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Hi! This is Nick at Sandoval Buick GMC, I’m a product specialist here, and we’re going to continue our Android Auto video series by discussing how to make phone calls and receive texts First, we’ll select our phone icon From here we can browse contacts and select one we’d like to call Or, we can hit the microphone Call Sandoval Buick GMC “Calling Sandoval Buick GMC on North Hamilton Road in Columbus” And we can end the call We can also hit our menu button up here And be directed to a series of options such as voicemail, Dial a number, View our call history, or our missed calls To send a hands-free text touch the microphone Send a text message “Who do you want to text?” Nick “What’s the message?” This is a test “Here is your text to Nick” “This is a test” “Do you want to send it or change it?” Send “Okay” “Message sent” And that is how you send a hands-free text To check your text messages wait for it to appear onscreen And then tap it “Here’s the message” “What time is the movie tonight?” “You can press the voice button and say reply” To reply tap the microphone Reply “What’s the message?” 8 pm “Here’s your text to Nick: 8 pm” “Do you want to send it or change it?” Send it “Okay” “Message sent” And that is how you check your text messages And that is how you make and receive both phone calls and texts using Android Auto Again, this is Nick at Sandoval Buick GMC if you have any further questions feel free to give us a call at (614) 864-9200 Thank you!

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  1. Is this only for certain models and years? I have a 2014 lacrosse and wondering if this will work on my vehicle

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