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Hi guys! I’m just going for a walk to rent a motorcycle. And I’m gonna take you guys with me. And I’m gonna give you some tips and tell you the best way to rent a motorcycle here in India. So the first thing you need to do is find somewhere to rent a bike from. So it’s gonna be cheaper and… Karl: Yes. Hello! What’s up? Fan: Hello! I see your videos every single day. Karl: No way. Fan: Oh my god. Can we take a selfie? Okay. One minute, one minute. Alright. Where was I? So when you’re renting a bike here, you’re gonna want to find a rental company, right? So check online. Go online and book online. You’re gonna save money by renting in advance. Rather than turning up to places like Srinagar or Delhi, go into the market and try and rent because they’re gonna try and charge you more. You’re not gonna get that online price locked in. So..yeah. Always rent in advance if you can. Now when you turn up to the motorcycle rental company like we are in a minute, they’re gonna ask you for three things. They’re gonna want your passport. They’re gonna want your driver’s license and they’re gonna want a deposit. And now your driver’s license is important because if your country doesn’t have an agreement with India which says you can use your license here in India, you got to need to bring an International Driver’s License with you. Luckily, New Zealand and a lot of countries have an agreement with India. So it’s fine for me. And the deposit, that is usually 5 to 10 thousand rupees. And it’s just so if you’ve damaged the bike in any way during the trip, they’ll take the repair money out of that deposit. And I’ve damaged my bike so many times. Check out this bridge we’re crossing right now. I should not be vlogging here, right? Anyway, I’ve damaged a rental bike before. Me and Gaurav were coming out of Bara Lacha Pass, one of the highest mountain passes in the world, and we both slid on black ice. And yeah. The bike got totally wiped out on one side. Indicators were gone, the steering wheel was all bent and.. That was a nightmare. So I lost my 10 thousand rupees. But it’s only about 200 dollars. Repairs here are really really cheap. Parts are cheap and labor is cheap. So don’t worry if you damage one of these bikes. It’s fine. No one’s gonna get angry and it’ll be covered for at quite a cheap price. So yeah. Once you’ve given those three documents, they’re gonna hand you over the bike. You might have to pay some kind of.. Maybe you have to pay half of the rental fee up front or sometimes full. It just depends. And then you’re free to go. You’re out of there. When you get back, they’re just gonna assess the bike and see if there’s any damage. And that’s it. You’re done. You’ve rented a bike. Now there’s a number of tips you need to know before you rent a bike here in India though. And the first one is don’t take a bullet. I know they sound great, that thump thump thump sound, but the issue with them is that they don’t have such great suspension. And Indian roads aren’t amazing either. So I always take a Royal Enfield Himalayan. It’s got long travel suspension and it’s just the best bike for touring around India. I’ve ridden it 62.5% all the way across India, from Delhi to Goa. And I’ve taken it all the way from later Delhi to Srinagar and back to Delhi again. So yeah. I spent like maybe 10 thousand kilometres on the Himalayan and it’s a bike I always choose when I’m here. And the thing about booking in advance.. if you book in advance, it’s gonna lock in that bike. I haven’t booked in advance this time. So I had to call around so many stores to find the bike that I wanted. These damn dogs are after me. They’ll chase your bike but.. yeah. They won’t do anything. And now when you’re renting a bike, there are a number of papers the rental company needs to give to you. You need the insurance papers to prove that it’s insured. You need the pollution certificate. And you also need the ownership papers. So if the police pull you over, they’re gonna ask for these three things. It’s just part of Indian law. You gotta show them that this bike have to have insurance. You have to be the owner of it or, you know, be able to show the ownership papers from the person you’re renting it from. And then, you gotta show the pollution check. So make sure you get those when you rent a bike. Some states here in India, you’re gonna need need permits, especially in the North East. You’re gonna have to report to the police station when you arrive in a state. You can carry spares if you want but I’ve never ever needed the spares. And when I have broken down in a remote place, like it’s a village, a villager’s always been there to fix the puncture or help me out however they can. If you want to carry spares, probably carry some fuses, a spare tyre tube and maybe a clutch cable. These seem to be the things that break a lot. And it goes without saying: Bring your riding gear. Wear your riding gear. Don’t ride without a helmet or anything because the road rules are so different here. It is a completely different way of driving. And I’ve actually made a video on how to drive a car here. So check that out. I’ll make a motorbike specific one at some point. We’re nearly at the rental company now so I’ll show you the exact process. Okay so this isn’t a traditional bike rental place that you get in Delhi or Karol Bagh in the market there. This is a Kashmiri’s house and they’re running the bike rental out of their paying guest house. And this is very traditional of Kashmiri culture. Everybody sits on the floor like this. And as soon as you get here, they offer you tea. Someone is calling me. Hello! So they’re bringing the bike for me right now. I’m just waiting here for 10 minutes and having a tea and.. yeah. The bike will arrive. I’m just test riding the bike now and it’s Royal Enfield Himalayan. They’ve lowered it so it’s super low. Usually it’s a lot higher and the clutch pull has been adjusted so.. It’s got a really really short clutch pull. But otherwise it seems fine. Just test ride the bike and make sure everything’s good about it, okay? Make sure it rides fine before you take it. And check out and note down any dents or any issues of it before you take it, okay? You don’t want to come back and they say ‘hey, you dented it’ when you didn’t. So I’ll actually take some videos of the bike before I go. Okay so this is the rental agreement and you just sign here as well. Cool. So this is the ownership paper, right? Insurance paper.. Ownership, insurance paper and you need a Pollution Control certificate here? You don’t have it in Kashmir? Okay fine. In Delhi, we need it. That’s all. Okay so I’ve test ridden the bike and we’ve done the deal: 1500 rupees a day. I’ll be paying 10 thousand rupees as a deposit on the bike and that will go towards the final cost if there’s nothing wrong with this bike when I bring it back. So that’s it. I’ve got the bike. It was much easier than renting it in Delhi in Karol Bagh, maybe because I was renting it from a family, I guess. But the real test will be when I bring it back and see what they say because.. yeah it’s always a bit risky renting something and you never know when they’re just gonna try and screw you for your deposit. This happened to me last time actually. They tried to screw me before for my deposit. Anyway, let’s see. Okay so the first problem has happened. There is not enough petrol in the motorcycle to even get to a gas station to fill it up. It’s already run out. A bit bad start here. Okay so I’ve got a few tips. Check the petrol before you take the bike like, shake the tank around and just see if there’s like at least a litre to get you to the next petrol station to fill up your tank because people return the bike with no petrol unlike overseas where you’re meant to return it with a full tank of gas. My saviors are here! We’re gonna get some petrol in the bike. There we go, bro! I’m back at the hotel now and I just checked the bike again. The right rear indicator doesn’t work and this is very very loose. And clearly, this bike has been in an accident before. As you can see here, they’ve had to weld something shut. And you’ve got a brand new indicator here. So someone had fallen in on this side of the bike before. So I just texted the owner to let him know of these issues so they don’t come back to haunt me when I return the bike. So yeah. I have the chance to give it a good test now. Okay so that bike was a huge hunk of junk. It had been in a really really serious accident before. The welding was screwed, the clutch kept getting stuck and I found that the clutch wire had been installed wrongly and it was being burnt by the exhaust everytime I rode the bike. And then the windscreen started to come off basically, like, They hadn’t even screwed the windscreen off. It was just stuck almost with some like really big fat washers. But they hadn’t secured it with any nuts. So yeah. Worst bike I’ve ever ridden in my life and thank god nothing broke on it while I was on that ride. Yeah. Thank God. Anyway, I just dropped it back. The guys weren’t there to receive me. It was just one of the women of the house. So I just paid him the remaining 3500 rupees that I owed him and that was that. So make sure you check your bike like really really thoroughly before you rent it. I had no choice. I had to take it because it was the last Himalayan left here in Srinagar because I didn’t book in advance. So don’t make that mistake, right? Book in advance and really check that the bike you’re getting is not gonna break on you or has not been in some major accident before you take it. Because at the end of the day, they’re gonna try and put any kind of issues on you. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy called me if this guy calls me and tells me that the windscreen is loose, just because I rode it and even though I had nothing to do with any of that. The clutch lever is quite stiff. So yeah. Let’s see what happens.

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