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How Automobiles Work

If your car’s cranking
slowly or not at all, then it’s probably
time for a new battery. It’s an easy job. You can do it yourself. I’ll show you how. The first thing to do is
check your car’s owner manual to find out where
your battery is. Some are in the boot, but
most are in the front. And also, just check
there’s nothing special you need to do when
changing the battery. If you’re in any doubt, just
call an auto electrician. Now, you want to replace
your battery approximately every three to five years. And always wear safety glasses
and gloves when doing the job. Now, to ensure that you
do get the correct battery for your car, just
take a whole lot of photographs of your existing
battery, of all the details– take that into store and
buy yourself a new one. Now, just before
we crack into it, you want to make sure that your
keys are out of the ignition. And if your car does
have a fob, make sure there’s at least 2
meters away from the car. If you do you have a cowling
that goes over your battery, just release those screws or
bolts to reveal the battery. The first thing we want to
do is remove the terminals off the negative side. That’s the black side. Now, just make sure that
you do have the correct size socket or spanner when
removing the terminal. Now, the reason why I’m
starting on the negative first– if I was to start on the
positive first, that’s the red side, and my spanner was
to touch the body of the car, we could short out
the system in the car. The next thing we do
is remove the positive. That’s the red side. Just take those off and
tuck them well away. The next thing we want to
do is take the clamp off that’s holding the battery down. Now, it’s important to
take your old battery to an automotive
battery recycler. It has toxic components
and can’t be thrown out with regular waste. Now it’s time to
remove our battery. Now, just before we
install our new battery, there’s a couple of things
we want to do first. We want to check that
our terminals are nice and clean– there’s no
rust or corrosion on them. And the second one is to
make sure that our tray that our battery sits on
is nice and clean also. These terminals are
looking really good. But if there was corrosion
on them, what I could do is give them a clean-up
with a wire brush. Or I could make a mixture
of water and baking soda, and then just rinse that off. If the clamps or
cables are corroded, now is the time to replace them. And if you see any corrosion or
battery acid around the engine or on your paint work, rinse
it with water to dilute it. Righty-o, time to put
in our new battery. Now, just make sure that you’re
positive– your red side– is on exactly the same
side that it was before. Let’s just seat
that in our tray, make sure it’s sitting
there nice and level. And we can then
put on our clamp, and we’ll just
tighten that back up. Just make sure that you
remove your plastic caps that are sitting on top
of your new battery. Now, just before we’ve
put on our terminals, we just want to apply
some high temperature grease to each terminal. This is going to
ensure no corrosion, and also making sure that
we get a good connection with our battery. Now, when I removed
the battery, we took off our negative
terminal first. When we’re installing, we
want to do the opposite. We want to install our
positive terminal first. Just ensure that
that terminal is seated as hard down
as we can possibly get it onto the battery. I’m just going to
tighten that up. Make sure they are secure
but not overtightened. And then just put on
your negative terminal. OK, now that our battery
is in, all I’ve got to do is turn the car on and
make sure that everything is working correctly. [ENGINE STARTING] And there’s your new battery. Your car should start up
just like it’s meant to. If you want to see some more
handy content like this, just subscribe to the
Mitre 10 YouTube channel, or click here to watch more.

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