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if you’ve got a Porsche that uses this type
of key and you want to know how to swap the battery stay tuned because that’s
what we’re going to cover on today’s episode. If you’re interested in
detailing maintaining and keeping your car looking its best don’t forget to
click Subscribe and the bell to be notified when I upload new videos. And if
you found this video useful please give it a thumbs up. So swapping the battery and one of these keys is really easy, the first thing you
need to do is take any keychains off if you’ve got them on you won’t be able to
do it. So you flip the key over and you’ll see a little catch here if you
push that that way and then slide up with your thumb you’ll remove the
emergency key blade just like that and there we go that’s the key blade that
you use if you key failed. Now in the manual it says to pop a screwdriver into
there and pop this up but you can risk damaging the plastic doing that so what
we’re going to use is the emergency key blade we’ll pop that back in halfway put
your thumb over there just so it doesn’t pop off and push up that will then
remove this cover from the battery and there’s your battery
it’s a CR2032 battery it’s nice and easy to get hold of you can get it from
pretty much anywhere this is a DL 2032 just because it’s a Duracell number
but as long as the last numbers are 2032 and it looks pretty much the same and
it’s a three volts it will do so what you want to do is take that out swap it
with your new one as quick as you can don’t leave it for days on end but if
you can just do quickly it won’t mean that you’ve got to take it to the dealer
and have any coding or anything silly like that also use a decent branded
battery just to make sure that you’re not having to swap it any faster than
you normally would so now we’re all done we’ll take the cover I’ll just pop it
back in at the end first push it in thumbs either side push down until it
clicks I’ll take the emergency key blade pop that back in until it clicks and the
catch goes across and that’s it you’re done nice and easy nice and
straightforward no trips to the dealer no expensive bills I do hope you found
this video and the information in it useful if you have please give it a
thumbs up don’t forget if you want to know anything or if you want to share
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