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How Automobiles Work

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel, now we
all take it for granted that when we turn the key to our car, that it’ll start
right up but all that starting power comes from
the battery and if your battery is weak the cars not going to start, so today I’m
going to talk about how important battery maintenance is to your car, in a
modern day car virtually everything is run electronically, the ignition system
is electronic, the fuel injection system is electronic, even the automatic
transmission is electronically controlled, so if your battery is low you
can have a lot more problems than just hard starting car, so it’s a good idea
to check your battery every once in a while, get a screwdriver and pop the top
off the battery to look inside, look inside with a flashlight and if you see
water covering the plates like this it’s fine, if not add some distilled water,
then check the battery terminals if they’re corroded, clean them off with a
brush, then pick up some battery terminal spray and coat them so they don’t get
corroded any more, make sure you do both terminals and after you’ve done that,
realize that electricity is invisible you can’t see it, so every once in a
while have a mechanic check your battery with one of these good battery testers,
it’s a quick and easy test it’s just hooked up to your battery and
you push a button, now it’s testing the battery, in this case the battery is good
but it needs recharging, now that’s because this cars been sitting for a
couple of months, so I expected the battery to need charging, it’s a good
battery but it just needs recharging now if you do need a new battery, here’s
a tip make sure you get a fresh one and that’s because batteries are just like
yogurt, they go bad over time, all batteries have dates on them, this one is 10
of o7 so you know how old it is, so when you do go to buy a new battery make sure
the battery is a month or less old, that way you won’t get a stale one that’s
partly worn out, car batteries are made to be charged to recharge numerous times
a day, if they just sit and they aren’t used, they’ll go bad,
now you might think I’ll just wait till my battery goes bad, they don’t cost much
but hey while it’s going bad it could ruin your alternator or other electronic
parts, so change it before it goes completely bad, so now you know with a
little bit of battery maintenance your car will start every time and remember
if you’ve got car questions I’ve got the answers just visit Scotty kilmer.com

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