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88 thoughts on “How to Catch a Bus in India 🚍 (Booking, Finding Bus, Getting Off & More)

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t do this video of “how to catch a bus in India etc” when u first went to India. I thought this would’ve been one of the first type of video you would’ve done and uploaded lol

  2. I used to find it stressful to catch a bus when I was in India but I always enjoyed it. My husband hates travelling but I loved it going from Delhi to Punjab always had lots of fun. Last year we went on a private bus to Rajasthan had the sleeper bunker it was awesome I've never been on a bus like that before I loved it.Thanks Karl for showing us and giving us guidance.

  3. मेरे यहां तो बस लोग इस तरह ठूंसे जाते हैं, जैसे किसी बोरी मे आलू ।
    और आपके यहां…….?

  4. Great Video Karl! Just a little confused about the fake water part how can water be "fake" is it not actual water or is it contaminated?

  5. Hi Karl! Met you in the modeltown while you were campaigning. You were so humble and grounded. It was really nice to meet you. GBU 😊

  6. I personally never really had a ‘want’ to visit India until I started watching your videos a few months ago! Now I want to visit more than ever.

  7. Government busses also have a/c, sleeper and online booking. This is usually when you travel between cities. Most of the states have it.

  8. 2:29 The famous image of people on top of bus rooftops. I used to think that image was photoshopped.

  9. I don't know why i want to watch this video cause i am indian and i know how to take bus in india but still i wanna watch.

  10. All the curious Indian faces gathering around behind you and looking at the camera when you are talking about the fake water is friggin' hilarious. Brilliant.

  11. This was extremely helpful, thank you so much! Would love to also see a similar video related to traveling by train.

  12. US navy seal hardest military training but if you survived in India means you can compete anyone in the world 💪🙂🙂

  13. I m from Haryana ….This is Hansi bus stand….I used to be a daily passenger in my student life…Haryana roadways both fun and frustration at same time …Enjoy your trip bro

  14. You got off at peeragarhi….it's like just 10 minutes distance from my home.
    Looking forward to meeting you and manisha some day.

  15. Haryana maybe a backward ass state where the government buses look like the dogs chewed up the bloody seats but if you go south to Karnataka or Tamilnadu and even Kerala, the government buses are in top shape. Karnataka offlate has some of the best buses run by the government transport corporation. TN has good buses though they have fallen behind Karnataka in the last 20 years.

    Himachal Pradesh has excellent government buses too.

    So it entirely depends on the state.

    To make a sweeping statement that government buses are bad is very shortsighted.

    Though the government buses in Haryana seem to look like shit and rolled out of a junkyard.

  16. The best and only one solution for indians would be ::"""stop Fu** king and you will have less population'' they don't even understand this

  17. Hi Karl, I have a question. Have you ever seen snakes in india and should you come to india if you petrified of snakes? I live in NZ and Idk why but Im Petrified of snakes even tho theres none in NZ. Ever since ive started to watch your vids ive been wanting to come to india?

  18. You should note that when it comes to buying tickets for private busses as well as trains you sometimes have to go through brokers and they will occasionally try and rip you off. That happened to me in Jaipur. Luckily a local who was traveling on the same bus stepped in and straightened things out for me. Overall, I had a blast and met so many friendly people on the busses and trains. This video makes me want to go back again. Definitely learn to adjust your expectations. Everything happens and moves at different speeds. That’s just part of the experience. Now I’m thinking about all the great food I ate.

  19. This whole video and your existence is a lie. Living as a privileged individual in India and New Zealand. Acting like a traveler. How many servants live I your uncles estate whitey?

  20. One thing is sure, people do help as they can to travellers and this is same across many states.
    The biggest advantage of traveling in govt bus is safety. Even if the bus gets malfunction or anyother issue, they will make sure you reach destination for what u paid. And if by chance you forgot to deboard, u will end up at a proper bus stop. In cases of private buses they usually operate between cities (with pickup and drop points which are not bus stops).

  21. I heard you should NEVER eat the food at a stop the buses in India visit because they are dirty by Indian standards . Is that true?

  22. Most bus station in Southern India and Gujarat and Maharashtra have English time table and you can book online. Also I recommend booking online checking reviews than booking offline.

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