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100 thoughts on “How to Choose The Right Size Motorcycle Helmet from SportbikeTrackGear.com

  1. For a future topic, how about discussing (1.) the best "design" helmet for your riding style… for example: a helmet designed for the aggressive, tucked-in style for high speed riding vs. the straight-up style of riding a cruiser bike. (2.) Also, maybe share what kind of riding helmet with a visor is appropriate vs. a helmet without a visor, vs. a modular helmet. (3.) And lastly, maybe the pros and cons of the half helmet, vs. the 3/4 helmet, vs. the full helmet, vs. the modular helmet. In my experience, the wrong helmet design can contribute to uncomfortable buffeting, excessive wind noise (that can damage hearing), and the sensation that a helmet is being pulled upward by air flow from being seated at the wrong angle for that particular design. I've learned (by expensive trial and error) that the best helmet I can wear riding a sport bike in a crouched-forward position is NOT the same helmet I should wear when seated straight-up on a cruiser. Thanks for your consideration.

  2. Why didn't aluminum shell helmets ever come into popularity  ?  Other helmeted people have them , why not motorcycles ?  You see metal helmets in the armed forces or on the heads of folks riding horses .

  3. Great video. When donning / doffing my helmet it feels like it's going to rip my ears clean off my head. But when it's finally on it feels snug but comfortable in all the right places. I guess if I wanted to just look cool I would wear a cereal bowl with a chinstrap.

  4. Guys stop with the shirt comments. There’s a difference between safety wear and fashion preference. The latter is personal. The former is universal and mandatory.

  5. The problem I have is my chin is practically touching the inside rim. Is that normal?? I think I will fracture my chin if I plant face-first

  6. A large proportion of the population wear glasses, or should do to have sufficient vision.
    What about the fit / measurements if you wear glasses.

    Do you need to remove your glasses to comfortably put on a helmet or leave them on?

  7. My head measures exactly at 59 CM which puts me into the large category from the chart but im just wondering if i can risk getting a medium or is it a must that i get a large because i hit the 59 mark?

  8. You weird elongated oval egg shaped alien head people are making us NORMAL shaped heads suffer with freakin' migraines every time we put on a damn helmet, but we have no other choice but to suffer because we like that particular helmet.

  9. @RevZilla  i am planning to buy the ls2 ff352 rookie helmet which is around 150$ in india my head is intermediate oval if my headsize is 58.5 then which to chose cause in india 59-60 is L SIZE and (57-58) is M size

  10. Now i dont know if i bought the right size of my helmet. My head is big between L and M but when i wear M i have some preasure points and my face was red but when i try on L i can get fingers inside but fit much better. So i bought L. I hope when the helmet will be deliver it will be the right size🤔

  11. you not test anythink good helmet at eyeglass user, need be full open face and can closed full closed helmet style, then can use eyeglass too, and not need roll anythink or eyeglass drop. full closed helmet not have good at full closed helmet because have wery hard add glass on little hole on face area. need be can open all face area then can use glasses lot better.

  12. That was a great video. Shame I live thousands of miles away, or I would have been on my way to you already. Measuring my head I found I was either 2XL or 3XL, right on that boundary, and intermediate, if slightly narrower, oval. Most shops and importers in the UK only stock to XL :-(. A year ago, I eventually found a HJC stockist with 2XL to 4XL. 2XL was painfully tight on the side to side and forehead. The 3XL I thought was fine. Bought it. Now, one year later, it is as loose as heck. This time I went much further, to a bigger store, like yours, but even they did not stock 3XL. I tried what seemed like hundreds on. Most I could not even pull on to my head! I was there for almost an entire day. They were not even willing to get a 3XL of any brand in for me to try, so I went direct and visited the importers (those who would let me in). In the UK many are within a few miles of each other and maybe an hour to drive to. I found just one that fitted me. The tech guy told me which model was in my price bracket (the choice was polycarbonate or carbon, and the carbon was too high). He told me that all their helmets tended to be on the small side, so as I was 2XL, we tried the 3XL. They had just a few in stock in solid matt black. It fitted as though someone had actually taken a mold of my head. Not easy to get on, but not hard, and certainly not loose. No pressure points, but the cheek pads push a little. My local dealer, Moto Central got them to ship the helmet to them. We went through the fitting process, and then the sales guy cut me a deal for cash. About US$50 off the price. So, I have a 3XL Scorpion Exo 510 Air for just $140 plus tax. Now I have to ride this one in. wish me luck.

  13. I’ve been riding with my medium helmet and today I went to cycle gear to try on a shoei rf 1200 before I order the one I want with certain graphic. I put the medium on while the worker was talking to me and he immediately says it’s a bit too big I should go size lower. I was like, “really”? He said yea and began explaining most of what you said here to me. I was actually surprised because I thought my current helmet was a good fit but I tried on a shoei rf 1200 size small and I IMMEDIATELY understood my problem. Tomorrow I’m going back to that cycle gear and ordering the shoei I want with the graphic I like just to give that guy my business for actually taking the time to teach me that. So appreciative of it. And great video too btw.

  14. Thank you, guys! This really was a good demo video!! I need to shop for a new helmet, and, I haven't redden a motorcycle since 1983!….. So, This was a great help in finding a great fitting helmet! Good work! Thanks, again! […IMHO: I do recall that I prefer a very quiet helmet, with EXCELLENT VISIBILITY!….]

  15. But sometimes the size is not accurate. I order on line still not fit. Its better to go to store and try and fit it.

  16. need your advise… looking to buy AGV K-3. 58 cm head circumference. Should I go for MS or ML? Thanks in advance!

  17. Informative video. I got a XL helmet which is exactly just like the medium size helmet in this video.
    I'm gonna try L size helmet which maybe is the best fit for me. I got 59 cm sizing.

  18. Thank you for sharing you knowledge…from chicago…i just bought a 2019 yamaha r3..im beginner my firts motorcycle..

  19. maybe i missed it. what about shell size in comparison to padding size? what is being different in those helmets, the shell size or padding space, or both?

  20. my 2xl HJC ismax Kills my forehead on a 100 mile ride. even after two years.. The Shoei seems to fit way better!

  21. hahahaha all unnecessary taking measure just put a helmet on and the helmet cannot move if you wigle your head but your cheeks are not squaged this vid is a bit over the top if it comes to a helmet

  22. What’s everyone’s thought on changing the comfort liner to a different size? For example I’m a size small in my chosen helmet, but have a little too much discomfort in forehead. I want to move up to a medium comfort liner

  23. So my current helmet fits me fine but the bottom part of it is super long to where I can fit my hand in it longs ways with googles on. Do you know how to make sure I wont get another with that problem

  24. New rider here. This video saved me from buying a helmet that was far to big for my long oval head. I wound up with a Arai Signet-X. I needed to buy local because I needed to try more than one size. I'll buy the next one from you.
    Thank you so much.

  25. I bought my first motorcycle helmet for $700, and wish I'd watched this first and/or bought it from a place that accepts returns.

  26. Hi friend, for a little over a month I have become a follower of your channel and an active buyer of your store, despite living far away from the US, I am from Chile and my main language is Spanish …. I appreciate a lot of the time you spend teaching your knowledge on a YouTube channel. Thank you for putting subtitles in Spanish, as it makes it even easier for me to understand what you want to communicate, may God bless you and your store ….. A hug from a distance …

  27. Then they are helmets and heads where is just in between as mine which is struggle and spent 1000s $ geting it right every brand is different. At the end i got the shits and got it on ebay and fits perfectly now i have 6 helmets at home

  28. I know i´m late to the party but the tip i have to give is timeless. If you´re having ear-trouble putting your helmet on, try wearing a balaclava! Makes it much more easy putting on / off the helmet.

  29. I actually have the FOURTH head shape: SQUARE! I have a large Pollak head, and the back of my head is flat, with only the front rounding off. I bought a Schuberth C4 helmet, which felt fine in the store for the 30 minutes I wore it, but after 45 minutes or so, there are a couple of pressure points in the upper rear of the helmet which make my head feel like someone is turning screws into it. The ultra-thin liner in the Schuberth doesn't help any. I've tried adding foam and even pressing down the inside of the helmet, but neither of those work. I've recently tried on a Shoei Neotec II helmet, and it feels much more comfortable, at least in the store. Is there another helmet you can recommend for my "condition"?

  30. First thing I Learnd is that an demo must be perfect. Jour demo is almost perfect.
    To be perfect you should mention The chinstrap.

    Think some people never been in The gym and dont know The difference in bodytype.
    I have never Used a Bell helmet, I like The Shoei.

    Greetings from Holland.

  31. Tight is great, Dont measure,,,,try on and a good (proper) helmet fit ( tight) should give you a headache for the first week or two until the helmets liner fits perfectly. Never let ANYONE try on your helmet as it can wreck the fit for you.

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