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If you’ve got a Vauxhall Remote Key like this one then to change the battery is fairly straight forward. Just remove from your keychain and then with some slim device (a screwdriver or blade) just prise the key open and remove the old battery. It should come out easy! and then put your new one in. Now I like to write the date on them so that next time I know how long it lasted. and then simply put the other half of the case back on. Clip together. and then refit to your keychain. and that’s it. Battery changed. Thanks, Bye!

13 thoughts on “How To Replace A Battery In A Vauxhall Key Fob

  1. Have exactly the same key but after the battery change the key wont work, others have said about re-syncing it to the car? know anything about that?

  2. Seems ovvious but ive had a few keys that are hard as fuck to sort out so good upload like tarrant says only easy if you know the answer

  3. Did you have to reprogram the key? I followed the steps and changed the battery within a minute however the central locking using the key doesn't work anymore.

  4. Excellent, My work van fob is this type, different to my car fob, and I wasn't sure how it came apart, I can sort it out now!

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