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How Automobiles Work

Hey guys, what’s up? Reuben here from The Midnight Garage! Today, I’m going to show you guys how to replace your car battery in less than a minute So let’s start First up you need to remove your negative lead If you remove the positive lead first It’s possible to cause a short circuit which is very dangerous after removing the negative lead you can remove the positive lead Then you can remove the bracket that holds the battery Which on most cars is either on the side of the battery Going over it or near the bottom of the battery With everything removed you can take the battery out. Then grab your new battery and bolt it back in place Then you reinstall the positive lead and then finally you put the negative lead back and hey presto you are done! and that’s it It’s a simple premise, so it doesn’t really need to be a long video now I’ve been working on a couple of other videos this week Which I may or may not upload because I’m not too happy with the outcome, but I’m also working on the JDM Toyota Sera exy100 Which I will definitely post an update video on real soon! So yeah guys. Thanks for watching and see you guys next time

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