file script So, create new text document and write easiest windows command Choose your browser name and type website, which you want to open Name and save file as a batch format Ok, works fine Now, let’s move it in startup folder Open startup folder, by going to Start, All Programs then, right-click on Startup folder and select Open If you are using windows 8, and don’t have start menu, press windows-key + R, on your keyboard In a box type the following To enable or disable auto run programs in windows 8, open task manager and select startup tab In Windows 7, go to start, in the search box type, msconfig and select startup Ok, let’s test it Works fine If you want, auto start any program at windows startup You just need to create a shortcut of the program and move it in startup folder but some programs may not work in this way, let’s see I’ll demonstrate with notepad and USB creator As you see, it works with notepad, but not with USB creator So, you can run it using batch file Type the title, doesn’t really matter as you name it, but it must be in Quotes Find and copy your program path Works fine

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