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Hi, my name is Jared Cummings. I’m here with
Expert Village. We’re talking about how we wheelie. All right, now we’re going to be
talking about clutching it up, or the clutch wheelie. It’s the basic principle of the power
wheelie, except we’re going to be using our clutch at the same time. So, instead of just
riding up, easing off, leaning forward, and cracking it back open, what we’re going to
do is we’re going to have our one finger covering the clutch, and what you’re going to do, is
you’re going to bring it up to about seven RPMs, you’re going to just slip the clutch,
and that’s just basically pulling it in just enough to release the clutch. Give it gas
up to about eleven, twelve RPMs, and drop the clutch. You’re going to let it drop back
out. So, one more time, we’re going to go through it. You’re going to bring it up to
about seven RPMs, you’re to to slip the clutch, give it gas, drop your arms, snap back. And
it’s all going to be in one motion, so it’s going to be a little bit quicker, so you’re
going to go up, slip, drop, and pull back. One thing you want to think about is when
you’re pulling it back; it’s much like a bicycle. When you’re doing a wheelie and you’re pedaling,
you’re going to pedal it real hard, give it that extra oomph, and you’re going to snap
back on your handlebars and that’s what’s going to bring it up. It’s not all just the
power, because if you’re relying on just the power, you’re going to run out of your RPMs
before you get up to–you’re going to run out of RPMs before you get to your balance
point. So you’ve really got to make sure that you’re always going to snap it up, and that
makes it a little more consistent too every single time.

100 thoughts on “How to Pop a Wheelie on a Motorcycle : How to Do Clutch Motorcycle Wheelies

  1. Actually stunters do have riding ability in more aspects we understand it damn near as well as track rider and vice versa for them, it takes physical ability, understanding physics, respect of the machine, and application by practice. LOL pointless to make a statement like that behind a computer w/o lol, so would you say Moto GP rider can not stunt? Its all about two base principals of respect for the machine, and understand some laws physics.


  3. this kid is an "expert" and doesnt realize his tach says 11,000-12,000rpms…. maybe someone should make an expert village video for him to tell him the proper way to wear a baseball cap

  4. You all are stupid with your comments. Stunters drop their bikes all the time. Just because there's damage to his bike doesn't mean he doesn't know what he's doing.

  5. Please dont listen to his RPM suggestions.. Find your own sweet spots.. Your body weight, Power of your bike, gear ratios, sprockets, and many more factors will determine your ideal RPM range for wheelies……

  6. @RaceRedMustang So basically just try them all out? I doubt I have the same RPM as him, 'cause he has a 600 / 750 / 1000cc GSX-R and I have a 125cc Yamaha R125.

  7. this vid should be called "how to land on your ass and wreck a fender". u should have mentioned the using the rear break to not go over part. cool tho. u got ballz.

  8. This is the worst how to do a wheelie on youtube. Does he realize how a tachometer works and is numbered? Don't listen to this guy – it's dangerously stupid advice

  9. if you wanna loop out, go ahead a listen to this guy. 1100 is wayyyy too much, dont snap your arms back its unstable. And you wont run out of rpms if you bring it to balance point properly. Terrible advice. Stuntbums are muuuccccchhhhh better

  10. 11k rpm will not 12 o'clock if you're already at 7k. Regardless, it is poor advice. You should be staggered stance and near 5-10 mph when learning control. Get comfortable stopping with back brake, from near stop 7k and dump clutch one finger

  11. Anybody notice that he dude that's trying to teach you how to do a wheelie has a broken mirror on his bike? The blind leading the blind.

  12. iv done a few on my 91 1200 sportster .havent droped it yet ,,yet as i say .you play ur gunna pay …its all part of it ..

  13. expertvillage is horrible. Just watch this instead (make sure to watch part 2 as well) /watch?v=_HKpXBHIXkk&list=WLCF50415F73F0C946

  14. fuck all those coments I tried it on my 01 gsxr and it and I can try it on my 09gsxr nice vid fuck all u haters fuck u

  15. First gear. Slowly accelerate to 5k rpms. While your slowly accelerating to get the weight on the back wheel, pull in the clutch to where it disengages and gas it to about 8k rpms depending on your bike. This is a quick motion and requires a bit of practice with the clutch/gas. You need to release the clutch relativley fast. You do not need to pull the bike. Do what I say and you'll get the front up in less than 2 weeks. When the bike first lunges you're gunna get scared, its normal.Take it slow

  16. imo snapping your arms back is a really dangerous manoeuvre.. Its very uncontrolled.. a clutch wheelie should be very controlled and should only use the clutch and throttle

  17. How is this guy a professional he said 10 or 11 rpms!! And he said to snap back with your body, that is just asking to loop. And they let him do it without a helmet, what a great teacher

  18. its not good advice telling what rpm to do it at since all bikes are different so its irrelevant u just gotta experiment and figure out where the sweet spot is on ur bike

  19. 7rpms are you a dumbass im 17 and had dirtbikes and avts and i dont understamd what the hell your trying to say

  20. how about telling people to place their right foot above the brake, so you always can lower the bike back down if needed!?

  21. I literally burst out laughing when his face popped up on the screen after that "stunts are performed by trained professionals" message XD

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