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How Automobiles Work

Good afternoon, we’ve just heard a
marvelous talk about scaling up, and I want to mention something about a very
ambitious scale that we’re on. We are a very small Welsh company and we intend
to put the auto industry out of business. What we’re gonna make it obsolete. Did
anybody see the car in the front as you came in? That is a Rasa and this car is the
most efficient car that’s yet been designed in the world for everyday use.
It does nought to 60 in less than 10 seconds, but it does 250 miles to the
gallon or the equivalent of gallons because of course it isn’t gallons its
kilos of hydrogen, and it emits nothing but pure water. How does hydrogen work, and why did we
choose it? Hydrogen has the potential to be extraordinary in terms of energy
efficiency, and it doesn’t involve any compromise for the customer. The Raza
outside does 300, has a 300 mile range, and it only takes 3 minutes to fill at a
pump. So, it’s just like a normal car but guess what we never gunna a sell a car. We plan
never to sell a single car what we’re going to do is offer an all-inclusive
service, a bit like a mobile phone. You take a contract, you have a car for one
two three years as you like and you pay a monthly fee, which includes a mileage
rate and it covers absolutely everything, insurance, maintenance, even fuel when you
go to the hydrogen pump to fill up your car, the bill comes to us. At the end
of your contract you bring it back, we upgrade it, we refurbish it, and we pass
it on to the next customer. Doing this we can amortize the build costs over the
whole lifetime of the vehicle which means that it can be affordable from the
very beginning. This completely turns the business model on its head. If you sell
cars you make more money by selling more cars,
and throughput is the only thing that matters. Did you know that the automotive
industry invented built-in obsolescence? That’s true 1930s GM vs. Ford. If you
offer provided cars as a service you the longer the cars were on the road the
more reliable the more efficient they are, the more money you make.
We are not in the business of obsolescence, we are making efficiency
profitable. On another level of scale we’re actually going to start quite
small. Although we have exploration of markets in Europe and China we’re going
to start right here in the UK, in fact in Wales. I don’t know if you know where Abergavenny is but I thought it would be helpful to show you. So we’re going to
run a 20-car pilot next year, and we’ve already got over 750 people
who are writing please choose me letters in competition for those 20 cars.
Lastly, I’d just like to say let’s see to it that the people who gave us built-in
obsolescence are themselves the victim of it. Thank you.

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