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so guys, bussing tables! In front of me I
have all the plates that you will find on the table when the guests are
finished with their meal. Four people, two tafelspitz
one backhandel one goulash, side dishes for the taflespits, sauces and potato salad. When the guests are done and you have to buss the tables those are the
plates that will be there I will show you how I do it I prefer to take all the
planes at once I don’t need to make two trips to the kitchen and come back
and wasting valuable time. So let’s start, what I do first, I go with the big plates those
plates I’ll take it first of course if you want to if you
work in a upscale restaurant you’re gonna have to file a etiquette and the
etiquette says you take the plates from the ladies first
you going to have to follow this but right now we’re talking about casual dining
we’re talking about 90 percent of the restaurants how you can do it you take
it of course you go from the right side of the guest you taking with a right hand
then you put the plate on the left hand because that’s your hand that carry the plates
guys and you go for the big one again now you have created for yourself a
platform and you can put a lot of things on this as long as you have a strong hand.
for the ladies it’s not recommended you cannot carry all those place at once so
take two trips or ask somebody to help you don’t try it
home not at work but for the gentlemen it’s recommendable you will impress your
guests. Then we go for the round first we take all the main plates and
that’s what you do now guys, those plates are empty but most of the time
not most of the time but sometimes I guests that are not finished with their meal
they don’t eat everything that some particles here stay on the plate and
that’s something that it’s gonna bother you but there is a solution
for everything. So we talk that: two plates you create a platform then
you put the main plate on your hand and on the second plate now we’re gonna
stack here all the empty plates and go further then you upload this one you go
for the second, you put all the empty plates here neatly stacked, put this here, you go here the table is bussed, now this thing
is about 8kg, you gotta run to the kitchen fast, because other way it’s
gonna break your hand. But when you’re finished and you turn you back to the
table you can help yourself with the right hand and just
carry because it’s heavy and if you are trying to carry it with one hand it’s gonna be
a real problem. Most of the time time you’re not gonna be able to walk 20 meters or 30
meters with all those plates but that’s how you buss a table. Now there’s
some rules that I will explain to you later and they are very important, cause as I said we
don’t carry empty plates and restaurant most of the times those places
have some meat they have some garnish left and you will have to be careful
with that but the most important thing to know is take the main plates first
you create a platform for yourself and then you can stack everything else on
the plate that stays next to your hand and all the side dishes and the
silverware everything goes here in those two if you
don’t have the plates like that if everybody has order chicken parmesan or
fried chicken or something like that and those are the plates that you do have
on the table, it’s the same way where you just go like that and you go like that
and then all those small plates empty plates go here everything that you can
stack here is stacked here because that’s as close to your shoulder
and you can carry more weight like that if you stuck it here on this plate it’s
going to be 3 times more heavy and you’re not gonna make it
so everything goes here it’s easier to carry and all the small plates and the
silverware goes in those two plates okay pretty much that’s all about there is, now of
course you buss the tables with your right hand the plates from the right
side of the guest: Are you finished? – yes! you take the plate go back you transfer
to play to your left the next guest and you don’t have to ask
no more once you ask the tables finish and they say they’re finished you just go
ahead and collect all the plates. now we’re moving forward. so guys the other point
about bussing plates from the table what I’m watching is and it’s important
because it makes my job easier all the tasks you know , those plates that
have food on it like right now let’s say this is food here
this is food here and there’s some potatoes left on this plate and this
plate this guy ate everything so this is empty and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take
the food the plates that still have food on it first and make my platform with
this plates, okay, then I’m gonna go for the empty plate to make this here so I
don’t have to bother with this moving this food from one plane to
another plate but of course when it’s like that and this plate is
still with some food in it and you have to stack it here you cannot leave it on the table
anyway so you put here you take a knife or a fork or whatever from the table and
you just push it a little bit nice and easy
or if it’s like that you can take it and just move it and you have another empty
plate and then you can keep stacking everything else and if there is some
little thing here you can do the same thing you can take a fork or knife just take it and put it on the other side. Of course I’m trying to avoid
this moving food from one plate to another
that’s why I always go first for the plates that have some food on it and I
use it for my platform then I don’t have to bother with moving food. It’s not nice in front of the guests but we have to do it because there’s no other way and plus
you’re wasting time and this thing is heavy
and now it’s weighting on my left hand and I’m just really getting really tired and
if you do it for this table and the next table and the next table or the next table
and all day long you will get tired guys. so try to be quick and efficient and
that’s why I’m telling you always watch who has something left in his plate, take it
first and go and stack the empty plates nice and easy and run to the kitchen. That’s pretty much covers all the basic stuff

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  1. Hey guys, the video is pretty basics but it is the main part of bussing tables! If you have questions, feel free to ask!

  2. I have to bus a table tomorrow, my first day on the job. I'm 5'9 and weigh 143lb. I'm a bit worried about balancing that many plates. The last thing I want is a shaky arm if I'm not strong enough.

  3. I will be called soon..i'm very worried because i have some muscular problems, i can't really use them a lot because they'll hurt after a while..
    I hope people and (mostly) my employer won't judge me for that..

  4. To do it, you need a really strong left hand? Do you have any advice for newbie like me? I mean sometimes my hands are shaking, not just because its heavy, but because nerveous too. Nice video sir

  5. My cousin has multiple restaurants and I’ve never had a job before.. she randomly called me today and asked if I wanted to come bus tables .. y’all in scared

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  7. Hey I'm working my first job ever as a busser and idk if you'll respond to this, but I was hoping if you could give me some tips since I've been a bit sloppy lately and I want to improve. My tables are either quick but unfinished or slow but spotless. I work in a busy diner so they have to be done in under a few minutes.

  8. I work in restaurant with 80% female employees and they all bus like pros.. I freaked out when I first started.. just saying don’t be fooled just cuz they are women they are just as capable as us men

  9. Thanks for making this video. I was offered a job busing tables but I have no experience working in a kitchen, I feel more confident having watched your demonstration. Thanks again.

  10. Je me sens bien avec votre chaîne Je me suis senti mal parce que je ne peux pas supporter beaucoup Je n'ai rien attrapé combien cela coûte-t-il longtemps La classe

  11. So helpful! Really great explanation, good intro to the profession. Great way to train bussers to be more efficient.

  12. What the?!? This gent is smaller and skinnier than any female. I have a pretty strong inclination that any woman could have more strength than him. I honestly had to rewind this to make certain that I heard him correctly. What century are you in?

  13. please sir,what if the plates with food are not following one another ?Do you pass your hand over the table or you pass the guest with the empty plate to come to them later ?

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